Police release witness account of fatal Echo Park shooting

The comments section of The Eastsider are filled with pieces of information from persons who said they saw or heard the fatal shooting of Echo Park resident Michael David early Saturday morning. Today, the LAPD offered up its official account of what happened:

According to witnesses, he was confronted by three suspects on the south side of Sunset Boulevard near Echo Park Street.  One of the suspects was yelling at David very loudly, although witnesses were unable to determine what the suspect was saying.  After a few seconds, David ran northbound across Sunset Boulevard and was chased by the three suspects.  One of the suspects could not keep up and fell behind.

The victim proceeded to run about one block heading west on the north side of Sunset Boulevard as the suspects chased him. He then went south into the roadway on the boulevard when one of the suspects fired a shot at him from a short distance away.  Immediately after shooting him, the two suspects ran away on foot, heading east on Sunset Boulevard.  David fell as soon as he was shot but stood up and continued walking toward the intersection of Logan Street and Sunset Boulevard where he collapsed.  Michael David was immediately transported to a local hospital for medical treatment, but died around 7:42 a.m.

Persons with information about the shooting should call Rampart Homcide detectives Arteaga at 213-484-3639 or Linscomb  at 213-484-3642.   Those who want to remain anonymous  should call  at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

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  1. I hope that those of you who saw anything, ANYTHING at all, realize that you have the power in you to help stop this cycle of violence. Anything you know can help, and don’t think it doesn’t matter. As long as people who senseless kill run through our neighborhood, no one is safe. “Gang” or not…….

    we have to fight TOGETHER.

    we ALL live here, and we all want to live here safely and respected….

  2. SolanoCanyonPop

    LAPD is blowing this one. Dozens of witnesses in the streets and the weekend went by without catching the murderers. No newsvans parked on Sunset, but they were everywhere for the mid-wilshire shooting.

    If it dosen’t hit the local news, murders tend to go away quicker

    Peace, Mickey. God bless your daughter.

  3. I go into TJ’s every week and I know that if I ran into Mickey I’d make him laugh with one of my lame joke…That said I was in there today and no one said a word regarding this tragedy that I’m first hearing about on the local news.

    I’m so sadden for him and his family and the lost that I know they will have to bare for the rest of there life’s. These kids will have no father because of someones vulgar regard for life. This truly hurt me in such a way that every time I go into TJ’s I will miss his smile and kindness that he always showed me.

    I hope that they find the idiot that committed this crime and put him away where he won’t see the light of day for the rest of his life.

    RIP Mickey you will be missed by many.

  4. R.I.P Mick Dog!!!!! I love you man, you were like a brother to me, and thank you for always being such a good friend…keep that chin up and hold that smile..West Cost!!!..I love you Dog…One Love…Hook Up…out!!!

  5. michael j david-smetana

    if anyone knows who killed my dad..help them please, my sister will miss him so much.i know u will watch us dad,i love you

  6. First, they won’t get away. Someone I know 1) saw the whole thing, 2) has already interviewed with the police, 3) identified all three of them, the shooter and his buds, 4) id’d them on the BofA camera shots and inside the club/bar shots, 5) id’d the car they took off in (camry as i recall).

    They can park their arse in jail before they take the needle.

  7. jack, if that’s true, that’s great news. what a tragedy this was…

  8. jack – if that’s true, it is indeed great news. but if the suspects haven’t been brought in yet is it wise to be posting that on a public forum? hopefully they have been brought in and my concern isn’t relevant.

  9. wait, they have positive id on the suspects?

  10. mick,your death will not be in vein,i promise you that.i miss you so much,there’s truly no words that describe this pain.but it also empowers me to see how loved you were by so many,even though i knew it,it’s an amazing thing to see.just talking to everyone about you brings smiles throughout every conversation,for what you did in life you still manage to do while at rest.but that’s my boy,never dim,always shining bright.you will live on through all of us,with positivity and that (get knocked down,get right back up) attitude,the passion and charisma rarely seen in people,the love you showed your family and friends,and the unconditional love,heart,and complete self that you gave your children, that’s your legacy.”the good die young”.i love you brother.till we meet again my friend.R.I.P. MICK…LOVE MOOSE

  11. Micky,
    You were always a good friend and a positive spirit. You always had a smile on your face; I was always impressed by how charming and friendly you were- you could and would talk to anybody. No matter what challenges were thrown at you, you always tried to see the positive side of it. You loved your children and all your family so much; everybody could see and feel that love. You always made the room brighter. I will miss you, my friend.

