Open Discussion: Watch out for potential Silver Lake area auto insurance scam artist

A woman named Emily  wants to warn Silver Lake area motorists about what she believes might be a potential insurance scam involving fake traffic accidents. The scam was mentioned by an insurance adjustor following the accident described below:

My partner Andrew was the victim of a hit and run in Silver Lake, right at the Riverside Dr. and Fletcher Dr. intersection last night, April 28, around 8:45 p.m.  A person in a tan Kia SUV put his/her car in reverse in the left turn lane going onto Fletcher.  Once the collision happened, the car drove away, cutting off other cars.  This person cut off someone at Fletcher & Glendale Blvd. and the street behind the Ralphs.  There were multiple cars that honked at this vehicle as it was posing a danger to themselves and others. My partner chased them to get the license plate.  He got the plate numbers and reported it to the police.  We have been warned that this could be a potential scam artist who will accuse my partner of running into him ( since the blame typically lies with the person who is behind in a rear end collision.)  If anyone saw anything, please let us know.  If anything, please be advised there might be a tan Kia driving around silver lake with no regard for human life, as this person ran stop signs and intersections to get away from the accident.

Anyone with information about the accident can sent it to braxlove@yahoo.com.

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  1. A similar thing happened to me a few months ago in Glendale. I received a call from an insurance company wanting to settle an “accident” I was suppossedly involved in. I was completely dumbfounded because I have not been in an accident at all. When I investigated, I found a false claim was filed with The Glendale Police saying I not only hit someone, but left the scene! I have a brand new truck without a scratch on it. The Glendale Police examined my car & agreed that not only had it not been in an accident, but based on their measurements, it could not have physically inflicted the damage that was being claimed
    So now the “victim” is facing charges of insurance fraud as well as filing a false Police report. This type of crime is on the rise. Be careful.

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