Lost & Found: Looking for an Eagle Rock cat named Charlie

Daniele Perez of Eagle Rock needs help finding the family cat, Charlie, who went missing this Saturday:

His name is Charlie, he’s 2 years old, he’s about 10 lbs and is really sweet. He is black and white and has a little black mustache.The last time my mom, me or any of the neighbors saw him was on Saturday morning. He usually comes home and sleeps on the couch, but he’s been gone almost 3 nights now and we’re really worried about him. He’s micro-chipped so if someone takes him to a shelter and they scan him, we’ll be notified.  Also, here’s a link to a YouTube video my mom made of him last year. He’s a really smart cat.

Click here for contact info and more details about Charlie.

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  1. Hope you find your kitty. He sure is a cutie. From experience though, i wouldn’t depend on the shelters to call you. Keep calling them and go to look for yourselves.

  2. Thank you for the advice Carol. I will make the rounds today after work.

  3. Lost is Eagle Rock is very vague. It might help if we knew exactly what area of Eagle Rock he went missing. Also put up posters, I am constantly searching

  4. (continued)
    for cats in Eagle Rock that I see posters for.

  5. he’s a beauty. i hope you find him. our kitty would always go on walkabouts when he lived in the Marina. you’d be surprised at the territory a little kitty can cover.


    This cat has been prowling my driveway and in my yard for several weeks. I can’t catch him, as he awlays runs away when I get close, but I do try to put a little food on my porch fom him (and a few of the other neighborhood cats. btw, my own kitteh is in love with him — she rushes to the window to watch him when he comes around.

    Without divulging too much info about my own home, I can tell you he’s been hanging around Occidental College near Campus Drive and Alumni Ave. If we can catch him, we’ll take him to the vet right away.

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