The cost of living at Sunset & Alvarado: $3,295 a-month

The Eastsider had his doubts. Who would want to pay top dollar to live in Echo Park a few steps off  Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street, above the constant roar of traffic, next to a car wash and across the intersection from where the homeless constantly get into fights by the Burrito King. Not everyone, however, is put off by all this commotion, which explains why the owners of the Echo1030 Lofts, which were completed last year just south of the intersection, can boast about having only two units left in the 20-unit apartment complex, according to a recent Craiglist posting. In order to fill up the building, the owners were offering six weeks free rent, which adds up when you consider they are asking $3,295 to start for a split-level unit.


  1. Damn, that’s my mortgage. Does that number include bills? Jeez.

  2. Yikes. That’s almost three times my rent a mile west of there, and we’ve got a park we can walk to, no homeless people, and a quiet street.

  3. That is a ridiculous amount of rent to live at an ugly intersection with moon crater sized potholes and urban blight. What are people thinking?

  4. Euwwww……

  5. I’m also surprised that people are paying so much to live/work here. But I’m extremely glad! Welcome to the neighborhood, people who can afford this rent! Please spend your money locally and be nice to the rest of us poorer folks.

  6. Its easy for them to say everyone has grabbed up the units at that price. Don’t believe everything you hear. As all the readers instantly recognize, it would be absolutely insane to pay such a price, most especially in that location. Well, rest assured, that is what others think, too. People with that kind of money to throw around are not likely to be that stupid. Its just the routine real estate scare tactics.

    I would believe anything a used car salesman tells me, absolutely anything at all, before I would believe a single syllable out of a real estate person’s mouth.

  7. It’s probably corporate housing and a big write-off for the corporation.

  8. Yeah I was just fed the same line by the real estate guy “Only 2 units left…their going fast!” He did fail to mention ALL of the bottom level retail units were empty.

    Seems like one would feed off the other. I would love to here from someone who actually lives there. $3200 to live on that busy, noisy intersection holy sh*t.

  9. I see their Craigslist postings all the time too. I am baffled that anyone would pay that much to live right at that busy, noisy intersection. It is close to a lot of retail and eateries, but that’s WAY too expensive.

  10. He probably has two at that price — and there are only two of those left.

  11. Just such dodgy marketing… No info sq ft bedrms or floor plan given – 6 weeks free! Only $3295!

  12. Gags I live a block away and pay 3 times that less

  13. to mark: i’m sorry you loathe real estate agents. i’m a real estate agent and i don’t lie to my clients, or mislead them. frankly, i’m insulted by your comment. regarding this property – in the article here it doesn’t state HOW LARGE the unit is… what if it’s 3000 square feet? regardless of the marketing ploy of the lessor, face the facts… echo park is changing and places here now command higher rents. there’s a supper club opening here soon, for petes sake.

  14. lmfao, this is hilarious. why would anyone in their right mind pay $3,295/month to live in this dump? no way this building anywhere near fully leased.

    not only is this building out of place, whoever has this kind of cash to burn is as well. i’m quite certain the local residents will cozy up to you — best of pals in no time!

    things like this make me fortunate i’m able to create enough value to live in the bay area.

  15. long time EP resident here. i have to say, WTF? yes, the neighborhood is changing, but $3,295 a month? who in their right mind – save trust fund kids would pay such a thing? I own a craftsman, 2 bedroom house in the hills overlooking EP, my lot is street to street and my mortgage isn’t that steep.

  16. On one hand people say , Echo Park was a dump before , and now its just fab and hip and amazing since the newer people moved in blah blah blah .

    Than as in this thread is like geez Its so expensive , Echo Park is changing morrrrrreee blah blah b lah !

    Well to all of you who say bring on the gentrification ? Cheers !

    But for me on the hill that I’ve lived on for 40 years with my 825 dollar a month mortgage and city view , I say you wanted this and there is more to come . Because along with “my hipness changed the neighborhood” come higher rents – good luck !

  17. Funny, I pass by that complex everyday and only see less than a handful of cars in the parking lot. Morning and night. The place looks empty to me. I’ve seen the increase in rent personally. For the same bungalow that I live in and pay $600, the poor sap across from me thought it was a great idea to rent it for $1100. Well, spend it on what you like I guess… But I’m with a commenter, be nice to us broke folks though! AND LEASH YOUR DOG!

  18. Okay, Emily. Here’s my thoughts on why there’s less than a handful of cars in the building’s parking lot. All the residents have private chauffeurs pick them up in limousines whenever they need to go out. Otherwise, they’re up there in their fancy apartments being fed, massaged, pedicured and well taken care of by their 24-hour personal staff. Oh, and the cars you DO see belong to the few staff members that don’t have THEIR own private chauffeurs! It’s a WIN-WIN for anyone even remotely connected to that building!

  19. It does seem peculiar, to say the least, to want to pay that much to live next to a busy car wash. If I could afford that rent, I’d spend it on a downtown loft.

    And yeah, I’m still waiting for the pothole on the Burrito king corner of that intersection to get repaired. I think I saw a Humvee disappear into it last week (I pretended not to notice.0

  20. If these guys actually get the rents they are asking for, more power to them. But I drive by there most days and it looks pretty empty to me.

  21. Glad they are doing well. Hope all real estate goes to the moon.

  22. tHINK OF IT THIS WAY, A FEW YEARS AGO, A KOREAN DEVELOPER WANTED TO PLANT A HOTEL/MOTEL, on that same piece of property. One member of that than neighborhood council who lives on Park Ave. wanted everyone to vote YES for that Motel. You think traffic is bad. What would it been like if it was a no tell motel, what did that clowncil member say at that time, you must vote yes, changes are coming to the neighborhood, you might of well vote yes, you don’t know what will end up there. Stupid scare tactic. I’m happy in my big old house in Elysian Hts. Can’
    t belive people are so desparate to spend 3,000 a month on rent?, why not just buy a house if possible. OH thats right TRENDY ECHO PARK!

  23. A hideous building next to a carwash. At least all the people dumb enough to pay that much for ugliness and inconvenience are conveniently located in the same building for easy identification.

    There are so many other places in EP with much more personality.

  24. It’s a very ugly building. Looks like an 80s office building and is very close to the sidewalk, not even set back. AND it’s next door to that hideous car wash and almost cater-corner to Burrito King (which I do go to but damn, it’s an ugly little mini-mall) and that crappy liquor store. You could rent an Echo Park bungalow for way less money with way more style and a much nicer location. It’s one of the ugliest and maybe the busiest intersection in EP. Who is dumb enough to live on a major intersection full of ugly?

  25. geez. so many judgmental people here! a healthy debate is fine, but calling residents of this building “dumb” is a little uncalled for.

    yeah, most of us wouldn’t spend that amount of money to live next to a car wash on the corner of alvarado and sunset (count me as one of them!), but if someone else does – let ’em be. i love my street and hillside 1920s home, but y’know… i’ve had more than one person tell me i “live in the ghetto,” so to them, maybe i’m “dumb” for choosing to live where i choose to live.

    not everyone wants to live exactly where you live; exactly how you live. the people who call this place home might enjoy seeing all the grit and action below. so why don’t we act like good neighbors and respect their decision? kindness goes a long way and ultimately makes our neighborhood a better place.

    (hippie moment over)

  26. Sorry, man but anyone who wants to see the grit below from their high priced apartment building deserves some ridicule in my humble opinion. How’s ’bout popping open this 1996 burgundy with our friends while we watch the wretches with their 99 cents store bags walking down the street. o_O

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