Lost: A dog named Selby gone missing from Echo Park *

A pet owner named Meghan is searching for Selby, lost earlier this week near Echo Park Lake:

Two days ago I lost my poor little dog on the corner of Echo Park Ave and Laguna.  I would do anything to get her back and I am trying to hold onto hope that I will find her.

* Update: Selby was found and returned to her owner on May 18.  Meghan said by email:

I wanted to write you and let you know that yesterday my little Selby and I were finally reunited. After more than 2 weeks of searching the man who had taken her in found my flyer and returned her to me. I want to thank the entire Echo Park community for your outpouring care, support, and efforts!! I received more tips, advice, and leads than I ever could have imagined! Thank you to everyone who helped look for Selby! What an amazing dog loving community this is! Turns out that she was picked up and brought home to someone’s home 20 miles away in Downey. After 2 weeks the man finally found my flyer and returned Selby to me. Just when I was starting to believe all hope was lost she came home to me. We took this picture right after we were reunited! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. You might also want to try findtoto, they will auto-call neighbors to see if they’ve seen your dog. Hope you find her!!!

  2. Did you check the pound?

  3. Thanks – I’ll check out findtoto. I have been the LA City Shelter every day this week. No luck yet. I just keep hoping that somehow I’ll find her. I’m so heartbroken!

  4. I am offering a $500 reward to anyone who finds her.

  5. hope you get your pupster back, from experience I can tell you if it was found by an older latina lady she’s keeping your dog, just get up early and drive around the local streets and up into the hills try Lemoyne, Lakeshore towards Glendale. I had to literly rip my dog from this woman’s hands, she had taken off my dogs collars, ID tags, and was walking her around tied on a rope. two feet from where I had posted my lost dog posters, this witch was taking em down. GOOD LUCK!

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