Police investigation underway in Elysian Heights

Police are searching for a suspect who ran out of a car and have detained three others near Fargo Street and Echo Park Avenue in Elysian Heights. An officer at the Northeast Division station said no shooting had taken place but he had no further details on the incident, which prompted a police helicopter to hover in the air at about 1 a.m.  One resident who lives nearby said police officers on the ground have converged on a white vehicle and are searching nearby homes.

The police activity is taking place about a block away from Thursday’s night’s drive-by shooting that left a 14-year-old injured.

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  1. thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering what was happening.

  2. The helicopter is gone… but does anybody know how to find out if there’s still a suspect lurking about? My dog is going nuts, but I’m not inclined to let her out just this second..

  3. @ jf. Can’t get more details right now but you can assume the search is over if the LAPD chopper has left.

  4. For what it’s worth, I live on Echo Park Ave and can still hear (but no longer see) the helicopter.

  5. Thanks! Not entirely comforting to know LAPD is no longer looking for someone, but I reckon if it’s not a bad guy it’s just as likely to be a skunk. I’ll let her bark at the door for a while.

  6. @M – and thanks. That actually is oddly comforting.

  7. Alot of graffiti up and down echo park ave, looks like the local gangs are at war.

  8. lifelong neighbor

    It’s nice to know the rest of us driving around with mexicans in our car will be getting harassed when the police can’t find who they’re looking for. No wonder the job isn’t getting done. instead of searching for these “echo parkers” so they say, The boys in blue would rather spend 15-20 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday night searching the cars of women finding nothing but car seats and diapers while they’re trying to flirt and talk about their personal lives!!! Now thats what you call a pig!

    On that Sunday night i had to watch one of my sisters awkwardly flirt back while being scared to get a ticket for a brakelight!
    I understand there are things that need to be done and they’re just doing their job at times. but on this night there was harassment and abuse.

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