Shootings in Cypress Park & Echo Park leave one dead, two injured *

A pair of separate shootings early this morning left one man dead and a second critically injured in Cypress Park while a man was shot in the back * in Echo Park as he was being chased down Sunset Boulevard by a group of attackers.

The Cypress Park killing took place in the 2000 block of Isabel Street at about 1 a.m, said LAPD spokeswoman Norma Eisenman.  A 19-year-old male Latino was found dead at the scene after being shot in the back in what police say might be a gang-related shooting.  A second male victim was also shot and was in critical condition, she said. Two suspects were seen running down Isabel Street to Bank Street, she said.

In a separate shooting about 30 minutes earlier in Echo Park,  a man was left in critical condition after he was shot in the back in Echo Park  while being chased down Sunset Boulevard by three suspects, police said. The man collapsed near Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street at about 12: 30 a.m., said Sgt. Michael Mabie with the Rampart Division.

The man was running west bound when he was shot from behind, with the bullet entering his back and exiting out his chest, Mabie said. The man is not believed to be a gang member, said Mabie based on preliminary information.

* Update on Echo Park shooting: The Echo Park victim who had been described in critical condition died later from his injury, police reported late Saturday night.

* Update on Cypress Park shooting: The Cypress Park murder victim has been identified as Jose Antonio Madera, said LAPD spokeswoman Sara Faden. The other 19 years old man who was shot is expected to live.  Anyone with information about the shooting should call Northeast Division homicide detectives at 213-847-4261.

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  1. And the Police can do nothing to put these dogs in their place?

  2. Scary. That Sunset shooting is right next to the Echo. Glad I didn’t see a show there last night!

  3. Everyone still needed their drinks and the police were kind enough to let people around the yellow tape to get their gold room specials

  4. whats the name of the victim in echo park why did they chase him

  5. Please tell me Jeff is being sarcastic.

  6. States victim not gang affiliated, but what about the three chasing after him? I wonder which one’s last names end with an “ez”?

  7. Really horrible. I hope whoever got shot is ok and they catch the attackers.

  8. @ BytheSea, wtf?

  9. to by the sea: man, by your comment, i take that you are new to the area. you really need to learn some respect for the latino community that has lived here well before the echo or any of the trendy hipster places that have come along since the new milleneum and have brought disrespectful trust fund hipsters to what has been our home for years. if you want to really be part of this community, you best learn respect.

  10. @ El Dandy.

    You think it’s hipsters running around with guns trying to kill people? Those with there heads screwed on know who and what ethnicity these culprits are. Being PC’s for those who like to bury their heads in the sand.

  11. To be fair, Paul (and ByTheSea), one of the more-recent shootings on that stretch of Sunset was perpetrated by a Mongols motorcycle-gang member. Wait — what was that? His last name was Sanchez? Oh. Okay, never mind.

  12. this is pathetic. so all latinos are gangsters with guns? really? you need to listen to yourselves.

  13. olive88, I don’t think anyone is trying to imply that all Latinos are gangsters with guns; however, in Echo Park, all gangsters with guns are Latinos.

  14. @olive88

    It’s impossible to respect a young social class of violent criminals. If the Latino community has lived in EC for so long how come it’s still a dump that harbors drug dealers and killers, filthy side walks, tagged walls and unkempt homes? If young Latino’s want respect then take pride in the community you lay claim to.
    Instead it takes gentrifiers to open restaurants, cafes, and small businesses and convert empty lots to grow produce to form some essence of a safe community that surely the majority want.
    Only time and strong wills will decide whose way of life conquers this community.

  15. So olive88, you think any 20–30 something who’s sporting a “current” look and listening to the “latest” music is living off a trust fund? You are trading in equally tired stereotypes and prejudices. However, James may have a point……

  16. I was leaving the Echo and walking down sunset when this happened, we saw a guy laying in the street and thought he had gotten hit by a car, a few people on bicycles were trying to help him, one said he had been shot. The cops hadn’t gotten there yet at that point, he had collapsed maybe a minute before, and wasn’t unconscious or anything yet, he was moving his arms and moaning. Not that it matters, but the guy was white and possibly “hipster” looking although it was hard to tell.. Cops, fire trucks, ambulances, helicopter promptly arrived, and I commend the LAPD for a surprisingly speedy arrival..

