Echo Park teenager wounded in drive-by shooting *

Shooting victim being transported to an ambulance. Photo by Echo Park resident.

An Echo Park  14-year-old hanging out with a group of males at the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Ewing Street was injured tonight after multiple shots were fired from a passing vehicle in what may have been a gang-related shooting. The male victim, who lives near the scene of the shooting, was hit in the thigh area and transported to a hospital, said Sgt. Ed Kinney. Nearby residents reported hearing as many as a dozen gunshots followed by screams at about 11 p.m. The shooters were seen driving away in what Kinney described as a white vehicle.

Police told one resident that there were two rounds of gunfire, one at Echo Park and Ewing and the second a block away at Ewing and Valentine Street. Another resident said the victim was  transported to the hospital from his home.

* Update on Friday, May 27: The victim’s injury does not pose a threat to his life, according to Northeast Division detective P.J. Morris. The shooter yelled out “That’s what’s up” before opening fire, according to witnesses. No arrests  have been made.

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  1. My girlfriend and I had just parked on EP Ave and walked to our house, where we heard the first round of 4-5 shots coming roughly from where we had just been. There was a pause, a single shot, and then another volley of 4-5 shots. This is terrible.

  2. Francisco Martinez

    I live a block away from the gunfire. My kids woke up and asked why people shoot guns. Besides fear and ignorance I had to say to kill each other. Beyond terrible. I am third generation EP and my wife is Chumash (100 generations). Dang!

  3. they put a really young kid (16 or 17) in the ambulance. i want to say it was closer to 20 shots. i’m really glad my kids slept through it and I didn’t have to explain it.

  4. I live close to the street intersections and have small children. It’s scary. There are several gang properties right there on EP Ave. There was a group of guys gathering at one of the main gang houses early yesterday evening. I can’t testify about the relationship to the shootings, but a couple things had me really nervous and I avoided being near them. They always wear white shirts, but yesterday they all had on new royal blue tee shirts like it was some kind of team uniform. No one was smiling or fooling around – there was an ominous seriousness amongst the group. I don’t know what the shirts signify, but I had the thought when I saw them that something was afoot and I kept my kids away from them. When I heard all the commotion and sirens going on later last night I thought “yep- there it is.”

  5. I pay serious attention when walking that block. It’s weird to say I’m grateful that to date these shootings have happened at night or weekend evening, but for how long? There are three schools in this 1 1/2 block vicinity. That means kids coming and going, playing outside….I really fear that there is an imminent danger of a stray bullet hitting a kid.

  6. Why aren’t the cops busting these EP guys? WE ALL KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE. Everyone knows where they live! EP/Baxter houses the leader of EXP… what are the cops waiting for????????

  7. How about all these so called witnesses step forward? Unless your all to chicken shit! This is our neighborhood. Take it back.

  8. ALL us old residents, know who they are referring to when they say the GANG house, and gangsters. Theres aprox only 4-5 GANG families left in this town, its time to make them LEAVE once and for all.

  9. It’s all centered at Echo Park and Fargo, I believe.

  10. Why isn’t the LA Times picking up any of these shootings? Who’s keeping it out of the press?

  11. I have personally called the cops and told them what I have seen in the past, but I haven’t directly witnessed anything illegal I could use as testimony against the gangs in court (the actual shootings, etc). Still, I figure the squeaky door gets the oil, and it can’t hurt to complain and ask for more patrols in the area. So I’ve done that when something goes down. Yeah, Fargo is like an EXP compound.

  12. There are unfortunately shootings all over town as an on going occurrence. Check out the LA Time Homicide Blog and see how many young men are dying. This reallly isn’t news

  13. @ Everyone!!! I am born and raised in Echo Park. I have lived here my whole life 23 yrs . The gangs are not going to go away unfortunately. You keep pointing out where the Echo Park gang is allways hanging out but OBVIOUSLY they are not shooting themselves. Echo Park gang is surrounded by over 6 Rival gangs! This shooting along with any other shooting that is happenning in Echo Park is OBVIOUSLY comeing from a RIVAL gang. I am never going to leave Echo Park and this mentality alot of you have is just plain ignorant! Im not trying to offend any of you, but this has got to stop! What are you talking about takeing back your neighborhood? You sound like a GANGMEMBER! I am a free lance writer. I have written in the Garment and Citizen newspaper as well as the Los Angeles Times. Im going to school for Administration of Justice and Im a LAPD Volunteer. So Im not a gang member or friends with gang members. But Im not stupid enough to think that, just because a shooting happened that I have a right to barge into someones house and take them out of where they live. Are all of you serious?!!!!! Whether they are gang members or not they still live here and have lived here FOREVER way before any of you moved in. I can understand why you would want the crime rate to go down. Everyone does!

    But please sit back and think about things for a minute. PLEASE!!! Dont forget I have lived in Echo Park my whole life and I know how it used to be. I live up on Echo Park avenue. Since this ” GENTRIFICATION ” occured alot of good and BAD things have happened. Crime rate as far as burglary, robbery, GTA or thefts have decreased alot they really have. But ” HOMICIDES ” or ” ATTEMPTED HOMICIDES ” have increased !!!!! And kids are dieing people !!! Okay what does that tell you? You cant blame a house or a couple of houses up Echo Park Avenue for all the violence. When they are the victims! They are the ones getting shot people! Alot of you just have to take your head up out your A$$ and think for a minute, get together, go to the Community meetings and DEMAND that you all want there to be more police officers patroling the ” WHOLE GREATER ECHO PARK AREA ” All of it.! Not just baxter. not just Fargo, not just up Echo Park avenue. But the whole area where there are the rival gangs like Crazys gang, Diamond St Gang and OBS/LCM these gangs are the ones commiting these acts of violence! They are the ones comeing down to Echo Park and shooting people, shooting kids! If any of you go to North East police station you will find out that there are very little police officers patroling the Echo Park area because North East PD also is in charge of patroling part of Silverlake and Highland Park as well. There is not enough units! The only way for things to change is if people come together for the better of the community. This ” Caucasian Invasion ” ( Thats how I like to call it ) has helped the community in a way. But also it will do nothing about the gang problem. Art gallerys, Cafes, Vintage shops, Art Gallerys, Cafes, Vintage shops, Art Gallerys, Cafes, Vintage Shops are all great but after a while they are EXTREMELY boring and tireing! Theyre are all great things but theyre not going to change things as far as gangs go. The only way for things to get better is if there is an dramatic increase in patrol units in ALL of Echo Park. As well as more events or projects where all people can come together and try to get along. I know your all smart people and educated so prove it! EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE YOUR HEAD UP OUT YOUR ASS! Thank you! 😉

  14. This should be a tipping point. Enough is enough. Community needs to rally and keep the moment, and the Feds and LAPD need to take action.

  15. @AgentBwidow preach.

