Silver Lake Trader Joe’s creates memorial fund for employee killed in Echo Park shooting

The Silver Lake Trader Joe’s is collecting contributions for the children of former employee Michael “Micky” David, who was gunned down May 7 in Echo Park as he was being chased down Sunset Boulevard by his attackers. The Silver Lake store, where the 30-year-old David worked for 2-1/2 years,  set up a trust fund to collect donations from fellow employees as well as customers. Anyone who is interested in making contributions should make checks payable to the “Michael David Memorial Fund” and leave them at the “Captain’s Desk” near the entrance, according to notices posted in the store.  The notices, which feature a photo of David and the words “In Memory of Mickey,” say:

The senseless loss of this charming, giving and fun-loving member of the Trader Joe’s family has left us deeply saddened and his young children bereft of a future with their loving father. You may also know Micky as your neighbor. He lived in this area and truly enjoyed being a part of the this community during his two and a half year tenure at Trader Joe’s Silver Lake.

David had a daughter and son, according to family members and others who left comments on The Eastsider posts.  Jeffrey Cardona, 23, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with David’s killing. However, Cardona is not believed to be the shooter and police continue to search for other suspects.

Family members are planning to hold a memorial service in Los Angeles for David in June. Details are pending.

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  1. Thanks .. Trader Joe for restoring my faith in your company. At first I thought how heartless now you’ve done the right thing for you Employees, Customers & most of all his Family and Kids.

  2. Poor guy, what a waste. Too bad that the witnesses are afraid to talk

  3. ^ if you haven’t noticed witnesses have spoken and that’s why Cardona has been found and charged. My prayers go out to Mickey’s family, I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with something like this. These guys had no right to do what they did and the justice system will prevail. May god bless your family and the children of Mickey.

  4. You’re innocent until proven guilty.

  5. Guilty until proven innocent!!!!!!

  6. I am the mother to his oldest.. His son michael j David.. thanks for the love but i can take care of my son, michael is estranged from his father’s family anyways, and if i learned anything from micky and his mother is do take care of my kids by my self.. Michael has a trust fund from me and my family so as for his son being apart of his trust fund, thanks but no thanks

  7. Heather,
    I hope that made you feel better because that has to be one of the most insensitive things I have read. Maybe he wasn’t the boyfriend or father you feel he should have been…I don’t know. But what I did know of him he was an extremely nice guy and that seems to be the sentiments of many of those who knew him. He was DEFINITELY not someone who deserved to be gunned down in the streets. Shame on you for posting that and then letting your son see it. I donated money today and if it gets to you and your son…get some therapy with it.

  8. @ ellay
    1.t the perp was part of the gang that jumped him and that makes him resposible for his death.
    2. take you gob Sh!t3 opinions and air them else were this is a place for the family to heal and not for the buds of the crumb humps of the hood to mouth off.( Serial these chumps are the most 110th rate hoods in the world gimme a break,)

  9. shocked: Sorry u are offended but i think u need to keep my sound out of your mouth.. i dont want any of your money nor need it.. i did not write anything wrong, i dont people donating for his son when it will never come his way since his own fathers family is not there f0r him… Period!! My first post i guess they thought was rude so hope this one comes to you, as for my kid this is the internet i can not watch him while he is in school or at friends house plus let him see who is father was.. he was everything you hear but he had another side which was a night life and being at the wrong area’s.

  10. my son out your mouth.. see i am trying to keep it p.g for them to post and i made a mistake.. at least i got to laugh over this

  11. This event that took place is obviously going to affect everybody that knew Micky. It will affect some people different than others and people will all react in different ways with their own sense of sadness. LET EVERYBODY GRIEVE IN THEIR OWN WAY!!! AND DON’T JUDGE HOW!!!

    @ Shocked: When you said that you “don’t know” how Micky was as a father, you are exactly right. You don’t. And his son didn’t really get the chance to either. What this boy does know and has his whole life is that no matter what happens (even this now), His MOTHER will be there for him. IT IS WRONG TO DOGG HER OUT WHERE HER SON CAN SEE IT MORE THAN IT IS WRONG FOR HER TO SHARE THE FACT THAT SHE ALONE IS THIS BOYS SUPPORT AND HAS BEEN AND WILL BE… YOU ARE INSENSITIVE TO BE ABLE TO WRITE WHAT YOU DID…

    @Heather: Just keep doing what you need to do for you and your son… Dont let people affect you for bad, only for good…

  12. @ shocked:

    Wow you are wrong… take your insults somewhere else… you need the therapy…

  13. @shadowpark- he is not from a gang actually. get your fact straight because initially stating that he is from a gang just makes the case worst for him, he did not shoot the gun either…

    and like i said, you’re innocent until proven guilty. people are automatically sentencing him on this it’s not right… he still has the right to a trial where they’ll present evidence. once there is a judgement, then say something.

  14. Heather, seriously, just stop with all of that, no one wants to or needs to hear it especially your son….He loved his father and his father loved him, that’s all that should matter period!….What part of your son being estranged from Micky’s family have you played in all of that?…The people closest involved I’m sure know ALL of it…..SO people make mistakes when they are young, especially young men….Micky was only 30, and he was developing well into becoming a great man….weren’t you all together recently for a trip and having a great time? ….signs of the past dont mean they will always be the signs of the future, it takes, heart, hard work, time and maturity, and effort for all parties involved, and Micky made it no mystery to people just how much he loved Michael……So air your guilty conscience and your dirty laundry somewhere else, cause you’re only making yourself look worse

  15. There are many baby’s mommas and baby’s daddy’s that make it almost impossible to have a decent relationship with their children because one parent wants to use all their personal issues, put the children in the way so that the other parent cant have a decent relationship with their child……I pray for the family and everyone involved

  16. @ Heather: sorry. I should not have made the therapy comment. Good luck to you and your son.