  17. My friend was at the atm at bank of america when it happened, she said all she saw was 2 gangsters come from house of spirits direction then shoot the kid and actually walked away holding their guns in their belts near the belt buckle. One then dropped his gun and went back to pick it up. She said the kid whom was shot looked nothing of a typical ‘gangster’ so I really hope this wasn’t a ‘initiation’ for a gang, quite sad knowing these 2 men felt so calm and actually walked away holding their guns…are there any updates?

  18. Also from the others that saw it, no one mentioned the kid being chased

  19. Paul, you’re not solving any problems.
    B.T.S., there are a lot of people in this community who’s last name “ends with ez” and to lump them in with violent criminals is just a little bit ridiculous don’t you think?
    Are you people really that self righteous? Do you think you are the only people in Echo Park to notice that gang violence is a drag? Know what else is a drag? Racists. Go somewhere else if can’t handle the “…ez’s”

  20. the gangs in our neighborhood and their tagging, dealing & violence are terrible. but I’m sorry to see the racism here. I can acknowledge that the gang members were almost definitely latino, but maybe the people that called the cops were too! maybe the people that clean their graffiti off the walls are too. maybe the people that give money at their churches for drug outreach programs are too.

  21. Talked to some of the homicide police not long ago, I believe they said the victim had died.

  22. The kid who got shot was one of the local artist kids. You know the ones who do cool murals and stay out of trouble.
    BTW there was less crime in Echo Park before the gentrification.
    I’ve never heard of people getting shot n Sunset until the last few years. We never had muggings either. Just saying.

  23. There was not less crime before gentrification come on! This racism is horrible. look in the mirror!

  24. the alley behind my house USED to be known as “murder alley”. Just saying…

  25. Terrible. Terrible news. I hope they catch the guys who shot this poor kid.

    On another note: Who thinks Echo Park was safer before gentrification? First of all, Echo Park’s gentrification has been going on for some thirty to forty years or so. So, hard to to compare before and after. Nevertheless, in the 80’s and 90’s Echo Park was one of the worst neighbhorhoods in the City, in terms of crime. It was not safe. Contrast that with Chief Beck’s comments a couple of weeks ago (while discussing the awful beating in Dodger stadium) clarifying that the neighborhood surrounding Dodger Stadium (i.e. Echo Park) is actually not crime ridden, as it has been portrayed in the media. He explained that it is actually one of the safer neighborhoods in the City. No Chief of Policy could say that about Echo Park in the 80s and during most of the 90s. The fact that he can credibly say that today is something. Still, Echo Park remains a mostly minority neighborhood and will for the foreseeable future.

    And, as for the racists out there. Get a clue. Echo Park is a complex community. It always has been. I feel sad for you that you don’t understand how complex all the micro-communities in Echo Park are. But, I am sure it makes it easier for you to think that all the “good” people look a certain way and have certain names and the “bad” people look a different way and have different names. I am happy that most people who regularly contribute to this website don’t seem to share your view. And anybody who is actually interested in remaining a part of this community should probably invest some time in trying to figure it out.

  26. @olive88: “You best learn respect.” Really?? In my 45 years, I’ve heard that very phrase along with similar variations, more times than I care to remember. it is at best, a vague phrase used to control. By the way, I’ve always thought that what goes around comes around, and learning respect is no different.

  27. man what a drag. poor kid.

  28. and btw….being a white guy that grew up in the beautiful melting pot of LA I am so offended by these racist comments on here. I know and grew up with the most amazing people of ALL races. and believe me, knuckleheads and violent troublemakers are not exclusive to any race. we all got em’ ! these racist commentors obviously do not come from LA where you don’t even see color lines, you just see your friends and fellow angelenos. at least that’s how me and all the kids I grew up with in LA see it. peace.

  29. Fair enough, but the problem with gangs and gang members is that there is a racial and cultural element to it. Talk to any white teacher, social worker, probation officer, or other social-services provider who works with gangs, and many (perhaps with the exception of Father Greg Boyle) will agree that young gang members are less inclined to listen to people who are not from their own race when we counsel them to leave the gang life. “You don’t know how it is,” the gang members often say.