  16. Agent widow makes some excellent points, although they leave out the part about how being in a gang increases your risk of being shot. It’s not as if they aren’t a part of the game. People get freaked out when this stuff happens because there are 3 schools right there and a lot of kids live there. So in effect the gangsters who live there are endangering everyone merely by living there. But I digress.

    But agent is absolutely right about how the police need to patrol everywhere.

  17. You know I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing people complain about gentrification. I’m actually not a big fan of gentrifying neighborhoods but it’s not an excuse for violence. I can pretty much guarantee you that none of the newer residents are shooting anyone. At the same time, the ones pulling the trigger aren’t doing so out of spite of their new neighbors. The interesting thing about all of this is that it’s only having light shed on it and being dealt with THANKS to the reshaping of the neighborhood. That’s a fact.

  18. @AgentBwidow

    Homicides and attempted homicides have definitely decreased, not increased, with gentrification, a point Lt. Wes Burhmester from Rampart Division addressed in an earlier thread on this blog: http://www.theeastsiderla.com/2011/05/echo-park-shooting-leaves-one-man-injured/

    Contrary to your assertion, all those shops are part of the reason crimes has decreased. (Equally important are the fact that the community and the police communicate more closely.) As gentrification occurs, residents are more invested in the appearance of their neighborhood. Sociologists and criminologists have found that the decline in graffiti, boarded up windows, etc. actually helps reduce tolerance for violent crime, independent of all other factors. Look up the “Broken Windows Theory” if you don’t believe me.

  19. “This should be a tipping point. Enough is enough. Community needs to rally and keep the moment, and the Feds and LAPD need to take action.”

    Agree. This is three shootings in what, a week? It is crazy.

    And honestly, I do not get the logic connecting gentrification complaints to the violence in our neighborhood. Yes, there are pros and cons to gentrification, but that is so much less important that dealing with all these bullets.

    @agentbwidow – of course I agree with you that increased patrols are a good, necessary idea given what’s going on; but your argument seems to be that our local gang kids are the innocents here, and are not bringing on this violence, well how about they stop tagging all up and down echo park ave every saturday night? Obviously that’s intended to bring attention, and to bring confrontation, you can’t tell me they don’t know what they’re doing.

  20. I think now would be the time to reiterate, as AgentBWidow said, that (spite or no spite) the people pulling the trigger last night were not residents of Echo Park at all. They were two carloads of random dudes looking for whoever they could find, and sadly the person they found happened to be an innocent 14-year old boy. Instead of polarizing our community, something like this should unite us–trust me, no one on Fargo wants our neighborhood getting shot up, either. hb is right, there is no excuse for violence. Neither is there an excuse for ignorance. Saying “take back our neighborhood” (from whom? Your neighbors?) makes you sound more like colonizers than community members.

    And just by way of clarification–what happened last night had nothing to do with Fargo St or anyone who lives there, so jello and mark’s comments about ExP and gang compounds and cops “busting” people are not just spiteful, they’re also pretty irrelevant in this instance.

  21. So when are we all going to stop b$tch$in on these and other blogs, and try to do something about this? Seriously…….everyone says (myself included) that enough is enough, so let’s do something about it. It would be great if someone could post when/where the neighborhood meetings are for those that don’t know. Lt. Wes Burhmester do you have any information on any other neighborhood watch, community meetings etc…. Jesus, maybe the eastsider could do a posting on all this information on what the community can do?

    Who do we need to call, what do we need to do to get our area patrolled more? You ALL know, this is JUST the beginning. The weather is only about to start getting warmer, kids are getting out of school…..this is only the start. Let’s all take our b$tch$ing where it matters.

    People think that their voice isn’t going to do anything, and they need the masses behind them, so they sometimes keep their moves shut. But if we’re all collectively keeping our mouths shut, no one is hearing our complaints.

    We DO have the power to motivate something….Let’s get on this.

  22. @ JC Thank you for your opinion but if that is so true , why is there so many kids being shot now? I pointed out that crime has decreased, but not homicides. When I say this Im talking about Echo Park specifically Echo Park Avenue. I was born and raised up Echo Park avenue my whole life and NEVER was there any kids getting shot outside Elemetary school and Daycares! Due to this gentrifcation, alot of crimes have gone down, but in my opinion homicides are getting worse! They really are. Gentrification only kicks out the hard working families, minorities. Not Gang members!!! Because when you are in a gang, not only can you make money easier but also alot of gang members are MAKING PROFIT because of some hipsters. Not all, but some do like to buy marijuana, acid,LSD, exstacy pills and even hereoin. Im not attacking hipsters but you know, like in any group of people there are good and bad people. My point is that the same way there is some much passion for a NEW Vintage store to open there should be the same amount of passion for the neighborhood to change as far as crime goes. The only way that can EVER happen is if people come together and DEMAND for there to be more patrol units in ALL of Echo Park!

  23. @ Pdway Im not trying to defend any gangmembers. All I was trying to do was make a point. Last night a 14 yr old was shot up Echo Park avenue. Alot of people kept saying Baxter this , Fargo that, Well the problem is not just 2 blocks up Echo Park avenue but the WHOLE Area of Echo Park and the surrounding areas. At the end of the day, the ones who are shooting people are not from Echo Park but from rival gangs. Of course the Echo Park gangmembers are NOT innocent angels but they also dont deserve to get shot. A 14 yr old Come on! We all need to come together and DEMAND and protest whatever we have to do for there to be more patrol units in Echo Park. North East is not doing theyre job because they cant! There isnt enough police officers. They have to patrol more areas, including Highland Park which is 10 times worse than Echo park. And thank you to everyone who is agreeing with me, we all need to get together and do something! 😉

  24. agent b u mek alot of good points..but to these other folks who think by havn more patrols n locking up these gang members u gotta realize there’s another waitn to take his place,so the cycle will neva stop…i know ive live here born n raise. ive live on the crazys neighborhood for 20yrs on mohawk st n now on laveta for 13yrs….i know sum of these gangmembers from both sides sum i grew up wit,sum of them i juz know from kikn it at morton.sum of these cats join cuz of peer pressure o they believe they got nothing else going 4 them. its sad but they know the risk n life style wen they join,me i neva was nterested i was offered the life but it wasnt me…so sum of u people looking at these should tak that into consideration….believe me wen i say this cuz ive seen it n im livn proof.

  25. Tipping point> I just called Eric Garcetti’s office to voice my concerns about the violence taking place here in EP. If we flood his office with calls (213) 473-7013 and let him know the voting public is fed up we might see more LAPD patrol and action.

  26. I don’t think a lot of you understand the term “Gentrification.”
    Rich people aren’t coming into a poor neighborhood, buying it all up and forcing the poor people out, jfc. These hipster kids, that annoy the shit out of me too, aren’t rich old white dudes with corporations and clout. They sure as shit arent buying up all the land so there is nowhere left for the poor to go. They are just renter asshole kids like the rest of us. If the gov game through,or large companies, and starting to push out the poor people and the local businesses and flavor, then i will cry about gentrification.

