Pick-up truck crashes near Echo Park artist studio

A pick-up truck veered off the street and came crashing on to the sidewalk in front of artist Peter Shire’s Echo Park studio Sunday night. The truck shattered the window of the new Yogala yoga studio that opened in Shire’s building. Police were on the scene following the accident, which took place at about 10 p.m, but there were no reports of any major injuries, the watch commander with LAPD’s Central Bureau Traffic said this morning. He did not have details about what lead to the accident on Echo Park Avenue near Armitage Street.

Top photo by Manny Hernandez; bottom photo by Sarah Rara.

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  1. It’s a miracle that there were no pedestrians on the sidewalk (or that it didn’t take place during a yoga class, seeing as one of the studio’s windows was smashed). Last year, in approximately the same stretch of EP Ave, a woman jumped the sidewalk and took out the entire right side of my parked car. I think the problem is that there is too long a stretch without a stop sign and cars (can) gain too much speed. What would be the process to petition the city for a stop sign at Echo Park and Armitage?

  2. Really? Too long of a stretch? I remember what it was like before the stop sign at Effie and EP Ave was put in … now that was a long stretch, major speeding. But a couple of blocks with no stop sign should be OK!

  3. The last thing we need is more stop signs up and down Echo Park.

  4. We do NOT need another stop sign there! Geez, there are too many already.

    Perhaps when you find out the reason for the crash, it will be something like drunk driving — there’s a LOT of drinking in Echo Park these days, too much. Echo Park is a drinking and clubbing hot spot now. A stop sign isn’t going to stop drunk driving. Or drugged driving. Or, maybe they got a flat and lost control — and a stop sign isn’t going to do anything about that.

    Do be so quick to put in a stop sign! And the one at Effie should be turned into a two-way stop sign for the side street only.

  5. I stand by my earlier comment. Living on EP Ave, it’s very difficult to pull in/out of our driveway and very unsafe to cross the street. I agree that a few blocks should be okay without a stop sign, but drivers can gain a lot of speed in those few blocks.

  6. It’s not just at night when people are out drunk or clubbing – drivers are regularly hitting 50 MPH down that stretch in the middle of the day. The difference between that and 30 MPH is the difference between sideswiping a parked car if you lose control vs. sideswiping a car then plowing up over the sidewalk and into buildings.

    No one likes stop signs, but there are plenty of kids living right along the street. The outcome would have been much worse if someone had been walking down the sidewalk last night. Maybe something like a speed hump or a limit sign w/speed readout could also help.

  7. Most of the stop signs that exist in this city are there because drivers treat speed limits signs as advisory or ignore them entirely. For the safety of everyone, speed limits should be lowered and enforced.

  8. Ha.
    go back ……..waaaaaaaaaaaaay back .
    The ONLY stop sign on Echo Park Avenue was @ Fargo by the school .
    That was it .
    Not @ Morton , not at Effie , Ewing , or @ Cerro Gordo .
    Those were the days .
    Less cars , less traffic , less busy bodies !

  9. @naysay, were there *fewer* accidents?

  10. I’m pretty sure there are stop signs every few blocks on Echo Park Ave. I sit outside and watch people run the stop sign on Effie OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a matter of there not being enough stop signs- Drunk or not there certainly aren’t enough safe drivers in this highly populated pedestrian community. I have many neighbors who won’t park cars on the street because of how many times they have come out to find their car sideswiped without even a note. Let’s just be glad all of the businesses at Peter Shire’s compound were closed- and no one got hurt.

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