Million dollar slices of Atwater Village go on the market

Sleek and shiny is not what comes to mind when you think of your typical home in Atwater Village, where streets are lined mostly with one and two-story Spanish-Colonial and Tudor-style cottages.  But a new development of narrow, three-story residences  on Casitas Avenue is going to test the demand for contemporary-styled  and pricey new Atwater homes.  The first three-story home in what has been called Casitas Village  – now called Atwater Crossing, according to a real estate listing – hit the market this week at $999,500.

The nearly 30-unit project – developed by Avo Tavitian, who is also involved in the Atwater Crossing complex of studios across the street- was first conceived as a  larger, 90-unit project  that resembled a high-tech industrial compound. What got built is far smaller and more conventional but is still features a lot of glass, metal and concrete. What’s behind that sleek facade? The listing for the $999,500 says:

This contemporary open concept home has 2319 square feet, 2 bedrooms (with a flex room option for a 3rd bedroom/office),  3  bathrooms, 2 car garage, retractable windows, solar panels, walk-able roof/patio with built-in bbq and full kitchen, private ~~ bath, dumb-waiter access from garage, kitchen to roof top deck, room for sunbathing/ hot tub and herb garden, and sweeping 360 degree views of downtown, Forest Lawn to Griffith park.

The project may appear to be attached condominiums but are really single, family homes created under the city’s small lot division ordinance.


  1. That price tag, in this market, in that neighborhood is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Crazy! They’ll get $600k tops at auction, watch these slide!

  3. Who wouldn’t want their very own prison toilet for a million bucks???

  4. I find the housing market around here insulting, but somehow, houses (and condos) sell, so somebody is willing to pay these inflated prices. I guess they ask so much because they can.

  5. @The Sweetest
    I totally agree, but there are enough insane people to buy it I guess. These aren’t even that impressive for that money. In this market you could get a pretty incredible house for a million in a much more amazing neighborhood.

  6. Despite sharing the same 90039 zip code as Silver Lake, this area is not Silver Lake, and the prices do seem excessive, especially considering how close the condos/townhouses are to the railroad track. I grew up near the S.L. Reservoir and I used to hear the train’s horn when it passed at night; I can only imagine how loud the train would be from this location.

  7. HA HA SAVE YOUR MONEY, You can have a sweet pad in Eagle Rock, Alhambra, S.Pas for that kind’ve cashola..

  8. Wow…you can have a real house in a better neighborhood for less money.

  9. the train horn you heard was in lincoln heights, not atwater. imagine how loud it was there!

  10. cold cold cold

  11. So, the car fumes come up through the house from the open garage?

    This is as bad as they come. The prison comment was spot on.

  12. The asking price is really high considering the glut of housing in the same market for less than half that, The developers need to stop there greed from insulting potential buyers this would be a good deal at 4 and a quarter tops .

  13. LOL. Is it still 2006?

  14. You can get the mansion on echo park lake for the same price!!

  15. Why all of the hate? Don’t undersand that. We are very happy Atwater Village homeowners, but these were really “cool” and interesting. The square footage is amazing and the private rooftop area was a big surprise. We were inside one of the houses when a train came through and we barely noticed. Interesting that so many of you seem to be so critical – don’t buy if you don’t like, but go take a look and be surprised. I am thrilled to see high end pricing for a new nice space instead of over-inflated for junk. Helps my house come back in value. These single family homes were a real surprise to us – what’s wrong with something different? With the galleries and the ATX Kitchen across the street, the appeal to certain people might be great. There is a lot worse to happen to this neighborhood. So get out of your house or apartment and go see the open houses here and give a real commenet after that. Funny how so many of you comment on the train noise. I would rather live here than the mansion in Echo Park – have you see a lot of thoe?

  16. atwater87: you must be the realtor or the developer. these supermax prison units have been on the market for a year with no play.

  17. Haven’t been on this site recently. We are not realtors or developers, just happy Atwater Village residents for a long time. We own a really cute original Craftsman home here. It seems that on these responses, people love to get on and “hate”. I still wonder how many have seen the inside and outside of these home. The sense is that people want these to fail for some reason. We can’t afford these either and we love the older original homes, but as stated earlier, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice these were – and still wonder how many of you guys have been to see these inside and out.

  18. I went to an open house…. amazing open space, natural light, and a great minimal design…. people that write negative comments are the ones that don’t know anything and the ones that would go an buy real crap like KB Homes that developers build…. this architecture will change atwater… great work guys!

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