    This is just kids moving to a neighborhood that, no matter how long you’ve lived here, YOU DONT OWN.

  27. “Lt. Wes Burhmester do you have any information on any other neighborhood watch, community meetings etc…. Jesus, maybe the eastsider could do a posting on all this information on what the community can do?

    Who do we need to call, what do we need to do to get our area patrolled more? ”

    Totally with you on this. And will show up at any such meeting if the info is posted.

  28. “I think now would be the time to reiterate, as AgentBWidow said, that (spite or no spite) the people pulling the trigger last night were not residents of Echo Park at all. They were two carloads of random dudes looking for whoever they could find, and sadly the person they found happened to be an innocent 14-year old boy.”

    Is that true? Do we know that?

    Changes things a bit, but not fundamentally, b/c I assume (maybe I’m wrong) that there will be retaliation, followed by retaliation, etc., all of which potentially puts those of us who live here in the crossfire of it all.

  29. @ Agentbwidow: nice point about the economics. Hipsters are likely supporting gangs with drug purchases. Would be curious to see hard data, but I tend to agree.

    @ Becca: yes, I suppose you can say I am spiteful, though I made no hard accusations and clearly stated that my opinion EXP was up to something was conjecture. (Still not sure what the blue shirt thing was about.) I also have compassion for the fact that gang members are in a way victims of their circumstances, with many of them getting into the life very young. But I hope you’d have some compassion for those who they affect. Innocents do get killed. People around them live in a certain state of anxiety and fear. My kid is one of the students across the street from the gang houses and it’s scary knowing those guys are armed and engaged with rival gangs. I think its fair to hold gansters accountable for creating the fear that alienates those around them.

    @ all you who think white people in EP is some new thing, the area was white enough in its early days before it became a predominantly Latino neighborhood. It was the center of the early film industry (largely white). Demographics move in cycles like the seasons.

  30. @ Gee I agree with you because I grew up here and I know that it is hard because of peer pressure and everything. I went to El Centro Del Pueblo when I was younger and that place actually helped me alot. Yes we go through things growing up and we all make mistakes I agree. But dont we learn from them ??? Dont we change from them and grow up?! We all have a choice in life and no one can force us to do anything. When I was younger I was full of mistakes LOL but I learned from them and I changed. I am a product of the environment but I was able to change my life. I know Im not the alone one who can do that.Echo Park is infested with several gangs not just one or two. El Centro del Pueblo and The Echo Park Community Art Project are great and positive things but there needs to be more LAPD Patrol units. Some of these guys really need to learn the hard way, there is no other way around it. Unfortunately if you play, you pay that is just it and everyone is tired of the violence.

  31. @ Jello The only way that there could be any sort of proof that there are some hipsters buying drugs from gang members is if we get some UNDERCOVERS down here. Which is another thing North East is failing to do. If they had some undercovers, dressed up as hipsters prefferably females they would get ALOT of the gangmembers selling drugs. We are in dire need of that, for the better of the whole community. All of Echo Park and the surrounding areas.

  32. @agent b i fully agree but also sum of these parents need to communicate with there children and show em the correct path to life n its up too the child to decicded their path n only that way can they correct their mistakes,and hopefully its at a young age.Sum parents dnt like takn time to communicate with their kids cuz there to tired o they juz mek n excuses.

  33. @Agentbwidow You started off good, then went off to generalizing people and you lost me. You must be joking that a middle class “hipster” as you like to call them, (they are people like you and me) are buying drugs from random people they don’t know. NO ONE does that anymore, don’t you know everyone and their mothers has a medicinal marijuana card. Also, as far as hallucinogenics goes, NO ONE would buy from a random, due to the fact that who the hell knows whats in the substance being sold. The last person anyone would buy drugs from is from a gang affiliated person, unless they were acquainted. Times have changed, people don’t buy drugs from idiots trying to “slang” drugs on a corner. So, no, the “Caucasian invasion” which is pure ignorance, is not whats funding gangs. Also, calling shops “Boring” and re listing the same type of shops, shows your hatred to the “Caucasian invasion” which you speak of. These shops are getting people to come in and out of the city, which makes money for ALL businesses and keeps the people in the streets rather then leaving them empty for bad-doers to walk around and “claim” their territory. And by the way, who cares how long you lived here for, no matter what, even if a person moved in a week ago, they have the same rights as anyone does, you being here longer doesn’t make echo park yours anymore then it does the person who just moved in. You sound just as ignorant as a gang member when you throw around “I’ve grown up here since day 1” The world is an ever changing place, and people will continue to migrate to places they wouldn’t have before, life will go on. Like I said in an earlier post, I’m not for “raiding all the gangs houses” but hope for them to soon open their eyes and to look at the world around them and notice their tiny little city means nothing the minute they step out of it, throwing people in jail only intensifies their hate. I will agree with you on one thing, more cops everywhere would help though. Cheers

  34. beg to disagree

    hipsters buy drugs from other hipsters (not thuggy gang members who scare them and may rip them off). i think this theory is way off base.

  35. When I moved to EP about 14 years ago, right before the neighborhood boom, I was really impressed by the level of neighborhood organization. They rallied together and had neighborhood meetings and many neighbors paid to have a local security patrol company patrol the streets. It was really impressive. And reassuring.

  36. Is it me or does it sound like Agent Bwidow wants to blame EVERYONE and everything EXCEPT the actualgangsters who are doing these shootings? 14 year old huh? Who was this innocent child hanging with at 11pm on a Thursday night on a corner with? Probably heroine using hipsters.

  37. @ Kiz Are you talking about ” Neighborhood Watch ” ? Crime rate has decreased but not homicides, they are getting worse and kids are dieing now. Things were more organized before, because more people were comeing together. Now there are some people moveing into Echo Park that I feel are fueled by some racist agenda. We all need things to get better, we all need to come together.

  38. TAKE ACTION> Just got off the phone with Sally Martinez from Eric Garcetti’s office 323 957 4500. If you want to take action to make EP safer for ALL then email her at Sally.Martinez@LACITY.ORG She told me we can set a community meeting and work together for a safer EP. Please email her to voice your concerns.

  39. @ Stand Up I have tired and No one listens ;( I have gone to those meetings and they dont listen to me. ;( They think Im defending gangmembers when Im not. I just want things to change and the only way for things to change is if people that agree with me go to these meetings. I hope alot of the people that have been reading this go and do something. I was a victim of a battery/assault that led me to be a victim of stalking for a year and I pressed charges! I went to North East and talked to the detectives. I got no justice. They dont care. To this day nothing has been done. I am a LAPD Volunteer but I dont volunteer with North East I am at another police station. North East police station needs to get audited and many police officers are blamed for not doing their job when it is really the detectives in charge of these cases that need to get fired and replaced by REAL detectives.