  12. In the wake of this tragic case , I doubt the LAPD is “Blowing it ” as
    some suggest .

    There a lot of people working behind the scenes to solve this case following leads of concerned citizens and witness accounts etc..and the absence of news vans does not diminish the importance of this case to those trying very hard to solve it .

    I find it HIGHLY irresponsible to post and share some of these leads on this or any blog .

    In the age of information , putting information about a case out there even before a case goes to trial, is gold to criminal defense attorneys to use in their clients’ defense .

    This case as any deserves justice , and should not be jeopardized by posting information that is no one else’s business until these a-holes are caught .
    Than , the information becomes public.
    Sometimes silence is golden , just because people are not posting info on a blog does not mean people are not coming forward and providing helpful information .
    Have faith people !

    I believe that the community will come forward , and these pea brains will be caught .

    Please think before you post .

  13. Is trader joes or anyone else doing a collection for his daughter? I was surprised when I went to TJs last night and there was no box to donate or anything. My sincere condolences to his family. God bless his little girl. What a senseless tragedy that is being ignored by the mainstream LA media. What a shame.

  14. Keep in mind that the police are often very hush-hush regarding these cases until they have enough information to pursue a solid case against the killers. I’m guessing that they’ll arrest the killers within a few weeks. (Then again, I thought the police would have arrested the guys who beat the Giants fan by now.)

  15. Can’t stop thinking about this horrific crime even though I didn’t know the victim…Heart breaks for the family…So very sorry for your loss.

  16. There is a small vigil on the sidewalk at the corner of Sunset and Logan (pictured at the top here). People have been leaving flowers and notes. Come by if you’re so inclined. It would be cool to see it get really big!

  17. Mickey,u will be very missed at our center.I was in shock when we were given the news about your death. All I could think about was you and your beautiful daughter leaving our school at the end of the day with smiles on both of your faces.U always came in to our school with a smile and brighten up our day. U took the time to talk to the staff and the children. YOU will be missed Mickey David
    Whoever did this to you will be caught and brought to justice!!

  18. I”m one of many that will truly miss Mickey David he ws such a sweet guy always had a smile for you, the most loving father Mickey rest in peace my prayers are with the family and epecially his daughther.

  19. I hope the murderers get the needle. They deserve it.

  20. Thanks for posting the information about the vigil on Sunset and Logan. I will stop by tonight and spread the word. If the family is taking up a collection for donations, please post that information as well.

    RIP Mickey David.

  21. Mickey, you were always the delight of my trader joes shopping trips. You will be missed.

  22. I’m deeply saddened by the news of Mickey’s passing. He was the nicest and kindest person I’ve ever met. He really treasured being a father and loved his family and friends. I’ll defintely miss playing basketball, volleyball or attempting to body surf in the Pacific Ocean with ya buddy.

  23. so just tuning in here, does anyone know what he was doing in that area as well as what time it was.

  24. I want to start by saying thank you to everybody who is showing love to my boy and his family.. Mickey was my family and i loved him dearly.. Mickey was a positive light at the end of every tunnel, He was happy and charismatic t0wards every person he ever met. Including the person that shot him.. He did nothing but spread love and peace. The sad fact is that we lost one of our best, The up side is that he is protecting all the ones he loved.. He will be missed but not forgotten… I love you Mickey.. Always have, always will… RECK FOGK…

    If you have info, Man up and go to the cops.. Not the blogs… LOVE…

  25. Dear Mick- this is your bro B-Lo from Monterey. When I found out the news about what happened I thought to myself this cant be true. How could somebody do this to someone so joyful and wonderful and lived life to the fullest. Mickey brought happiness to everyone even on his bad days.He had this one of a kind laugh that is stuck in my head forever. I practically grew up with Mickey and I thought one day, after not talking to you for a while, I would be able to see you and have a beer and talk about the good old days. Im writing this letter to a bro whose life mattered to me. Your legacy lives through your children, You’ll always live on Mickdosia, you’ll always be with us. May life Bless your family and friends. I miss you Mickey. Robert

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