Expect more bark at the Silver Lake Dog Park

Photo by Jen Byrne

Tree bark, that is. This morning, a crew of city workers planted 10 new trees in the Silver Lake Dog Park in hopes of greening up the sun-baked and often dusty piece of ground. Jen Byrne of the Silver Lake Dog Park Association describes the morning planting session:

Today we planted 5 ficus, 3 Podacarpus and 2 Camphors (we had previously planted 5 Podocarpus and 5 Camphors). So that’s 20 new trees in the Silver Lake Dog Park in 1 1/2 years.  The City planted the trees this morning starting at 7 AM and were finished up by 11 AM, way ahead of the scheduled time of 2 PM. The guys were great and worked really hard. They also flattened out the ruts that were caused by this past winter’s rain (hopefully saving many ankles until next winter!) and they also tested the sprinklers and will reset them to go off now at night. That should help also help with cutting down the amount of the dust that swishes in the air come summer.

Byrne is seeking volunteers to help mulch those new trees – which were donated by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Silver Lake Wine and the Silver Lake Reservoir Conservancy – and help with watering. Contact her via email at  jenbyrne69@aol.com or sign up at the Silver Lake Dog Park Yahoo Group.

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  1. I think I would rather they apply agricultural lime on a monthly basis to cut down the stink.

  2. thank you, Skr, for your constructive comment. That’s really great after all the hard work people have put in to make this happen. btw, i go there every day – and there is no stink…..
    get over it.

  3. Not yet, just wait until August. You can smell the park just driving by it with your windows down. The lime helps neutralize the acidity of the dog urine and would do wonders for the attempts at growing grass while cutting down on odor.

  4. and what does this have to do with the TEN new trees that were planted today? can’t people just be happy about what has been done for a split second instead of automatically going to the negative? Geesh !

  5. You are both correct…ten new trees is indeed great (hope to see even more!) And…sorry… but the dog park does often stink. Some summer nights it’s pretty rank. However, urine (though the lesser stink culprit) is full of nitrogen which should help the new trees grow!…and hopefully the shade from that tree growth will cool the park and lessen the smell.

  6. I’ll agree that 10 trees are 10 good things.

  7. Good Stuff, I thought there was more upgrades planned for the park. The tree’s will be a nice addition.

    FYI in the seven years of utilizing the park I’ve never been overwhelmed by smells of any kind…

  8. more upgrades are planned/proposed. email me if you want more details and/or become involved. we need more ALOT community involvement. Ideas…thoughts…volunteered man-power…donated materials…..and to show the City and CD13 that this park needs attention and has to be fixed up !
    it’s a good park – but it could be much more – and it’s a great asset to the neighborhood – just need to get a handle on certain issues within.

  9. NO!!!! This is WRONG. It’s already too loud at this park.

  10. @KW while dog urine is full of nitrogen, it also has copious amounts of sodium (salt) and should have a pH around 5-6 which is pretty acidic (unless you are feeding your dog grain heavy food). Also the nitrogen is very concentrated and can burn plants without dilution. If the ground were covered in a carboniferous mulch, the urine and mulch would work together to create humus and feed the trees.

  11. Why don’t all the dog owners who use the dog park volunteer to maintain it? Just wonderin’…

    And, yes, it smells awful during hot summer days – I feel for the folks who live in the apartments/condos acorss the street. Yech.

  12. Will the planting of the new trees not counteract the odor as they absorb more nutrients and CO2?

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