  40. Way to go CCK.

  41. http://www.echoparksecurity.com/

    How many folks are members of EPSA. ? “Back in the day”, EPSA started because of this type of violence and crime in the area. The real estate market changed, things got pretty and seemed safer, and people became less interested in attending monthly meetings. Alot of us stayed involved, but i would hear a lot of people comment on how things were better. That it wasn’t needed anymore. I guess they were wrong.

    Both EPSA and EPIA have monthly meetings. EPIA meets the first thursday of the month, 7pm, Williams Hall Barlow Hospital. We invite LAPD, Council Office reps, and monthly speakers on topics that directly affect our neighborhood.

    We will be having a report from Northeast and hopefully CD 13/Council President Garcettis office as well.

    Maybe it’s a good time to come back and participate, or for newcomers, a good idea to join. We are only as strong as our membership allows.


  42. Support El Centro

    If you want to get involved and help our community, stop by El Centro Del Pueblo! I think they could be responsible for hundreds of Echo Park teenagers NOT joining gangs. They offer youth programs for finding jobs, and generally just give these kids something positive to do. 826 LA (the Time Travel store) also offers great after school programs.
    The majority of bad decisions we make as kids are usually spawned from boredom.

  43. The LAPD need to consistently remind EP residents that we have the right AND obligation to call them when we see something and that they have the obligation to help us, as residents, keep our selves and our families safe. How many times do you see something and say, “that feels wrong” but then you don’t call Northeast? Do you feel like you don’t have a right to “bother them?”

    I think we have to remind ourselves that most police would rather be bothered by information than bothered by shootings.

    We have great officers here in EP and I hope they do more outreach so we can get the best neighborhood possible. Not the richest. Not the most gentrified. The best.

  44. YEA @ CCK and @ cp007 !!!! This is exactly what I’m talking about!!! If all of us commenters (there are already 43 comments) shot an email, while on oour computer RIGHT now…..or picked up the phone…….

    “TAKE ACTION> Just got off the phone with Sally Martinez from Eric Garcetti’s office 323 957 4500. If you want to take action to make EP safer for ALL then email her at Sally.Martinez@LACITY.ORG She told me we can set a community meeting and work together for a safer EP. Please email her to voice your concerns.”

    And also as cp007 kindly shared:



    If everyone on here that angry about our streets being unsafe, were to attend one of these meetings, made a phone call or wrote………we’d have the beginnings for making something wonderful.

    To all the naysayers…….yes……there IS a reality that change wont come overnight, or maybe even months, year from now. But it is NEVER going to come, if we all sit back and just complain to our friends, and on these blogs……we need to complain to the police, to our council men……..

  45. @ cck i just looked it up, and it looks like there may be someone else representing echo park, no?


  46. Just found a bullet casing inside the broken window of the car. Let’s see how long it takes LAPD to come gather the evidence…

  47. @ REALLY ” The last person anyone would buy drugs from is from a gang affiliated person, unless they were acquainted.” Have you gone to the Gold Room lately? Or any other bars or clubs in Echo Park lately? Are you serious? People are associating! Everyone and their mother knows gangmembers make money from drugs and from whoever buys them. I think that you and ” SRSLY NOW ” are just pissed because apparently I hit a nerve. People like you keep thinking that, if there is a new freakin Antique store in Echo Park that suddenly Echo Park is all butterflies and rainbows when its not! There are new things that I support like The Echo Park Community Art Project first of all not only is it something useful for once! But also its something to bring people together. Which is what Echo Park needs. The only hatred I have is for people commiting crimes against others or for those who are HELPING them make money. The reason why I say that I have lived here forever or ” since day 1 ” like you like to say is ONLY because I KNOW what Im talking about. I went to Elysian Heights and NEVER was none of this shit going on! Kids were NOT getting murdered outside elemetarys or daycares. You and anybody else who agrees with you, can keep thinking what you want. It is very depressing as long as there are people like you there WONT be a change in Echo Park. If you really read what I have written you can see that Im not defending gangmembers. Im just asking for there to be more police activity in ALL of Echo Park. Can you not read, I thought you were all smart and educated people? P.S. Im part white so I dont know what your talking about when you say that I have hatred for certain people. I am of mixed race.I am just speaking the truth. Take it how you want.

  48. @Stand Up, Sally Martinez is the person Eric Garcetti’s office connected me to. However they all work for Eric Garcetti. So I say call or email anyone that will listen to us. If his office gets many calls or emails they will have to listen and do something. We all need to Stand Up…


    lets get some community feedback: any hipsters reading this; where are you buying your drugs? gang member or somewhere else. this is an anonymous forum, lets hear it. i’m curious.

  50. @cck – I sent an email to Sally Martinez just now as well.

    I think you’re right – we need to act in a way that gets more police presence in our area, period; and, as others have said, report criminal activity when you see it. There’s really not anything else productive we can do.

    It’s a good thing to have a neighborhood forum like this to get various opinions out, and to vent, but talk on a message board isn’t going to change anything, as we all know. Three shootings in a residential neighborhood like our in a 2-week period should be a tipping point, as another poster said. I know it has gotten my attention.

  51. And to all the HIPSTERS who feel like I am attacking them, I am not! Stop thinking that. Read what I have written above, I said ” some ” not ” ALL ” could potentially be buying drugs from gangmembers. Dont be so prideful and blind yourself. Like in any group of people , there are good and there are bad. We need undercovers asap.

  52. @ cck THANK YOU!!!! and @pdway , you as well. Please…..anyone else who this is bothering, speak your thoughts to our council men too!!!

    @AgentBwidow you want more patrol over all of echo park too…..please….then make a phone call and write an email.

    We can’t all sit here and say its not going to do anything. Maybe it’s not doing anything because there are only a handfull of people doing it. We need to stick to this.

    Thanks to those who have been, and are, speaking up where it matters all along. For those that haven’t……..it’s never too late.

    And if you see something……..say something.

    LAPD has ways that you can report things anonymously if you don’t want to personally be involved. It could save a life….

    From Rampart Division Site:


    To provide anonymous tips, text CRIMES (274637) on your cell phone and begin the message with the letters LAPD.

    Non-emergency 1-877-ASK-LAPD
    (1-877-275-5273) To report any non-emergency crime

  53. Straight in the cuts with it

    hipsters don’t buy their drugs from gangsters.

    gangsters around here sell their drugs to (non-hipster) tweakers and junkies in the neighborhood. Or they send the drugs off to Marshall or Belmont High.

    Hipsters don’t want to deal with people they don’t know i.e. people from the hood

  54. @ Stand up I just sent Sally Martinez an email. I hope to get a reply, a phone call something! ;(

  55. @ AgentBWidow and anyone else out there…… what defines a “Hipster” to you? Someone who is white? Who has not grown up in Echo Park their entire lives?