  17. Wow…all these comments are way to much drama.

    @ Heather It’s clear that you obviously are resentful but Micky is dead and rather than tarnish his image by soliciting your personal affairs and issues why don’t you just preserve the memory of a man in which you at one time loved..because without that love you would not have created your son. Michael is named after his father and will always be everything you loved about Micky….always…Micky will always live because of his son. Its disappointing to read your commentary because well if Micky and his family supposedly did not help or acknowledge your son…it’s because you played a roll in that…so put your big girl pants on and start acting like a grown ass woman. It’s disgusting to know that you actually are still so selfish and bitter that even with this mans death you can not let go and forgive. Frankly your display is pathetic and I don’t feel sorry for you at all…how dare you sit around and talk shit knowing dawm well he can not defend himself or at least respond with his own perspective on that situation. Fuckin save your drama….no one wants to know. And as far as the trust fund goes…take it or leave it…no one gives a fuck about you. This is not about Heather alright it’s about Micky and his children read the dawm headline..you should give thanks that a community would embrace your child because they loved and respected his father.

    I am also a single mother raising a child on my own..but I would never ever allow my personal feelings towards her father be the reason why my child should grow up not knowing the other half of whats inside of her. My child will grow up and make her own opinions about that man because children have a mind of there own. I feel sorry for your son your taking away from him instead of providing..shame on you. You don’t need therapy you just need to grow up and heal because your allowing you pain and darkness deprive your son of his fathers memory.

    I met Micky at Trader Joes and all he ever spoke about was how happy he was to be a father. He was always happy and smiling. He was charming and I really looked forward to talking to my friend. No one deserves to die the way he did…attacked by 3 men…he ran for his life…he wanted to live, he tried to fuckin live. It breaks my heart to know my friend died like this and its worse when you hear insensitive shit. As the old saying goes..if you don’t have anything good to say…shut the fuck up!

    I will pray for Micky and both his children whether you like it or not Heather. I will also donate to the fund. God bless you Heather you need him!

  18. No matter what, Heather loves Micky and always will… I have never heard her talk bad about Micky directly, especially to her son….. Leave the girl alone!!! She has been feeling so many feelings and misses him just like everybody else, if not more…. Everybody is blowing what she has said out of proportion, saying that she is wrong without even understanding what she meant… Being more insulting than helpful…

    Hey lioness- Talk about drama…. when you can explain yourself without so many four letter words, and actually sound intelligent, maybe you will be taken a little seriously… right now, re-read what you wrote…. you knew him as a grocery check out clerk… keep thinking that you know the facts, go ahead… but you don’t…. Nobody really does… Except for Micky and Heather…. You really jumped ahead of yourself getting so upset…. You kinda made yourself look silly….

  19. Why dosnt the official obituary mention a son? Only a daughter and wife… The article asking for donations implies there is another child…. what is that about…? can anybody tell us that…?

  20. Hey AJ thanks for the perspective..yes I did only know him as a clerk at TJ but the fact is if she is going to put her self and her personal drama out there than she should also be strong enough to understand and accept the response and reaction anyone who has interacted with this man will have. The point is that this was an article discussing a good man and a donation set up for his children. Whether she is in pain or not there was no reason for her to vomit her personal and private affairs here for all to see. This man is deserving of respect and that is from all regardless of how close the association may be. He was a friend, he was friend to me, my child and my family. My mother, sister and brother in law all appreciated him dearly and it is very insulting to his memory. Especially broadcasting information that is so intimate. I have every right to express myself with whatever word I choose to use. Unfortunately AJ you allowed yourself to get caught up on the hype and did not understand my message clearly…try to re-read it because a four letter word can not make me look silly…at least not as silly as the fact that this Blog that is dedicated to a good persons memory has now become a place for drama. I don’t want to know more than what I already know of him…what he personally reflected…what he allowed me to see and appreciate…his passing affected me and my family and I have ever right to feel bothered and upset by her message. Real recognize real! I believe what has been lost in all the back and forth is that this was and is not about her, me or you…it’s about Micky and his children. Respect is in demand and people should come correct no matter how they process their personal feelings. This man was murdered….why cant he just be at peace.

    Really AJ who’s silly! Have a nice day AJ I appreciated your perspective..and I believe I might have been aggressive I apologize if I offended.

    RIP Micky

  21. I never knew the man. However, my life has been touched by his death. I’ve relived the scenario putting myself in his place. I’ve followed all the news and comments online and know this is a great injustice. Such careless disregard for human life, no apathy at all. I pray Mickey’s family(s) can put aside their differences and start to heal. If it’s just about the memorial fund, I’d say use that as an opportunity to educate others in hopes of a brighter day.

  22. everyone needs to refrain from the negativity,it does not help the situation.this is about a memorial fund for an all around good guy who happened to be one of my closest friends.only those who know truly know,leave it at that.nothing but love and healed hearts to everyone.i love you and i miss you brother.best friends for life and beyond.till we meet again mick.love UNCLE MOOSE…(i miss our 2 hour talks homie)

  23. happy fathers day mick.i love you and miss you bro! love your “UNCLE MOOSE”…

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