Echo Park shooting victim dies *

The man  shot in the back early Saturday morning in  Echo Park has died from his wounds, officer  Jose Zamudio with the Rampart Division said late tonight.  Zamudio had no further details about the incident or when the victim, who had been described as being in critical condition Saturday morning,  died. The man was running away from a trio of suspects when he was gunned down at about 12:30 a.m. and collapsed near Sunset Boulevard and Logan Street, according to early police reports. The bullet hit the man in the back and exited through his chest.

The killing is the first homicide to take place in Echo Park this year, according to the L.A. Homicide Map.

Update:  The victim has been identified as Echo Park resident Michael “Mickey” David. Click here for

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  1. Is there any info on the motive? This is horrible news, I will be praying for his family.

  2. Gangster- or Hipster?

  3. just another local

    Are those the only two choices?

  4. Human. My condolences to his family.

  5. Just awful. Anyone who say anything please call the police! Anyone who knows who these murderers are please call the police!

  6. They showed me a picture of the victim, just looked like a kid.. Sad I can’t generalize him into gangster or hipster labels to make it easy so you can know who to hate on.

  7. The conflict roiling Echo Park is NOT latino vs. white hipsters. It is a class warfare between poor vs. upper middle class. The well of have stuff and the poor want them. There are a lot of poor white druggies who rob houses and apartments. There are unfortunately a lot of poor latino kids who join gangs. There are well-to-do folks of ALL colors living and working in the community. Don’t mimic the racism of bad cops who think any latino kid with a shaved head is a potential gang banger. But don’t issue blanket apologies for gangsters who commit crimes either. Whether you have lived in EP for years or moved in last year DOES NOT MATTER. What matters is addressing the problems and not jumping to stereotyping.

  8. LIBERTAD is so correct. hating on the labels we place on people, i for one never call anyone by their placa, in fact I don’t want to know it. We tend to label what we see on how we like/dislike what we see. “BUT I DO EXCEPT THE CHANGES, AT LEAST BETTER THAN I USED TO DO” ( Line from Joni Mitchell’s “Song for Sharon”).

  9. The people that commit these crimes should be euthanized so they can’t pollute the gene pool anymore. Instead we have to pay for the care and feeding of these animals in a tax paid for state institution after they are caught? We put down rabid dogs, so we should put down rabid gangbangers as well. They are disgusting people, the worst of the worst.

    @ LIbertad: Stop making excuses for scumbags. My folks were poor, but they never went out and killed people. Anyone past the age of five knows killing and robbing is wrong.

    My thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends. May the animals that committed this crime be brought to justice.

  10. He wasn’t a gangster nor a hipster just a great father and a good friend. I hope they catch these idiots who killed my friend.

  11. he was my friend

    this man was my friend. he was a father. he was neither a hoodlum nor a hipster, he was at all times genuine to himself, and like all of us he struggled.
    don’t use this sad occasion to vent vitriolic bile about crime; no one cares what you think. keep yourselves safe.

  12. On behalf of the family…thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. He was an amazing son, brother, father and friend who was taken from us way too early; plain and simple. No gang member or hipster….just a great man raising a daughter and trying to make ends meet…and a huge Laker fan.

  13. Leave it alone...

    jac & he was my friend are right. This man loved his daughter more than anything. He worked locally, enjoyed the various night spots this area has to offer, and was a genuine guy. His Mother got the call this morning, on Mothers Day! He leaves behind a young child, and all we can do is debate class, status, and titles? Many lives were ruined, all in “OUR” neighborhood.

  14. SolanoCanyonPop

    Why has the local news and media buried this story?

  15. Obviously everyone here is afraid to say the truth. Welcome to Los Angeles. Born and raised here. These gangsters did not care who it was, they were ‘keepin it real’ when they took an other innocent life. Just to do it. That is the mentality of these guys.
    A ‘great father’ gets shot, in the back and dies, by a ‘trio’ of gangsters. A trio who had their own children, right here in Echo Park . Those three kids will carry on the same traditions as the last. You want to stop these people? Stop saying they are ‘animals’ who are doing something new and unheard of.