    I think @ Really made a really good point before…..people move around all the time. There are LOTS of STRUGGLING and poor young people around who are working to eat, and some to feed their familes. If you see someone who is young and white, do you automatically assume that they are a “Hipster” and buying drugs at the Gold Room?

    SOmeone said earlier, I forgot who…….There are good and bad IN ANY “type of person”. This whole “hipster” “white person” nonsense is the same nonsense of………..if a man is young and hispanic and hanging out outside somewhere with a couple of friends, it means he’s in a gang? There are all these people so quick to say these white people this, these hipsters that….and yes, there are some bad seeds, but what gives you right to stereotype cetain “types” of people? In the same way that you or anyone else would freak out when you recieved those same type of sterotypes?

    Don’t you think this is ADDING to the problem. And these are NOT the issues we should be focusing on. But the UNIVERSAL SAFETY, we ALL want and deserve as HUMAN BEINGS living anywhere in the world.

  56. I’m merely just trying to make a point to say………….I don’t think its right to label a kind of person “young” and “white” as a “hipster”. It’s like……..okay, you’re young and white, you’re obviously a hipster.

    It’s the same way that its WRONG to say……..this person is “young” and “hispanic”, they must be a “gangster”…….

  57. I think a lot of people here tend to forget the fact that Echo Park is in LOS ANGELES, a huge major overpopulated urban city.

  58. No one on this blog understands what Im trying to say! I apoligize to anyone who I have offended but my WHOLE point is the Universal Safety for everyone. Stop saying white person this, white person that, I am part white and Im not attacking white people. Im against whoever buys drugs from the gangmembers only because it is helping them make profit. If I see a white person at the gold room, I dont assume that they are buying drugs. NO! I dont, but people are associating. I cant say they all are but I cant say they arent either !!! Any way you look at it. Echo park does need undercovers, its the only to get alot of people. Im sorry but I disagree I dont think Im adding to any problem.

  59. @ AgentB i do believe your intentions for the neighborhood and the safety of everyone are good. With that being said maybe you should be careful about writing things like “the Caucasian invasion” and referring to young white people as “hipsters”. I DO see your point that you are saying that not everyone is bad or buying drugs…..but also, not everyone is a “hipster”. This is labeling, and IS NOT positive. This ads to sterotyping, and division within neighborhoods.

    When the main point here (and I do think the point you are most trying to make) is THE REAL issue is safety……..I think that when people use stereotyping and racism and negative terminology on this blog, alot of people get pissed and stop listening. Which is really sad because we’re all fighting for the same thing, no matter what we look like, how long we’ve lived here, who we are, or where we come from……..

    Let’s remember that.

    @AgentB I wasn’t attacking you, I believe you have good intentions, I am just pointing out a way they could be better communicated, as I get the vibe that you have offended other commentators, or caused them to tune out, to what is otherwise a very important neighborly conversation.

  60. @AgentBW – following the link posted earlier in response to the crime rates in EP — on May 12 Sgt. Wes B. posted the following on this blog: “YTD, there have been four homicides (these are killings at the hand of another, not just murder, but also justifiable homicide. The four happen to be murders.). At this time in 2006, there were 15. ”
    It may be your opinion that homicides are going up, but it is not fact.

    Also, the slur “caucasion invasion” implies a “racist agenda” of its own. Being part white has nothing to do with intolerance of others. “Hipsters” come in all colors. Kudos for giving a darn about crime in EP, but the positive points would be better rec’d w/out misdirected anger.

  61. at least no one is blaming hip hop…yet

  62. Cops can’t do anything because the city didn’t want to place a gang injunction on echo park. Hopefully citizens start calling there councilman and ask where is the injunction. If and injunction is placed they can be arrested for hanging around with each other and even just for jaywalking by themselves.

  63. @ agent b widow I agree with you 100% the only way change will happen in echo park is if echo park gets under cover cops echo park needs more police activity I too believe that some of the people who live in the community whether they are black white yellow or brown hipsters or whatever they are can very will be buying drugs off of the gangsters in the area it would explain how they keep makeing money maybe you didnt choose your words right but the message is clear to me and I agree with you dont feel attacked PREACH!

  64. I grew up in the heart of EXP while attending Elysian Heights and seeing them all with their low riders and houses up on Ewing next to the school – since the early 70’s. Many of the older veteranos are in prison, but the gang is generational. There’s a lot of generational pride in the neighborhood, as it s one of the oldest gangs in L.A. This website chronicles some of the best understanding and history of the neighborhood from the standpoint of the latino culture, and the Echo park gang.


  65. thanks coolwheto – very interesting read.

  66. @AgentBWidow – You say you’re a writer for outlets like the LA Times, but you lack credibility when your writing lacks grammar and punctuation. Your arguments could use some factual information as well. If you want to be the agent of change people want to rally behind, scrape some facts together and write an article about the commonalities behind the increasing number of shootings in Echo Park or investigating whether gang affiliation arises when one lacks a strong familial unit.

    I’m with @Hmm on this point. Generally speaking, if you belong to a gang (regardless of whether you live in Echo Park or elsewhere), you are endangering yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighborhood.

    As well, Echo Park will not always be a home to gangs. Read up on The Avenues exodus from Highland Park. Everything changes, nothing is permanent.

    @CCK and @cp007- Finally, someone does instead of says. Thank you. You can bet I will call/email Garcetti tomorrow and look into the security website.

    @really – Thank you for making several good points.

    Finally, out of all of the 64 comments, only @srsly now and I wonder why a 14-year old boy is out “hanging with the boys” at 11:00pm on a school night?!!? I’m not at all incinuating that it’s the parent’s fault the boy was shot, but I’m wondering what kind of family lets their teenager run amuck late at night. My Dad would have beaten the sh*t out of me if I snuck out – period.

    @gee – I think you’re onto something…

  67. @ AnaBanana Thank you !!! Finally someone understands what I am trying to say. 😉 For Cristi thanks for your opinion, but I still dont think Im doing anything wrong. If Im such a bad writer, I dont think my articles to Garment and Citizen or The Los Angeles times would have published. Its unfortunate that some people arent understanding what Im trying to say but to the few who do understand and agree thank you! Negative feedback only motivates me so for me this is all a good thing.

  68. Not in youre life

    Bummer for that kid that got shot.But ateast they didnt leave him to die in an alley

  69. Support El Centro

    IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO YOU BUY YOUR DRUGS FROM, THE MONEY GOES TO GANGS. Not a big secret. It doesn’t matter how far removed you think you are. That little bag of coke funds gang violence. duh.

  70. I think it’s sad really that people can’t look at the big picture. All neighborhoods change..it’s a part of history. Echo Park was first populated in the 1800’s. It was totally different than it is now with horse drawn cable cars, movie studio’s, and large populations of Italian and Swedish immigrants. Nobody owns the neighborhood, no one ethnic group will be here forever, nobody can lay “claim”. What will the neighborhood be like in another 200 years?

