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Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Save the Date: Weekend Edition

The third Echo Park Art Walk * on Saturday will find people gawking and walking up and down Echo Park Avenue, Sunset Boulevard and nearby streets as they discover a wide variety of art spread over 40 venues and shops, including tattoo-inspired art at El Classico ... Read More »

Shopper & Diner Report

The small parking lot outside of Living Room, the Silver Lake furniture store, will seem a bit more crowded this weekend. Not with cars but with merchandise. The store’s “Staying in Business Parking Lot Sale” on Saturday and Sunday will feature  20% to 50% off an ... Read More »

The Planning Lady

By Christine Peters aka The Planning Lady What’s Brewing? Echo Park 1550 Glendale Blvd.: A vacant retail store being considered for a 24-hour 7-Eleven Store with “off-site” sale of beer and wine.  This tiny shopping plaza sits at the corner where Berkeley/Glendale and Alvarado provide some ... Read More »

Silver Lake block on coyote alert

Erin Yasgar of Silver Lake said that two dogs have recently been killed by a pack of coyotes that are believed to live on a ridge between Occidental Boulevard and Angelus street north of Sunset Boulevard. One dog was killed Thursday and another  last week. A ... Read More »

How much is that Banksy in the window?

By Lea Lion Housed in the mini-mall at  Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace, the Royal Liquor Jr Market does not exactly exude art world savvy. Sure, the convenience store’s façade is covered in graffiti (including a couple of tags by high-profile street artists) but, it’s still ... Read More »