Watch your car in the Silver Lake Meadows parking lot

Photo by Stephen Roullier

An Eastsider reader named Elysa wants to warn visitors to the newly opened Silver Lake Meadow about a car break in that took place today in the small, gravel parking lot at the north side of the park off Silver Lake Boulevard:

There was a break into a car in broad daylight around 4:30 pm at the new Silverlake Meadow parking lot. We walked by and saw a shattered windshield and a woman said her purse was stolen from car. Just thought you might want to post so people can be on alert when they are enjoying the new space and not leave things in car.


  1. Leaving a purse out in plain sight is just dumb. That shouldn’t be done anywhere. What made her think it was okay in Silver Lake or anywhere? People don’t need to be “on alert” here more than anywhere.

  2. My goodness. Apparently Silver Lake’s new meadow is very unsafe if I can’t leave my purse in my car in plain sight. I’m going back to the West side, where I can leave my purse out in my car in broad daylight and criminals will just ignore it.

  3. Is that an “official” lot, or are people just parking there like they park down in that driveway by the dog park?

  4. There shouldn’t even be a parking lot. Who’s driving to this park anyways? The playground is down the block with plenty of street parking.

  5. Maybe it was a dog who was really pissed off because he wasn’t allowed in that meadow park , lawn ,thing.

  6. I just noticed that parking lot today. Yes, it looks like an “official lot” for the park.

    While it is definitely a stupid mistake to leave a purse in plain sight like that, it is also incredibly ballsy and brazen of someone to break in right there. Especially in broad daylight. With all the people walking the trail right past it and with it being in plain view from most of the meadow I am surprised they had the opportunity to do it unseen.

  7. That’s a bummer. I didn’t see anything that said she left in out in plain view, but perhaps she did. Still, thieves suck.
    And plenty of people drive to parks. When I lived in crappier neighborhoods I drove to parks because my own walking distance parks were sketchy.

  8. Hmmm. There is no evidence of broken glass in the gravel parking lot at Silver Lake Meadow. Methinks a broken windshield would yield a fair amount of sparkly diamonds we’re used to seeing.

    Just the same, don’t leave your valuables in plains sight duh.

    • @ Land Snark. Hi. I was nearby when I received the email about the break in. I drove over – partly because I was surprised to hear there was a meadow parking lot – and did find a small amount of broken glass on the gravel.

  9. Oh dear,
    Broken glass and that sign sugesting that bare feet are encouraged. I wonder if the makers of that sign thought that that might not be a great idea.

  10. sorry to hear about this, but we do live in the heart of a major city during a precarious financial time. the sunshine and hills are beautiful, but there are many who can’t see the beauty that many of us see. not excusing wrongdoings, but just placing things in perspective. be smart.

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