  71. About 3 days ago I had said things were gonna get hotter in ep and they did. I dont predict the future I just go by common sense this is l.a gang capitol. People still have the nerve to say crime rate in ep has decreased. No matter how much the rent go’s up and how many cafes open up gang crime is not going no where.

  72. @ coolwheto: loved the article on Echo Park and gangs. Thanks! Much insight and food for thought. By the way, I lived just outside Newhall a couple years before that piece was written, which is one of the “white neighborhoods” the author refers to. This is not to be contentious- for curiousity’s sake I just have to mention the heart of that town was way Latino (though African Americans and other blacks were only 1% of the population in the whole Santa Clarita Valley back then- they don’t call it “Klan-yon Country” for nothin.’) It’s true that Newhall really is a redneck holdout over all and a ton of cops have moved in over the past twenty years, but Calarts still brings a liberal artistic faction into the mix. Okay, just sharing- now back to EP.

  73. @ ssfire: that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Demographics shift. Ownership is an illusion.

  74. @agentbwidow- there is NO WAY you’re a journalist, you sound like you have a 2nd grade education and you can’t clearly communicate an idea. you make no sense at all. you’re obviously bored or unemployed and need someone to talk to. do everyone a favor and get out of echo park, you’re cramping our style.

  75. It doesn’t matter whose buying drugs from who. It needs to stop…overall…period! Violence and shootings are simply scary and obviously unsafe for all residents! Ive lived here (EP) my entire life as well and that doesn’t matter a bit. I’ve witness many changes (for the better), and it needs to continue. Yes, gentrification has occured, but so what? That’s the beauty of life…changes…of course always hoping for the best! Unity and communication are they key. Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians…it doesn’t matter! We all live here and must come together to continue to clean up the streets! Although I must say I think ‘hipster’ is not an insult. It shouldnt be classified as a racial slur! It fits most cool young echo park party/bar/fun people! Im a Chicano and always joke around about calling myself and my buddies ‘Chipsters’. (Chicano+hipster) Haha

  76. @ MARK Thanks for your opinion! Your the type of response that I enjoy hearing . Like I’ve said before I’ve lived here forever and Im not going anywhere buddy ;). Since your haveing trouble reading, I am going to help you out a bit. Like I said earlier Im a student , freelance writer and a LAPD volunteer. I work doing armed security for a company that does government sevices. I would love to meet with you one day and talk, because your the type of person that motivates me to do what Im doing. OBVIOUSLY, I hit a nerve huh? I pissed you off so bad, that you just made yourself look like a douchebag on a blog. ” Do everyone a favor and get out of echo park, you’re cramping our style ” Your serious? What did you just make yourself sound like? Your a disgrace to your people. What style? The only style Im ” cramping ” is that of whoever supports drug money !!!!! Get it through your head allready. The people that have a problem with what I am writing, are either takeing it the wrong way ( Im sorry if you are, I dont mean anything bad ) or feel attacked because MAYBE they are contributing to the profit money gangmembers are makeing by selling drugs. The only people who I feel should be offended are those who are doing that! Im started to feel very suspicious regarding some people that have respnded. I have respect for ” Stand Up ” or for anyone else who feels like, I could have chosen better words. Im sorry if I offended you, that was not my point! Can someone please tell me, what do you all have against undercovers in Echo Park? What is the issue? What is the problem with undercovers, passing off as hipsters to gangmembers and buying drugs off of them? WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Why do you all feel attacked? What are you SCARED of? I want to know! The only reason reason why, I think undercovers should pass off as hipsters, is because gangmembers might be less suspicious. Also that way they can frequent alot of the bars or clubs where drugs are being sold. This is ridiculous allready, if you all REALLY want Echo Park to change for the better then you would NOT have a problem with what I am saying at all. None of you are DRUG ADDICTS supporting gangmembers right? Right or am I wrong? Then dont feel attacked! I know that there are some educated people on here and who are understanding what I am saying and who dont feel attacked or offended because they are not buying drugs !!!

  77. Back to my original statement that crime has gone up since the gentrification (that started in 99).

    Back in the late 90’s due to community organization we had the crime rate in Echo Park down to 20% under the rest of the city.

    Thank you and good night.

  78. @agentbwidow – this is my last response to you because if i keep rolling my eyes they will get stuck that way. you sound like my 5 year old niece. and WHO CARES HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING HERE. that means NOTHING. the new people coming in are the one’s taking care of their properties and turning EP around. i’d like to see your place and what it looks like. and i bet you were also waiting for the rapture right? trust me, i also wish it would of happened to get rid of idiots like you. ok, no, i didn’t mean that. truce? how about i pay to send you to english writing classes, how about that? oh wait. you can’t write or speak english. right, never mind. happy memorial day everyone.

  79. @kelly – thanks for the article. so, when are you moving out of echo park? don’t let the gunshots hit you in the a** on the way out.

  80. You’d like that Mark, wouldn’t you? Then you could get your hands on my sweet apartment that I pay next to nothing for.

  81. @mark I don’t get shot at. The loco’s are my friends. I’ve known them since they were little babies. So if anything I am more safe over here. 😛

  82. @kelly -i own my place. that is so sad that you’ve been living here your whole life and you’re still a renter. i’m sorry you’re broke. i love my big beautiful echo park house. maybe i’ll buy your apartment building and raise the rent so you can leave. yes, i think i will call my business manager on tuesday and inquire about all the apartment buildings in echo park. this way we can gentrify faster. oh, and the homies are my friends so they will never mess with me either :p (whatever the hell that sign means).

  83. Wow, Mark, you are really out of line. You know nothing about me.
    Part of being part of a neighborhood is getting to know it and contributing to it- not just complaining about things but going the direct route through community organizations and the proper authorities. That’s how we got crime down before in this neighborhood. Not attacking everyone on a community forum. And Mark I know all the bangers because we all babysat each others kids. Not because I am cool or down with the homes because I was in the same place as everyone else here in the hood. How dare you put me down for being a broke single mom in her 20’s who found Echo Park to be a nice neighborhood within my price range. You don’t know why I still rent here. Am I broke? Am I rich? What do you know? You are really a piece of work. Now go drink your 4th cup of coffee and get out and do something positive!!!

  84. AgentBWidow has nailed it all the way through. Read ABW’s posts and chew on ’em.

    ” I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it’s for or against. ” Malcolm X
    Have a great Memorial Weekend!

  86. that’s hardly a reliable citation. an article by a realty group designed to increase the visibility of a neighborhood. they don’t even cite where they got that number from. the idea of Echo Park having 20% less crime than any other neighborhood in LA is laughable. i’m not saying EP is crime ridden, but do you really think that we have less crime than Larchmont or Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills (all part of Los Angeles). that’s marketing BS (and you fell for it).

  87. that was way out of line man; totally insensitive and uncalled for.

