Family of beaten Giants fan sues Dodgers

Photo by Scott Fajack

The family of Bryan Stowe, the Giants fan who was left in critical condition after being beaten in the Dodger parking lot following the season opener, today filed suit against the team and owner Frank McCourt. The family blamed insufficient stadium security and antiquated equipment for creating an unsafe environment, according to the L.A. Times.  The conditions at the stadium, located on the eastern edge of Echo Park, left Stowe vulnerable to attack, according to the lawsuit. The Times said:

Even before the attack, Stow and his three friends were harassed during the March 31 game, with other Dodger fans repeatedly taunting them and throwing peanuts, hot dogs, and wrappers — “clear signs of intimidation” that Dodger security personnel should have addressed — the suit alleged. “The lack of security and inadequate lighting presented a perfect opportunity to commit a variety of crimes,” attorneys wrote in the suit. “Unfortunately, for Bryan Stow, this is exactly what happened.”

The lawsuit was filed two days after police apprehended a suspect in East Hollywood who is believed to be one of suspects involved in the March 31 beating.

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  1. I truly hope Bryan Stow recovers and he gets sufficient compensation from the Dodgers organization. Frank McCourt should have immediately stepped up and paid for all medical expenses and extended himself further to Stow’s family. It’s a shameful situation that could have been handled with a lot more class and understanding. Now there’s another law suit headed McCourt’s way. Get in line and hope there’s anything left when all this nastiness is through.

  2. Lifetime Dodger fan

    I’m 30 years old and some of my youngest and fondest memories are of watching the Dodgers. This years opening day experience has tarnished some of those memories and not just the shameful and cowardly attack on Brian Stowe but even my own experience with blatant racism while just trying to order beers. There is no camaraderie and shared team spirits in the stands anymore, and the fact that angry young men are paying $13 a beer, $15 to park, let alone the ticket price in this economy doesn’t help. Frank McCourt is a selfish and self-centered man who doesn’t deserve a team like our Dodgers. He should have personally paid for the Stowe family’s ailments, instead he asked the fans to donate (which I did regardless) and then leaned on the LAPD to clean up his mess (which was also poorly executed and only happened because of the media attention). I go to Dodger Stadium to escape the stress of the every day dirge, to feel a little slice of blue heaven, and to watch a team and a game that I’ve loved my whole life. I don’t go to have cops and thugs breathing down my neck while emptying my wallet in the process (8 games so far this year and counting). I truly hope Brian Stowe and his family recover quickly and are compensated for their loss appropriately, and I hope this is the final nail in the McCourt coffin. I want to send that snob and his silly family back to Boston where they belong.

  3. The Repubtard Tea Bagger wingnuts who decry frivolous lawsuits should go visit Mr. Stowe in the hospital.

  4. Upstanding citizen

    The Repubtard Tea Bagger wingnuts who decry frivolous lawsuits should go visit Mr. Stowe in the hospital

    WOW – Libertard – you need to step away from your computer and get a life, Please take your meds, and stay away for others.

  5. I don’t think the fact that Libertard can write a literate sentence that makes sense means he has to take meds.
    On the other hand, people who agree with a position they can’t rationally defend, usually fall back on attacking the speaker who doesn’t support their position
    , instead of being civil or saying something like “I disagree with you and here’s why…”

  6. The McCourts should have volunteered to pay for Mr. Stowe’s entire medical expenses to begin with. Those damn idiots deserve all the hell they’re going to get from this. I say make them pay! The Dodger club and the fans deserve to have someone who cares about the game.

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