  16. @ SolanoCanyonPop

    I know, I e-mailed KTLA a link to this story. Why our media insists on covering a David Beckham fender bender and not a murder is inexcusable.

  17. “A trio who had their own children, right here in Echo Park . Those three kids will carry on the same traditions as the last.”

    WOW, Troy M. sounds like you know who these guys are. If you do, better go to the police. Or are you making a generalization as well? TheEastsiderLA are monitoring this?

    Welcome to Los Angeles? Are you a bad 80’s sitcom writer? For your information, the killing is the first homicide to take place in Echo Park this year.

    Prayers go to the victim’s families and sincere curses to those who took his life and those who make excuses for their actions.

  18. how is this the first murder in EP this year? what about the xmas morning shooting? someone died in that.

  19. @huh?

    that would be 2010.

  20. @huh?
    christmas morning was 2010. this is 2011. less than a year ago but last year, no less.

    does anyone have any clues as to what prompted this tragedy? were there witnesses? why IS this so hushed?

  21. “A ‘great father’ gets shot, in the back and dies, by a ‘trio’ of gangsters. A trio who had their own children, right here in Echo Park . Those three kids will carry on the same traditions as the last.”

    WOW. Do you know these people because if you do, better go to the police. Or are you making another generalization?

    Saying welcome to Los Angeles in reference to a homicide is just so cliche. Prayers go out to the victim’s family and sincere curses to those who committed the crime.

  22. There is nothing in the local media about this murder. Nothing. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  23. I doesn’t seem real,we Hung out not to long ago. He was always positive and always willing to lend a hand. He was as genuine as they come,he didn’t deserve this. He was dedicated to being a good father and a good person overall. All though he was a unique character,he will be missed and forever in our hearts. My prayers go out to his family. I and I Selasie….Fire it up cuzn! Much respect JAH BLESS

  24. The local media is useless. Is Lt. Wes Buhrmester still around? Nothing from him? I’ve always counted on his informative posts when this type of thing has gone down.

  25. This truly is a shame. Prayers and wishes.

    It is indeed odd about the local media blackout. I guess this should lay to rest the ‘ol “if it was a white guy shot randomly in this neighborhood, this would be front page” argument.

  26. So what actually happened here? From what I can gather from the comments on the two posts —

    3 latinos, possibly gangsters, chased another latino, definitely NOT a gangster from near the House of Spirits, down Sunset Blvd.

    They shoot him and he falls somewhere near Sunset and Logan between Masa and The Echo —

    They walk off with their guns in their belts.

    The man who was shot was 30 years old, worked at Trader Joes and had a young daughter, died at the hospital.

    Now what the hell happened to make those dudes gun some guy down in the middle of the street on a Friday night with dozens of potential witnesses?

    I know some of you know what’s what, so let’s hear the real story —

  27. I knew the victim. He was a loving father and a good friend. He loved everything about LA. Lakers, Kings, Dodgers, you name it! My condolences to his family. He will definately be missed.


  29. Like RC says, let’s get these criminals off the streets, there is no call for this offensive brutality.We need to Bring these criminals to justice, and not let random violence become rampant in our town. We know, let’s act!

  30. Rest In Peace, my homey. You will be missed by many.

    “You know why they call you sun? Because you shine like one!”

  31. This man was a friend of mine, he was neither a gangster or a hipster. But he was a father, and a great person. This is a fucking senseless tragedy.

  32. Maybe there’s no media coverage so as not to give these cold-blooded killers the attention they would probably welcome. Don’t need them to be sitting like Osama watching himself on t.v. and gloating about it to their homies.