  88. Read the stats for the 90’s that is all I am saying. I am not talking about crime now (which in Echo Park it has seen about a 44% rise as of recently).

  89. I think you have misunderstood. I am saying that crime was down 20% less than the rest of the city in the late 90’s. Not now.

  90. What is with all of these personal attacks on this board. I site statistics and have been repeatedly insulted. If you want to come back at me with your own statistics that’s great- do it! I’d love it. But personal insults are demeaning to everyone and it makes you look bad. Everyone needs to settle down and face that violence in Echo Park is a real problem and pointing fingers isn’t going to help. Being nice, saying hello, and getting to know your neighborhood, however, would help.
    It seems like everyone is very fearful around here. Don’t be afraid. Take action and do something to help the situation. That’s the best way to get this neighborhood safe again. And no I do not feel safe walking around here at night anymore.

  91. @ Kelly I agree with you all the way. I too feel like I am getting attacked just because I want there to be a change in Echo park.
    Add all the other kids who have been shot at recently, and you really still think that Echo Park is getting better? Get on google and type in ” Echo Park shootings. ” I have been saying over and over and over again that crime rate has decreased but NOT homicides or attempted homicides, especially close to Echo Park avenue! Kids are dieing now! Those of you who are so quick to judge really need to chill. You might think that your parenting skills are all high and mighty when in reality you can only ATTEMPT to control your kid at 13, 14 or 15 . Did you ever think that one of these days, it can your kid who gets shot? Who is at the wrong place or at the wrong time?

  92. @AgentBWidow

    Don’t let the douchebaggery bother you. Most of us want to see change, too.


    As a resident starting in ’96 I do question whether violence (including homicide, attempted or otherwise) is really up in EP. See the link to COMSTAT provided earlier in the thread. It seems as if problems always get worse around this time of year. I also think that the local gang outfits are shrinking and so they have fewer places to spread out, so you see more members at fewer locations. (Like EP and Fargo.) This makes them more visible and maybe more frightening if you happen to live on that block, but it may also mean that over the long term things really are cooling down.

    As far as drug sales go: I don’t think many hipsters buy their drugs on the street. What this means is that it makes it harder for gangs to control drugs in their territory. The drugs people buy in EP might come from Hollywood, downtown, wherever. I don’t think gang activity is so much about monopolizing drug trade in EP as it is about boredom, pride, and identity.

    Just my impressions. I could be wrong.

    @Torres: Chipsters. Love it.

  93. @ JC Im happy you want to see change! 😉 Regarding the drug sales, you could be very right, but we wont know till the undercover thing happens right? Which is what Im trying to say. Also, the EP Gang thing could be true. But the problem in Echo Park needs to get attacked as a WHOLE not just 2 or 3 houses up Echo park avenue. In the ” Greater Echo Park Area ” there is more than one gang.Which is why, Im so persistent on more patrol units EVERYWHERE. North East PD need to come down full force and fix this problem as a WHOLE. The whole gang injunction cannot happen because there really isnt enough gang members in the “EXP” . People fail to realize that there is other gangs in the area who are causing alot of the violence to occur. These gangs such as ” CYS ” Gang, ” LCM/OBS”,
    ” BIG TOPS”,” TEARDROPS” and ” DIAMOND ST” gang are all causing problems and violence in Echo Park. I know alot of you have seen theyre tagging, so you know what I am talking about.

  94. @ EP NATIVE Thank you!!! ;D

  95. Just call your councilman people and stop complaining to each other. Injunction not in effect cause the city didn’t see them as a threatening gang as compared to other gangs. As for me I disagree, I think every gang should have an injunction and a federal sweep. It work for he avenues, toonerville, pueblo and highland park gangs.

  96. is there such a thing as preventative policing in echo park? this is a serious question. i see more police at URTH CAFE than i do around sunset/echo park except the motors doing DUI duty on wednesday nights.

  97. Dear Freelance Journalists Posting in Comments:

    Your – is possessive.
    You’re – contraction of you are.

  98. @kelly. What was the point of those videos? Youre just giving those lowlifes publicity.in my opinion I think you are a “chola” playing the good samaritan role.

  99. @kelly. What was the point of those videos? Youre just giving those lowlifes publicity.in my opinion I think you are a “chola” playing the good samaritan role.you stated the “locos are my friends” but then you state for people to “take action and do something”.people like you are the problem.

  100. @ Kelly Thank you for posting those links to the videos Thank you!!! That is proof of what I have been saying. There is more than one gang to worry about and obviously these gang wars are not going to end. Listen to how members of these gangs are talking about Echo Park gang. It’s a vicious cycle and it is never going to end. You take out one gang, you still have to worry about the rest. Baxter and Fargo are the least of your worries.

  101. AgentBWidow really needs a job or another hobby.youre rhetoric is terrible.maybe those guys from EP are youre friends.youre tactic of deflecting blame from ECHO PARK gang just doesnt fly.lol its actually funny made me lmao.lets give all the gangs in ep gang injuctions starting with the worst offenders.

  102. @ Wow I have a job and YOU made me lmao! Learn how to read! I am not deflecting blame onto EP gang I am only trying to inform IGNORANT people like YOU about the other gangs and the problems they are giveing the neighborhood. But keep it up with your comments, your negativity only motivates me! ;D

  103. Well you did say one smart thing, there should be a gang injunction on all the gangs. Maybe your not that dumb after all.

  104. where can we buy “that’s what’s up” t shirts ?

  105. @ AgentBW Look like JC said earlier do not let the douchebaggery get to you mostly everyone on this blog understand the message you are trying to give and most support you everyone wants crime to go down no one wants homicides to go up and i doubt anyone wants kids to get shot i support what you are saying dont let these douchebags get to you i agree either they are part of the problem druggies buying drugs off of gangsters or they are misinformed of all the other gangs in echo park

  106. @Kelly, regarding the ‘soft press’ link you posted:
    “There’s been a long history of citizen activism in Echo Park. During the 1990s residents drew attention to safety issues, which has help lower property and personal crime rates in the neighborhood to approximately 20 percent below the city’s average.”

    … the reference is NOT to crime in the late 90s, they’re talking about present time, and the article was written in 2008. So what they are clearly saying, is that beginning in the late 90s through 2008 (during the gentrification period), crime has gone way down. This is the opposite of what you’re trying to prove, sorry. City crime rates are public record and readily available. EP violent crime: rapes, homicides, and assaults are well below the county avg, but robberies are much higher. Property crimes go hand in hand with gentrification, but the claim that gentrification contributes to violence, is false. Yes lately there’s been a lot of violence but other factors such as the recession (cuts in police staff, desperate times, etc) are culpable, not the new neighbors!
    Stats source: http://lalife.com/Echo_Park

  107. These are the same echo park guys who abandoned their homie to die. Maybe their getting punish for their sins. This time they didn’t throw their homie on Baxster like he was trash. Maybe because the victim called 911 on his own. Even they know they can’t count on each other. Those ep guys are cowards gathering near schools putting innocent lives in danger.

