Safety and sadness at Dodger Stadium

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A large police presence may have made Dodger Stadium safer in the wake of the brutal beating of a Giants fan but the ballpark just feels sad, said Kitty Felde of KPCC after a recent visit during a Dodger-Giants game.  There were large numbers of empty seats and parking spaces as well as shuttered concession stands. It all made for a “very sad place,” said Felde in her blog:

The view was still gorgeous — sunset coloring the hills and clouds of Chavez Ravine. And even though my Dodger dog was steamed, not grilled, it still tasted the same. But somehow, it just wasn’t the same place.

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  1. Who wants to go to a stadium packed with LAPD officers? The officers are there to make money for the city.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my money or time on the dodgers.

  3. rosehills 90032

    my new team is the angels . dodgers suck and there ghetto fans

  4. Wait a second? The police are playing baseball instead of the Dodgers? Are they any good?

    All we are is dust in the wind.

  5. @rosehills thank you! we don’t need fake fans

  6. I was there for the May 4 day game against the Cubs. Officers were noticeably present, but it didn’t feel like martial law had been declared. But I agree with Felde that the mood was sad, somber at best. At the time Andre Ethier was trying to extend his hitting streak to 30 and when the line-up was announced and he wasn’t in it (scratched from it at the last minute due to a sore arm), I was the only one in my vicinity who even bothered to notice — or maybe care that the marquee player, the one bright spot in the team’s line-up, was absent. Such a malais seemed to infect the players as well who were entirely uninspired and inspiring. The only bright spot was hearing Vin Scully’s ever-enthusiastic voice coming out of my transistor radio. Without him the game and the atmosphere surrounding it would’ve been much more of a bummer.

  7. I was there Wednesday against the Giants. The Wave looked more like a PopLock. Still fun. But yes, bigger crowds make it more exciting. Though. Exiting the parking lot was a breeze. We’ll be back !

  8. I heard that a suspect gas been arrested in the Brian Stow attack

  9. Good morning,

    A suspect was taken into custody this morning re the beating of Mr. Stow.

    As for the police presence, I was in on some of the discussions regarding the type of response the Dodgers and the City would have. No one wanted an oppressive presence, and I think Mr. Campbell summed it up when he said the officers were noticeably present. At its maximum, say for a Giants series, 100-140 officers were deployed. It sounds like a lot, but if you consider the size of the venue, including the parking lot, it is reasonable for a visible presence.

    In time, an equitable balance of security will be reached, and I’m certain attendance will increase. One factor, naturally, will be the team’s performance or the caliber of opponent visiting the stadium.


    (213) 484-3400

  10. SolanoCanyonPop

    Sure are a lot of fairweather Dodger fans.

    Go Dodgers! We can overcome

  11. Wait a second – Will Campbell is going to be deputized into the police force so that he can patrol Dodger stadium and the surrounding areas?!?! Will he be in a car or just be on his bike? This situation is quickly getting out of hand! We got cops playing major league baseball and now bloggers being recruited into the police force…times, they are a changin’…

  12. Don’t fret, Bob. The only thing I patrol is my backyard and that’s on foot and primarily to clear any loitering skunks or feral cats before my dog gets a chance to “arrest” them. Rest assured, anytime I might be found in the Top Deck of Dodger Stadium it’ll be strictly as a civilian spectator and diehard fan (but I will have gotten there by bike).

  13. Hey Will! Maybe you can patrol my yard? My dog (unfortunately) not only ‘arrests’ but ‘convicts’ skunks, and you know what that means. The SL skunk population is down, but my doggy doesn’t smell very good!

  14. We’ve noticed several patrol cars combing the neighborhood during the Dodger games. I’m glad for the extra security. Now if only the Dodgers can get their game on track!

  15. Why is anyone surprised that the majority of people in attendance at a Dodgers game are at best ambivalent and at worst looking for trouble? I can’t stand attending MLB games anymore. I have to be barraged by awful music for every batter , watch consistently stupid fare on the jumbo-tron between innings, and either pay through the nose to sit somewhere safe, or only spend $50 (after parking, ticket, and a few snacks) and deal with sitting in what I refer to as “general population”. The Dodgers pander to the lowest common denominators, those who can’t pay attention to an actual baseball game for 9 innings and those who just want to drink and fight. Is it any wonder the stadium doesn’t “fill” until the 3rd, and begins emptying in the 7th?
    With all the great prep baseball in LA, it’s far more entertaining to head to the valley and catch some top-notch high school baseball. No drunks, players who actually care about the result, and best of all – it’s free! Playoffs are on right now…do yourself a favor and watch these boys play. They’re impressive.

  16. Sandy, in lieu of patrolling your grounds I offer my tried-and-true post-conviction bath de-skunkifying recipe to help clear the air/hair (though I’d hazard you might already familiar with it):

    1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
    1/4-cup baking soda
    1-2 tablespoons liquid soap (dish, hand or laundry)

    Slather. Rinse. Repeat.

  17. Forget the Dodgers they suck go Lakers real champs.

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