    We can all provide positive examples to kids – of any race – but it seems to me that once a boy enters his teen years and joins a gang, it requires concerted effort from members of his own ethnic and cultural community to save him. Others just don’t have the same level of credibility in the gang members’ eyes. So in order to begin working on the problem, we can’t ignore the ethnic element to it. A well-meaning non-Latino man simply will not have the same effect on getting through to a Latino gang member than will a man or woman who comes from the same culture as the gang.

  30. @Paul

    PC or not what you gotta say is bullshit. Your comments make it seem like you believe every Latino community member of Echo Park is involved somehow in some kind of illegal and violent activity. I agree with you, however, that people should take pride in their community and open businesses and other establishments. But you think its easy for people from an impoverished neighborhood and family to save money to open these establishments? You think its easy to get approved for a loan? Unfortunately, most of corporate America thinks just like you do and will hold prejudice against a dark skinned person with an “ez” last night coming into their banks asking for money.

  31. The conflict roiling Echo Park is NOT latino vs. white hipsters. It is a class warfare between poor vs. upper middle class. The well of have stuff and the poor want them. There are a lot of poor white druggies who rob houses and apartments. There are unfortunately a lot of poor latino kids who join gangs. There are well-to-do folks of ALL colors living and working in the community. Don’t mimic the racism of bad cops who think any latino kid with a shaved head is a potential gang banger. But don’t issue blanket apologies for gangsters who commit crimes either. Whether you have lived in EP for years or moved in last year DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is addressing the problems and not jumping to blanket stereotyping.

  32. This was an innocent 30 yr old man with a 3 yr old baby at home. It wAs one of my brothers coworkers at TJs!!!! So sad and pathetic! I am a Latino myself, but this thugs who did this are just scum, I don’t care what nationality they are!

  33. What was his name?

  34. The ending in “ez” comment is so ignorant !
    Someone died you dirtbag !

    There are also people who’s names end in “ez” that have done great things Cesar Chav”ez” , hell , i will even throw in Joan Ba”ez”


  35. J, I don’t think anyone here should reveal the victim’s name until the police or media do. They probably need to notify his family first, and I’m sure they will release it in the next few days. Truly sad story. My condolences to his family and friends.

  36. @harry

    In “Perez” alone I can pull up actress Rosie Perez, the handsome Swiss French actor Vincent Perez (Queen Margot, Indochine), Javier Perez Cuellar (the former UN Secretary General) and John Perez California State Assmebly Spakaer) and Richard Ray Perez the documentary filmmaker who made OutFoxed.

    And then there is Perez Hilton.

  37. Although I am not normally on blogs such as this one I feel compelled to write. The 30 year old young man was my son. He was a brother, a father to a perfect 4 year old daughter who will now live her life without the love of her live. He was an urban hippy of sorts who loved organic food, good wine and was drawn to the ocean. He would take a sunny day any time the universe would give it. He loved the Latino culture, the irony!

  38. Yes he was a respected and VERY loving father. He went above and beyond for her. He will be missed more than words could ever explain. In the meantime I will keep his memories for our daughter as he was. We will miss you and love you more than you will ever know……

  39. 5 Year Resident

    I have lived in Echo Park for 5 years and I can tell you that the latino community or a subset of them have major problems with white people living in this community. I am not a racist person and actually prefer the latin culture over my own but it seems that the gang element has not left. Some locals like to brag about going to prison and/or stand on the corner showing their prison tatoos with their shirt off, staring down every car that goes by them giving looks like they are angry or defending their corner. In my five years here, I have heard multiple gun fights and it seems the LAPD choppers are a frequent occurance in the area. Can’t we all get along? Let the good elements come into the area (white, black, latino, asian, etc) and enjoy life, the culture, food, cool people and forget about what once was a gang warzone.

    And please note, I am so far away from being a hip-ster so don’t lable my comments as such.

    Good Night.

