Echo Park’s beauty business keeps growing

Photo courtesy Form Academy

A former Echo Park warehouse once used by a window and door maker is now home to a 10,000-square-foot beauty school, salon and event space.  Earlier this month, Form Academy and Refuge Salon & Spa moved from their Silver Lake location on Sunset Boulevard into the former home of   O.K. Manufacturing & Supply, which closed its doors last June after operating a factory and later showroom off Glendale Boulevard for more 25 years. The Refuge salon associated with the school is the one of the half dozen or so beauty salons that have recently opened in Echo Park.

“There are a lot of salons because there are a lot of stylists here,”  said Miriam Jones, who serves as president of the cosmetology school. “We have actually trained most of them. Our salon has been around since 2006 and what separates us is that we are also an educational institution that holds a special license by the state.”

Form Academy had  been in its Silver Lake building, a former church, for only about a year when it outgrew the facility, Jones said. , who serves as president of the cosmetology school. The cavernous space featuring large wooden ceiling trusses and an arched roof  will serve multiple uses, including as the site for short-term shows, including the upcoming part of the Culture Collide Festival in October. The interior is still being worked on but Jones has big plans:

This space is 10,000 sq ft and will be converted to an event space, cosmetology school,and salon. We have 104 students right now and 15 stylists on the books. We were just  featured in In Style Magazine and have over 5,000 salon clients. We are aiming to become an Andy Warhol styled art space that combines all things progressive, cultural and creative.

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  1. god, i am so sick of hipsters.

  2. Um, what does this have to do with hipsters? It’s a business opening up in the community, filling a huge vacant storefront. Do you really see this as a problem?

  3. “and event space.” Great, just what we need, warehouse size events drawing a ton more traffic here.

  4. Is there any truth to Tabitha’s salon take over? She seemed totally out of it and not serious about her business or the work her stylists do. Miriam= “laziness and bad habits” even when it comes to coloring.


    Watch the vid and see. been to form and it seems good even though my cut was ok. I did stop going after watching that episode.

    Anyone go to the one Michelle opened called Rock and Paper Salon?


  5. @mark is right. i am not against business, but this is not the right place for it. more traffic, more cars, probably more shootings. why can’t we have movie studios there like it used to be?

  6. more shootings – from a new salon? sigh. i really need to stop reading the comments on this site.

  7. ya. let’s keep buildings abandoned and shuttered instead of bringing people jobs and renovations happening. jeez. who are these haters of change ? go get a haircut. you’ll probably feel better.

  8. Good luck avoiding the comments, @Mark. The Eastsider will probably use them as the basis for another post.

    “Anonymous comments on The Eastsider suggest that beauty salons will bring more violence to the area. Discuss!”

  9. what will the sign look like?


  10. ryan. bro.
    you’re an architect without a public portfolio.

    chill it down, napoleon bronaparte.

  11. @ryan

    You’ve got comments on blogs all over town, doing nothing but complaining about design… but you don’t have any published client work?

    Good luck with the job hunt, kid.

  12. Sounds like an awesome investment opportunity!

  13. j- Thanks for linking to that Salon Takeover clip–it filled in the information that my stylist who used to work at Refuge left out.

  14. im interested in gel manicures.

  15. are you guys going to send out promotional flyers for the neighborhood?

  16. this is all so tragic. if anyone knows the real deal, form academy did NOT train a lot of these stylists opening up salons. this has got to be heard very LOUD and clear. these stylists opening up salons have been doing hair 10 years plus. and studied at very reputable academies that have been around for decades. form just opened. where are you getting your information? reality check por favor.

  17. if you know how to read you will notice it doesn’t say form trained the stylists who own the salons. It says there are a lot of salons because there are a lot of stylists. Then if you actually read this part it says form trained a lot of them…NOT all of them OR the owners! learn how to read!

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