One injured in Silver Lake shooting *

One male was injured early this morning during a Silver Lake shooting that might be gang related, police said.  The shooting took place near Silver Lake Boulevard and Effie Street at about 2 a.m., said Sgt.Ruben Arellano with the Northeast Division. The victim’s wounds were not life-threatening, Arellano said. He had no further information about the crime.  The incident may have been related to a party, according to a City News Service story.

* Updated on Monday, May 16: Lt. Steve Flores with the Northeast Division provided more details:

Apparently, the victim and two of his friends attempted to crash a party at a residence in the area of Silver Lake & Effie, and were asked to leave.  Sometime after they left, the 21-year-old victim was shot by an unknown person.  He suffered two gunshot wounds — one to the shoulder and one to the back.  Both wounds are non-life threatening.  The two friends he was with are documented gang members but the victim was not.  Northeast detectives will be talking with the victim this morning.

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  1. I already called police Sunday and told them what my boyfriend saw. They didn’t take my name or number. He saw a gang of older hispanic guys standing around getting loaded and drinking 40 ozs. by a white truck. They were by a house that appeared to be having a party. He knows exactly where this house is if anyone is interested. It was on Effie – across the street from 7-11, further up the street by the alley.

    This was around 8 p.m.

  2. Terry, I am interested in any more information you have.. I live about a block from where this happened and want to make sure I keep away from this house..

  3. so you think these same guys hung out from 8pm until 2am drinking 40’s by the white truck? oh gawd. no wonder they did’nt take your number. might as well say col.mustard did it in the living room with a switchblade.

  4. @cc. Or perhaps it was four middle aged white/asian guys who reside in the hills, earn in excess of 200k a year on their way home from a round of golf who decided it would be lawful to shoot some people.

  5. @Paul no humans drinking malt liquor are gonna post up by a truck for 6 hours. window is about 5 1/2 hours off.

  6. Anybody actually see what happened? I sure heard it. Pop pop pop pop. Then helicopter search lights. Damn scary.

    Article says “one male was injured” — does that mean shot? Or just scraped his knee as he was running away?

    And Terry — I’m also curious as to which house they’re talking about. I didn’t hear a crazy party. Just the aftermath.

  7. @Recliner. Don’t forget the last pop! It was at least 5 if not 6 shots, which seems to me pretty determined. Maybe not the product of some random drunken shooting — not that I’m an expert. But yeah, completely scary when the lights shine in your backyard and you know there’s someone out there, armed, and evading capture.

    Whoever has more information, please share.

  8. I was there. My friend had a kickback/party with close friends. These Hispanic guys come looking for someone. Later that night they are leaving and shoot as they drive away, shooting another hispanic male right next to my friend.

  9. I heard about 5 or 6 shots and I live near Swan. Then there were 2 helicopters working the area. One over Silver Lake Blvd & Effie and one at about Silver Lake Blvd & Sunset. Ambulance took dude away and cops came out saying “2 shots to the chest” . I thought dude would be toast because the gun sounded very high caliber.

  10. I passed the party and it didn’t seem loud or out of control to me. Some of the kids were outside and they seemed like nice normal Silver Lake kids. They even said hell-o to me. I feel sorry for the party goers because the gang members crashed the party and caused problems. I feel that the police should do a gang sweep of the area like they did in Cypress Park and Tunnerville. Those neighborhoods have returned to normality after the sweeps. NO MORE GANGSTERS IN SILVER LAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. How about no more gangsters.

  12. Let it be known that that house and the people who threw the party were not affiliated with the gang members who crashed the party or the ones who shot up the party. It was a nice, mellow occasion until some neighborhood gang-bangers crashed the party starting trouble. Someone who didn’t like them found out they were there and took action. Thankfully, none of the local Silverlake kids were harmed.

  13. Cypress park may be better than it used to be, Richard, but trust me when I tell you that we still hear gunfire and people are still getting killed by stupid bangers.

  14. i walked by and talked to some of the kids. from what i saw and heard the majority of people at the party were very friendly and respectful

  15. Gang sweep in silverlake!! Ok for none who live in that area. The gang members who show up in silverlake live in east Hollywood, echo park or the crazy’s Gang and ftw over the hill on effie near Glendale an Alvarado (all 20 gang members combined). If someone shows up to your party uninvited, kicked them out or call the police and have them arrested for trespassing!

  16. One neighbor is going around putting a note on everybodies door that says : “we have a problem with the blue house because it is being occupied by unsupervised armed gang members.”
    This is outrageous, I personally know all those kids and they are not associated with any gangs, they are very respectful highschool seniors and they never intended for any of this action to take place on their front steps! These kids went through a very traumatic experience, leave them alone!

  17. “we have a problem with the blue house because it is being occupied by unsupervised armed gang members.”

    The supervised armed gang members are typically less violent, in my experience.

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