  40. OldTimeHoodRat

    The LA Times SHOULD cover this senseless slaying – e-mail them at newstips@latimes.com. Regardless of who this person is their death in this manner is a serious disgrace to the hood

  41. let me first say that i believe in freedom of expression, but let me also say that leaving negative bs about someone you’ve never had the privelege to meet is an act of blatant stupidity and ignorance.for the person you so easily judge and defame is one of my best friends.and if you must know,he was no gangster,thug,certainly not a hipster or any other stereotype some of you label others to get through your day.the truth is he was one of the most loyal boys i had,he always had my back no matter what the struggle,and would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it,ironically,even the punk ass little wannabes who ended his life.he lived for his children and wanted nothing more for them than to have a great life,a life better than his own.he loved being a father,a friend,a son,.his passion for life never stopped no matter what.he was a funny ass mofo too.this blog should be about good times,condolences,a celebration of his life,not empty words or thoughts.to his family,i wish you nothing but love and healed hearts,my condolences.to his children,uncle moose will always have your back.and to my boy,i’ll miss ya homie!IT’S ALL MUSIC!!!!

  42. @standbye — Well, if the shooter (and potential accomplices) were at the Gold Room and were a drunk, rowdy group, it seems that the Gold Room had a room full of witnesses that night that could help identify the perpetrators. Plus, maybe one of the members of this “group” of perpretators paid with a credit card. Since the incident apparently occurred sometime soon after this group left the Gold Room maybe the police will look at the Gold Room customers who closed out their tab right before t he incident. That seems like a good place to start — at least reason enough to ask a couple of questions.

    I sure hope that you actually stepped up and told the LAPD what you saw. Posting on a website really does not count. If what you are saying is true, you have a moral (and probably legal) obligation to step up and tell LAPD.

    I must comment on one other thing you said: you called the kids “Mexican.” I am of Mexican ancestry myself. And I grew up in LA and half the time I can’t tell the difference between Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Central Americans, Colombian, Peruvian, whatever. Interesting that you apparently can tell the different. You must have a more refined sense of these things that I do.

  43. what i originally wrote was not permitted so let me just say that my boy was one of the most genuine and loyal people i was lucky to have known.his passion for life never stopped regardless of the struggles he endured.he loved being a son,a friend,and most of all a father to his children.he had my back no matter the obstacle and i had his.all i can say is SENSELESS.such a vibrant life taken away,and for what.my condolences to his family,nothing but love and healed hearts.while i do believe in freedom of expression,as he did,please refrain from the empty words and thoughts.i thank god our paths crossed.i’ll miss you brother,IT’S ALL IN THE MUSIC!!!!LOVE..

  44. our prayers go out to mickey family. may he rest in peace he is now a shinnig star looking down at all his love ones specially on his daughter who happens to be just like him always a smile on her face . she is a beautiful little girl.

  45. The mix of Latinos and Gringos and all the other ethnicities that makes their homes in Echo Park is why I moved here in the first place. You can say I’m an interloper, but this neighborhood has been mixed since it was built starting in the 1890s, and even before. That’s what makes it one of the best neighborhoods in the nation. Rather than wasting our time pointing our fingers at each other, let’s be part of the solution. I’ll be the first to admit I could do more — so, I’m going to do more. Let’s give it our best. Our neighborhood deserves that. Rest in Peace, Mickey.

  46. after reading all of the comments posted here, I can’t help but cry. my heart goes out to JD and G and moose, who lost an apparently amazing son, father and ‘brother’. Maybe we met at TJs, or crossed paths in the neighborhood. Regardless, I hope this incident is a reminder to all to be kind to your fellow neighbor. I try to say hi and look into the eyes of every neighbor I pass, no matter what age, no matter what race. It is in the eyes that we connect and embrace each other. I’m loosely quoting here, but it seems relevant to the discussion…’we all have the same blood running through our veins, if we get cut, it runs red… and when we cry, we all have the same salty tears.’

    Be kind to your neighbors, and hopefully they will pay it forward.