  33. NotDownWithTheClown

    The L.A. Times SHOULD cover this senseless slaying. Their city desk phone number is 213 237 7847 and the e-mail address for the L.A. Now crime blog of the Times is newstips@latimes.com. Regardless of who this person is the loss of their life is a definite tragedy.

  34. I didn’t know him well, but he was my neighbor and a very good one. I’ll miss seeing his smiling face. My heart is broken for his family especially his sweet child. I hope you can find peace in your hearts after this senseless act of violence. I’m so sorry.

  35. Shocking I was there in front of masa leaving the Echo after a show I didnt get a clear look at the shooters but the folks in front of el prado did .
    I hope the police catch the vermin who did this my heart goes out to his family .
    I am staying out of echo park from now on it is not worth it.

  36. Dear Mickey,
    You are a good man. I’m sorry your were taken from us , I feel more sorry for the trio cowards that took you away from us. May they be judged soon and brought to justice. Mickey, I know you tried your hardest to hold on especially for you daugther. I went to the resturant today in the a.m. and they said you were just there on Wed eating with your daughter. This is the beautiful picture I will remeber , You sitting there all dressed up eating with your princess enjoying daddys fruits of labor. I will miss you but never forget you. Till we meet again and we will.
    C.Villalobos #17

  37. Mick was one of my best friend’s sons. I watched him grow up from the time he was just a little boy. He was always a kind and gentle soul. I cannot fathom the agony his mom is in right now. The most horrendous tragic end to her son’s life, on mother’s day no less. Please if you know anything about this talk to the cops. Please. Rest in peace Micky, rest in peace.

  38. Mickey will be missed terribly.
    Many of us were lucky enough to work with him at the trader joe’s in San Diego for several years. We found out the news today, and everyone that had the chance to know him was shocked and terribly saddened. I will always remember him as a kind and loving person… a senseless tragedy and a good person taken from the world too soon. If anyone has any information about a memorial fund set up for his family please email me at travis.witczak@gmail.com and I can work on passing the information to all of my co-workers.

  39. Ryan,

    Yes, still around, was maintaining a low profile due to the urgency and progress of the detectives’ investigation at this point. As for releasing information to the media, we do so while balancing a fine line between compromising vital information we have, and keeping the public informed. As for the major news outlets covering or not covering a topic, they have this story, and their staff makes those decisions.

    A delay in a press conference or similar is not due to laziness or neglect. It is most often a strategic move by the detectives. Much is being done regarding this investigation by two excellent detectives, Chris Linscomb and Mike Arteaga, in collaboration with other units within Operations-Central Bureau. Detectives Linscomb and Arteaga can be reached at (213) 484-3050, or through me, at the contact number and e-mail listed below.

    (213) 484-3400

  40. my question i keep asking but i am sure never will know..” why was he alone?” i know he would walk alone but i doubt he would..he had alot of friends and like i have been reading it seems like alot of people know something…IF YOU ARE A FRIEND TO HIM AND KNOW WHAT IS UP…TELL IT”S NOT SNITCHING>>HE WAS A FATHER OF 2. 11 year old son and a 4 year little girl who he has raised…I know he had a good head on his shoulders, i just dont think he would be out that late alone, So i hope if any of his homies was with him that night go talk to the cops, what if it was you or your brother or father or child!!!!!! They killed my son’s father and he should not be dead. now my son will never get to know his father and that makes me angry, so if anyone one is a true friend and you where with him sometime that day or night go speak up for your friend.. we all know micky would not look for trouble..

  41. I just read this story in the local news paper and was sadden to hear the bad news, I know this neighborHOOD is going through some “changes” . but we must never forget that its still Echo Park and knowing where you are at all times is very helpfull. I hope they catch these low lifes and put them away for good !! oh yeah @ TROY M thanks for putting all of us young hispanics in the same boat, young , shaved head , wearing nikes they must be gang bangers !! you must be reallted to george bush. . don’t do what the L.A.P.D is doing remember were all innocent till proven guilty.. right ?

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