  108. It’s always the same people coming here acting shocked. Telling how this community is going to become paradise blah blah. That’s like me buying a mansion in Compton and thinking Compton will become paradise. I wonder if people know how many properties gang members own around here. After all they were here first and bought homes for cheap prizes. When all these new people moved in their homes went up in value. So even them gained a profit that led to purchasing more properties.

  109. @ Old School I agree

  110. @Im new here – exactly. Kelly is THE problem with most of echo park. She’s a total chola, it’s so obvious. And I’m not even going to get into her situation of being a single mom in her 20’s in an apartment. I bet her kid hangs around the locos or the homies or the they-need-a-job gang members. She did say after all that she gets protection from them but yet she’s trying to be a “concerned citizen.” I can’t wait to call my business manager.

  111. Old School makes an excellent point about how long time residents benefit from gentrification. Neighborhood turnover in EP translated into record making RE profits for long time locals — the vast majority of them not gang members, but hard working families which some like to claim are “pushed out” by newcomers. In reality, for homeowners it’s like winning the real estate lottery when a neighborhood becomes hot. Even renters get paid btw $5-8K in relocation fees when their building is bought and the new owner wants them out (be it to raise rents, move in themselves, or remodel – nearly every old house in EP bought during the recent boom was a major fixer upper). I wish the people crying sour grapes about gentrification would just look at the facts, there are SO many positive aspects. Mostly I think it’s just fear of change talking, and intolerance of others not like them. Newcomers making snide remarks (even in sarcastic jest) don’t make it easier…

    On topic of the gang problem, I think most everyone buying in LA knows what’s up … nobody buying in a major city expects Shangri La for less than $600/sq foot. There are different criminal elements in every part of town, even some of the nicer more $ ‘burbs like Glendale and Pasadena have their lot to bear. When I lived in New England it was the Mob. There’s always something. It becomes a problem when in a congested area like EP … agreed, more cops needed, and a gang injunction seems a no brainer at this point?

  112. @Old School shut up internet gangster.TO EVERYBODY old school is a member of the osiri boys obs gang he goes by the name of “Yxster” on You Tube check it out.

  113. @HLP RESIDENT your just mad because I unmasked you. HLP RESIDENT go’s by nikecortez on you tube. He’s an asian internet thug from a non existent gang called olbz. Olbz was eliminated 11 years ago by obs 13. Everyone knows that. I’m gonna check out who’s yxster so I could know who your confusing me with. By the way you sound like an informant not surprise.

  114. I had to say it...

    Until the Latino community steps up and takes action to stop this kind of senseless violence, nothing will change. And from what I see on these post, Latino’s are quick to defend rather that admit help is needed for these troubled souls.

  115. We lost sight of what this story is about.a 14 year old most likely gang affiliated was shot by rival member society should hold parents accountable.what was he doing in the street at 1130 pm on a school night? will this be the thing that sets him straight? Why dont gang members feel like taking there friends to the hospital?just o few questions I would liked answered if theres any gangmembers reading this…

  116. @ I had to say it I completely agree with you. But I think everyone in the Echo Park commmunity needs to unite as one. It would beneft Echo Park more, not just the Latino’s.

  117. @Mark: how many times are you going to talk about calling this “business manager” of yours? Just call the guy already; maybe he’ll stop riding his pet unicorn long enough to explain how Rent Stabilization works in attached units of housing built before 1978–which Kelly’s must have been if s/he is still paying next to nothing for it

    @ everybody else: AgentBWidow is about as much of a journalist as I am (hint: I am not a journalist), but if nothing else, s/he does seem to have gotten a few of you to apprehend and assimilate the fact that EXP is not the only gang in Echo Park. Kudos for that, anyway.

  118. Oh, one more thing.

    @City Terrace: Not sure if you were aware of this, but there was a rather large speculative asset price bubble in residential real estate recently. I’m pretty sure it was on the news or something. Anyhoo, if anybody in Echo Park hit the RE lottery, it had at least as much to with that bubble as it did with the presence of some hip clothing stores suddenly making the neighborhood “hot.” Just something to keep in mind.

  119. the kid was NOT a gang member or affiliated with the gang so stop assuming that he is. and lol @ yster aka old school i can already tell thats you hiding behind ur computer stirring shit up like the little girl you are. ur the only obs foo that brings up olb and nikexcortez on youtube

  120. yes, Hipsters buy drugs all over the. place

    Lots of interesting stuff in here–

    In re: Hipsters buying drugs from gang members, there is no question about that.

    Hipsters know that gangsters sell drugs, so when they’re drunk at little joys and the gold room, some of them have been known to approach random gangy looking dudes to try and score. One kid (yes,white) even got a gun pulled on him for pestering a gangster who had sold him coke in the past.

    The idea that hipsters don’t want to mingle with/buy drugs from people they don’t know is wrong. Its WAY more authentic to get your coke from a gangster than from anyone else… Besides, the white kid your buying from is buying from gagngsters somewhere down the line…

  121. @ Hlp resident just wondering how would you know he was not a gangmember or affiliated?i went to check out the gang videos and theres a whole lot of stupidity on there. maybe your that dumbass STALKER from EXP,and if it is you whats with all the telling?

  122. i know hes not a gangmember because i know him personally dumbass and no im not stalker or who ever the fuck ur talking about

  123. @going nowhere that’s a good question how does HLP resident knows he wasn’t a gang member? Law enforcement hasn’t confirm that. Obviously he just making things up like always lol. He’s the last member of a non existent gang called olbz. You could find him on YouTube by nikecortez. Notice how quick he responds to me because I unmasked him lol.

  124. haha wtf is yster doing talking to himself? lol i know the kid personally and he was no gangmember.

  125. All of u are lame snitches

  126. @HLP resident or should I say nikecortez from youtube. You been unmasked asian internet banger. Go snitch some where else no one has time for your illusions. hahahaha lol.

  127. haha old school aka yxster aka going nowhere got expozed in his own words you can tell hes getting upset if you do go to youtube all he talks about is dying out every gang in the ep area. this guy is a joke.giving fake info on this site and everywhere else on the world wide web lmao all he talks about is obs osiriboys 13 gang lmao and he capitalizes the gang name to make it seem bold and dangerous give me a break. roflmao sayin dying out so so gang 20 years ago, dying so gang 11 years ago, dying out so and so gang 6 years ago. you sound stupid man give it a rest cholow lmao .

  128. @ Old School = troll
    Damn get a life 50 post on this subject go get a job you crummy loser stop trying to make up for being a fat chump by trolling and making salacious comments and upsetting good folks.

  129. @nikecortez I seen your videos on youtube are you asian it sounds like your trying to be black. You give to much info I have to agree with old school you sound like an informant.

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