  47. I’ve lived in my Eastside neighborhood for almost 15 years. Now I see a younger white generation moving in, and yes, they are different from my Latino neighbors. When walking their dogs, they don’t make eye contact, they don’t say hello, they look past people at their homes, summing up the value, calculating how long it will take before the neighborhood turns. They are not subtle. By their demeanor, by the clothes they wear and the expensive cars they drive, they are clearly signalling an upper middle class status. They are known by the hipster moniker, but I’ve begun to think of them as settlers. I don’t like them. I understand what olive88 means when he suggests they learn some respect. But in all fairness, it doesn’t sound as if the young man who was shot was a settler. In L.A. a choice exists, and some will come to prefer or at least grow into a Latino culture. This young man seemed to have been capable of seeing life through more than one lens. I think I would have liked him.

  48. Jake: this tragedy is no place for you to come and spout racial divisiveness. What we need is unity – don’t try to guess what people you don’t know are thinking. You are probably wrong. People not making eye contact or saying hello? Try harder to build that bridge. YOU reach out and say hello! You would be surprised at how many people respond warmly when you show warmth instead of demanding respect.

    An event like this should be a reminder that no matter what, we can all watch out for one another. Whether Latino or white, old or new…we all live together. From what I read about Mickey (RIP) he seems like a great guy who would love to see us all make an effort to care about one another rather than perpetuate the fake US v. Them mentality that too many of our neighbors fall into.

    We can all do better so that this does not happen again and in some way the warm spirit of this man will live on.

  49. Moose, amen, thank you…..I too am a friend of Mickey’s, and it truly is disturbing that this blog has turned into a deabte over the latino and gang community…..like Moose said Mickey Was NONE of the above, he loved everyone and everything and was the most passionate lover of life anyone could meet, he loved everyone and everybody and embrased all areas of life and all people of all walks of life, He was nothing but Happy go Lucky and loved nothing more than his little girl and making a good life for her, that poor little girl is TRULY missing out on a wonderful life she would have had with a wonderful father who loved her soooo soooo much, he was a guy who would bring light to any situation, bring peace love and positivity to the world and he is a guy who is so truly truly missed…….Certainly one of the cases where a bad thing has happened to a good person and the lives of his family and friends left behind will truly be missing……Mickey was the type who would walk down a street and talk to anyone, say hello, strike up a conversation with anyone, he was so outgoing, and friendly……the day that we all live in a world believing in the type of peace, love, unity and harmony that Mickey believed in, is the day this earth will truly be a better place…..as long as violence exists, stereotypes exist, and the frequency to utter and debate over LABELS exists there will always be the legacy of tears and loss and lives like his little girls now twisted sense of reality left to exist……whoever his attakcers were, be it gang memebers whatever, they are cowardly individual without any decency, respect, heart, who sesnelessly took the life of an AMAZING individual who had so much to live for, and loved the life that he lived, and he will be by soooooo many, always loved and truly, truly missed…..my heart goes out to all the rest of his friends, family and loved ones…..RIP Mickey web toes, and may justice be found

  50. For those of you who do have information please please please!!!! come forward, don’t let anyone who so senselessy and thoughtlessly and cowardly shoot ANYONE let alone someone in their BACK be free to walk the streets and destroy the lives of anyone else……violence is a CYCLE people, everyone is a voice, and people have got to speak up!!

  51. The disgrace is knowing that we live in a world and society where so many young men have such a distorted and twisted sense of reality and mankind, that they think because they carry a gun and know how to work their finger a quarter of an inch that that makes them men……its a sad sad sad sad existence

  52. I agree with @ Big JT, what we need in this neighborhood is UNITY. Yes, there are indeed some neighbors who do not care about the neighborhood, or the neighbors around them. BUT……..you are going to find these people in ANY neighborhood, and they could be any race or background.

    In order for their to be unity, the younger generation needs to show love and compassion to the community around them. And the old schoolers of the neighborhood, need to not assume that every young “hip” or “white” looking person lacks respect. It is sad that alot of people like Mickey, are in complete harmony with their surroundings, and give alot of respect and love to the Latino community, and the Echo Park community. But no matter what, there will always be people in that community that will hate on them because they are not “from the neighborhood” or they are lighter in skin.

