Echo Park cop walks away with $4 million from city lawsuit

Photo from Echo Park Security Assn.

Echo Park’s Senior Lead Officer Robert “Bobby” Hill  has settled a harassment lawsuit against the city for nearly $4 million. News of the settlement was included in an L.A. Times story today on the millions of dollars the city is paying out to settle workplace lawsuits filed by police officers.  Los Angeles Police Department officers have filed suit against the department more than 250 times between 2005 through 2010, and a survey of large police departments “indicates that LAPD officers file suit more than others,” according to the Times.  Hill has remained on the job as a Senior Lead Officer for Echo Park, Elysian Heights and Elysian Valley since 2008 when a jury awarded him $3.1 million. The lawsuit stems from Hill’s years as an officer in the Newton Division, where he said he came under  retaliation and harassment after reporting that a superior officer had used racial slurs and embezzled funds.  Hill told the Times he had no choice but to file suit against the city:

For Hill, who said the retaliation against him included being followed by other officers, falsely accused of misconduct and removed from a coveted assignment, knowing the large verdict he won came from taxpayers left him with mixed feelings.

“Here I was a public servant suing the city, basically suing the taxpayers who I was committed to protecting,” Hill said. “What I really wanted was for the names of the people who had harmed me to be on that lawsuit. I wanted the money to come out of their pockets. I felt bad that the wrong people were paying, but it was the only recourse I had as an officer.”

Hill, who now works at the Northeast Division, has been on leave for several weeks, according to several residents.


  1. LAPD treats their employees like crap. They keep getting sued for the same things over and over. Wake up taxpayers!

  2. hill was treated in a completely unfair manner for doing the right thing, to be sure. but he’s now a multi-millionaire. that seems ridiculous.

  3. Back when the Rampart scandal broke no one believed what I had to say about LAPD or how they treat people on the street much less there own employee’s. When I was asulted by the cop in the E.P boat house(1997), I was the person in the wrong not the coward wearing /hiding behind the badge. They caused my disability, I sure didn’t get 4 million no where CLOSE!. It sure would have been nice! When I reported complaints, my supervisor would instruct me to file it , which in those days ment throw it away in the trash and keep ur mouth shut. sorry Bobby I’m not feeling you or your troubles, you can retire now very nicely, you treated me like crap whenever I contacted you aka L.A.P.D for help. Still can’t understand why I’m refused a police report as someone was trying to burn my house down found oil (new, clean) in a metal pot, with newspapers and children’s clothes all bundled up surrounded by plastic’s, under my house, sure sounds like I was being set up for a fire. BUT PD refused a report. My smypathy button is on mute when it come to the PD.

  4. California has a whole is a joke… Corrupted officials (Bell, Montebello, Los Angeles), crazy pensions, Cops suing the city. Got to love it. California will never, ever be in the black.

  5. Why doesn’t the verdict require the officers responsible for the abuse to be fired and for the department reform itself so that Hill can continue to work there (which he does anyway)? What’s the deal with such HUGE payoffs? Honestly 4 million is usually a settlement for a debilitating injury or a wrongful death. The workplace harassment that he had to put up with must have been ASTOUNDING. Nothing I read in this article seemed like 4 million dollars worth.

    Why are the taxpayers on the hook for this anyway? Seems like I’m being punished for this verdict. This article doesn’t make it seem like the police force suffers any consequence. Perhaps if Robert Hill established some sort of charity to funnel this money back into the neighborhood that’s on the hook for this payout, then some good would come of it.

  6. We’ve called Bobby Hill several times to speak to him about a recurring problem with a neighbor and he’s never ever ever called us back. Ever. No matter how many messages we leave. He’s not worthy of this settelement.

  7. @G– There’s a reason LAPD calls them SLO.

  8. 4million that’s great that’s wonderful wow 4million is that in a lump sum I wonder how bad he felt after receiving the money and we are gonna pay for his pension I wish the LAPD hurt my feelings

  9. I met this officer once. I’ll never forget his face. I was holding my new baby and tripped over something in the street both me and my infant fell to the floor. On the corner were several quesadilla and hot dog vendors who helped me up and took care of me and my baby. I saw the cop car pull up and thought they going to ask if we were ok but instead THIS officer harassed the street vendors, took their money, and made them leave. Even after I explained how they helped me, were just trying to make a living etc,…-he didn’t care in the least. His tone was beyond condescending and full of hate and disgust. I will never forget how he treated me and worse the street vendors who were out late working hard at night to feed their families. This guy isn’t worthy of a badge let alone a settlement.

  10. Dont worry, he will shell out about 48% of that in state and federal taxes. What is a shame is that he probably doesnt live in LA County and that 2.2 he has left over will go to another county and city.

    And Robert, errr Dick, can I call you Dick? Ok cool, you can always tag their names on a wall in Echo Park for us all to see. Lord knows you don’t get busted for that around here. Don’t be a puss and do it. You’re rich and a cop! You can do anything!

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