    Everyone needs to WAKE UP. We are INDIVIDUALS. People can show disrespect no matter who they are, or how long they’ve lived in a place.
    There are plenty of Latinos who disrepect their neighbors. This is not a color, age or race thing.

    The people of the neighborhood command respect, yet they gun down a young man who gave them constant love? Gunned him down in a neighborhood with children, grandmothers, aunts and uncles…..where ANYONE could accidentally be shot??!!

    This senseless violence is scary, and unless people wake up, it’s not going to stop.

  53. Also…..Moose, JD, G, Linda, all of Mickey’s family, friends, co-workers, neighbors…….my heart goes out to you. He sounds like an amazing person and this story is truly heart breaking.

    I hope that those of you who saw anything, ANYTHING at all, realize that you have the power in you to help stop this cycle of violence. Anything you know can help, and don’t think it doesn’t matter. As long as people who senseless kill run through our neighborhood, no one is safe. “Gang” or not…….what is to say even a bullet intended for another might not fly through your window, or go through your friends windsheild….

    we have to fight TOGETHER.

    we ALL live here, and we all want to live here safely and respected….

  54. To all of us who knew Mickey – Reach out to each other, share your stories! We will need each others’ help to remember what a wonderful man he was. I regret that I did not get the chance to know him as a friend, but I admired him.

    I know his daughter well. Like her dad, she is extremely friendly, and will play with any group of kids on the playground, regardless of what clique they’re in. She’s a gifted artist for her age, she’s willing to try anything, and she seems to fear nothing. She has her dad’s eyes and sunny smile; I have never seen her in a bad mood. I can’t imagine the nightmarish pain she’s going through, at her age when reality can be so hard to understand. If you know Mickey’s daughter – I implore you to reach out to her and help her remember her dad. I also send my love to her mom and to Mickey’s mom.

  55. I will always love my dad, i wish this did not happen. i know u are going to be watching over me.. just wanted you too know i will always love you and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  56. That smile of yours Mickey!! You will be truly missed sweetheart xo

  57. Again, I say there was less crime before the gentrification and guess what? Crime is up in Echo Park!
    There’s the link with the statistics- from the North East Division.
    Up 69% for robberies.
    So this isn’t just something I am spouting off about this is the real deal coming from someone who has lived here for over 15 years.

  58. Oh I’m sorry he was shot on the west side of Sunset and that’s Rampart Division where violent crime is up on the over all 44%.

  59. A rise in violence since gentrification began suggest one thing. Racial divide. Don’t deny it or hide behind it. Now is the time for *all* to look in their hearts and know their is nothing good to become of this senselessness violence. My prayers and wishes are that a new beginning can emerge from this horrendous act and all races will work together to build a more deserving, harmonious Echo Park.

  60. To Michael David Jr…..I forgot to mention you in my statement earlier and how could I forget, I thought of you tonight that you are also survived by him and I am so sorry hun….I know you are going to miss him….We all are :o(

  61. linda: Thank you..finally someone remembered me

  62. TO Michael: Trust me everyone that was close to Mickey Knows who you are, Mickey made it very clear that you are his son and how proud he was to have you. My first thought after I heard this was about you Michael and the rest the Fam….I remember when you we a small boy, me and Mickey used to pick you up and take you to the park to play ..I would sit back and watch him with you and you could just feel the love he had for you, I was amazed by how strong the love was…now that I am a father I know what he was feeling, nothing can take the place of the love for you child…I read your post last night and it put me into tears..I wanted to respond to it then but was to upset to. I now have read your post today and wanted to let you know that your dad was an amazing person…one of a kind…and that he loves you very much, please don’t ever forget that…and to Heather and the rest of the fam I am so sorry for your losses, it hurts for me to lose him also I loved him like a brother…we all know Mickey had a great heart and is in a better place… I cry right now cause I cant be there with you but one day I will see you again…I love you Mick Dog!!!

  63. @Kelly:

    where on that link are you seeing year-over-year crime statistics?

    all i see that is described by the percentages you give are Rampart and Northeast jurisdictions as compared to the LA countywide average.

    it would be very interesting to see how these numbers compare with 5, 10, 20 years ago if anyone knows where to access this info.

    perhaps Lt. Buhrmester has a link to the LAPD crime stat database?

  64. hey little michael,believe me,i never forgot you,that is why in all the things i wrote i put children.just like andy,i too remember you as a little boy.me,you and your father hung out a few times and he would always talk about you.just know he loved you more than anything and one of his biggest wishes was to spend more time with you.as a matter of fact,about a month ago he talked how he went to monterey to see you and how happy he was.he kept sayin’moose,i cant believe how big he is,he’s grown up.he said he had a great time with you and he was excited to see you again.believe me michael,if there’s one thing that i know,you and your little sister were his life,dont ever forget that.i just wanted you to know that.and remember this,your father is watching over you always.to you and all of his family,my deepest sympathy.see ya michael…MOOSE

  65. Micheal.. your pops always talked about you..and loved you so much… He kept showing pictures of you from when he went to visit you recently.. he was so proud and excited to be a part of your life and wanted to be there more for you.. he will forever watch over you..

    my prayers go out to you and your family.

    Love you Micky!!

  66. Here is a link I found for some crime stats at the LAPD website. Over all gang violence is down from ten years ago. http://www.lapdonline.org/crime_maps_and_compstat/content_basic_view/24435

  67. On the public website http://www.lapdonline.org, Rampart Division has a link.


    If you go to that link, you can see the command staff and various information and contact numbers for us. If you click on crime statistics, you can see an approximate one-month overview.


    I have access to an internal database and will see if I can access statistics from five, 10 and 20 years prior.

    (213) 484-3400

  68. Thanks Lt. Buhrmester! again, your contributions to this forum are invaluable.

  69. Thanks Ryan, I have some more stats, which I will give and elaborate a bit upon.

    YTD, there have been four homicides (these are killings at the hand of another, not just murder, but also justifiable homicide. The four happen to be murders.). At this time in 2006, there were 15. I do not have YTD info for 2001 or beyond.

    In 2010, Rampart had 18 homicides, in 2006 there were 30, and in 2001 there were 55. I don’t have Rampart’s statistics for 1991 available right now, but in that year City-wide, there were 1,025 homicides. In 2010, the City had 293.

    However, we are aware that statistics are just that, numbers, and while empirical data can be used to prove or disprove theories or principles, the bottom line for the Department and its officers is this: do the citizens feel safe? Crime reduction is excellent, but is not the end-all. The perception of crime and lawlessness is often as damaging as the reality, and one of the missions of the Department is to combat the fear and incidence of crime.

    I would also point out that in 2009, Olympic Division went into service, and they took a portion of the western half of Rampart, which used to extend west to Normandie Ave. Rampart now ends at Hoover St. for the most part.

    (213) 484-3400

  70. @Kelly

    As a fine Irishman once said, “Keep your Sh#t in your own a#$.” Your “Less Crime before gentrification” theory is asinine, completely untrue, and serves no one.

    Your Welcome.

  71. wow. that is a marked reduction. one can only hope for the trend to continue over the next five years.

  72. Thank you SO much Lt. Wes Buhrmester for always keeping everyone informed and up to date. And a BIG thank you to the Eastsider. I feel like the Eastsider proves over and over again to be a great source of information for the community, and provides a great forum for keeping us all informed, and together on what’s going on. ALL of us living in these neighborhoods want the safe kind of safety, no matter who we are, or what background we come from.

    Is there still some sort of neighborhood watch in Echo Park? I remember a presence of Select Patrol years back, but I don’t really see them around so much anymore. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, any ideas on neighborhood watch etc?

  73. hello i was one of his close friends
    michel you were his life dont you ever forget that
    we are all greaving for you your father was a great man
    i wish we had a chance to get old together
    man my brother will be forever missed
    rip mad one
    jeanie o v heather micheal sayla im very sorry for your loss

  74. No need to be rude. The gentrification started in 99 and there are no stats of that. 2006 we were firmly already gentrified. And no I do not feel safe anymore and do not walk around my neighborhood anymore.

    And no honestly I do not like the feel of this neighborhood since gentrification started but I will not give up my rent control.
    And hey everyone- learn to say hello to your neighbors! That’s the first step in making a neighborhood.

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