Suspect arrested in fatal Echo Park shooting*

The LAPD  late this afternoon arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of Echo Park resident Michael David, who was gunned down on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park while fleeing his attackers. The suspect has yet to be booked (see update below) and homicide detectives were en route to interview the suspect shortly before 6 p.m., according to Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  Police have been searching for three suspects in the early Saturday morning shooting of David, a 30-year-old father who worked at the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.

“At current, detectives are interviewing the arrestee,” Buhrmester said in a comment to this post. “The information was developed from a combination of physical evidence but mostly people coming forth and speaking to us, for which we are very grateful.”

* Update on Friday, May 13: The suspect Jeffrey Cardona, a 23-year-old gang member, is being held on $1 million bail. “Yesterday afternoon, detectives received a tip as to his location in the Westlake District. Our detectives, along with detectives from our Fugitive Warrant Section and agents from the U. S. Marshal’s Office, arrested Cardona without incident,” said Buhrmester. Two more suspects are being sought. Cardona’s gang affiliation is being withheld at this time, so as to not compromise portions of the investigation. I can say he is not an Echo Park gang member.”

Detectives don’t believe Cardona was the suspect who fired the gun that killed David, Buhrmester told Echo Park Patch.

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  1. Let’s see if the suspects are some of our local EPX gang members


    Now let’s hope it’s really the guy, and his two friends go down swiftly as well.

    Love, light, and comfort to all those mourning this profound loss.

  3. Silver Lake resident

    Thank you, LAPD!

  4. it would be good to know if this was a gang related incident (allthough the victim did not at all appear to be gang affiliated). Was this a personal beef, OR is this part of a pattern of gang members against non latinos?

  5. non latino local

    Doubt it’s part of a pattern of gang members against non latinos, if you’ve followed local news, there have been a number of gang related murders in EP the past few years but not against non latinos. Maybe against non gang members, definitely against innocent children who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. @ coolwheto. That’s all the info I have for now. LAPD told Echo Park Patch this was not considered a hate crime.

  7. Good evening,

    I will have more information as it develops, that which the investigation will allow. At current, detectives are interviewing the arrestee. The information was developed from a combination of physical evidence but mostly people coming forth and speaking to us, for which we are very grateful.

    (213) 484-3400

  8. Regarding a possible hate crime, it is being examined as a possibility, but at this point does not appear to be so. California Penal Code 422.55 outlines strict criteria for a hate crime enhancement, and rightfully so, as the penalties are severe. For a hate crime to be charged, the District Attorney’s office has to be confident it can convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof is on the people. Interviews of involved parties and witnesses will assist the DA’s office in making the determination.

    (213) 484-3400

  9. detective wes b., thank you for what you do, and for commenting regularly on here. I appreciate it, as do many others in our community!

    jake white

  10. if the comments on these couple of posts are any sort of indication, the vict was a graffiti writer. could simply be a case of him getting up in the wrong place at the wrong time. purely conjecture on my part, but no more so than anyone presuming hate crime as a motive. extremely glad to hear they have a suspect in custody. i’d become a bit cynical after the dodger stadium beating debacle.

  11. Rhodes with all do respect I am against gang members to the fullest and although there have been gang on gang violence here I have never be harrassed let alone hurt by the gang of echo park. Please think before you leave a ignorant comet because it could probally be way worse

  12. Thanks Lt. Burhmester for always giving the neighborhood information that we want and need, and thank you Eastsider for such complete coverage – and for providing Lt. Buhrmester a place to get the news out to all of us! Thanks to you both and love to all wounded by this violence.

  13. Lt. Buhrmester, truly from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being so communicative through the Eastsider. You are exemplary of what all officers should strive to be: courteous, informative and concerned about the well-being of the citizens they serve and protect.

  14. The subject who was arrested was Jeffrey Cardona, 23, Los Angeles. He was booked at the Metropolitan Detention Center downtown, with bail set at one million dollars. Yesterday afternoon, detectives received a tip as to his location in the Westlake District. Our detectives, along with detectives from our Fugitive Warrant Section and agents from the U. S. Marshal’s Office, arrested Cardona without incident.

    Two more suspects are being sought. Cardona’s gang affiliation is being withheld at this time, so as to not compromise portions of the investigation. I can say he is not an Echo Park gang member.

    (213) 484-3400

  15. Finally, a break. Thank you for being on top of this . It seems the EP community really rallied around this one. Let’s hope all concerned are brought to justice.

  16. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of the victim, and a big thank you to the witnesses who stepped forward, the LAPD for the good work, and to the Eastsider for being the only place to get any info on this senseless tragedy.

  17. Thank you LAPD for doing an excellent job and finding one of the culprits so fast. It’s also heartwarming to see how our community rallied for the capture of the perpetrators and the safety of our community.

  18. Mickey wasn’t a Graf artist. He was a good guy 100%. The kind of person to not back down when confronted but not the guy to start sh*t. Thank you to the LAPD for tracking the pieces of sh*t who did this down. Let’s hope justice is swift.

  19. Well done Lt. Buhrmester and LAPD! Let’s get these dangerous idiots off our streets!

  20. @Paul it IS really heart warming to see how the community rallied together. I hope that people really learned from this. That people see that something can actually get done, if we take our focus away from hating on each other, and fight against the criminals. It doesn’t matter……we all want the same kind of peace, and we can fight so much stronger TOGETHER for that same kind of peace. I really hope once this case is over, people don’t forget that we have to continue sticking together. I hope that people learn from this, and see the power of unifying for the same common goal. To be happy and safe in our streets.

    Lt. Wes Buhrmester, thank you so much for always keeping us all updated on what’s going on with this case, and in the neighborhood. These Echo Park blogs are the only source of alot of important news information of things going on in our neighborhood, and it’s nice to see you so involved.

    To those that came forward……THANK YOU. The victim’s family, friends, co-workers, all your neighbors in the community and fellow human beings have gratitude. This is never going to stop unless we stick up for ourselves and fight together.

    Im so happy to see the start of this going somewhere.

    My heart goes out to Mickey’s family and friends. I have been thinking about you all since last weekend.

  21. Thank goodness. Now let’s hope the courts do as good a job sentencing him as the detectives have done in catching him. I hope this news lifts at least a little weight from all the heavy hearts out there.

  22. My sincerest sympathies to the family and heartfelt appreciation that the suspect(s) have been captured so quickly. I hope this provides some degree of comfort to the family. You have my sincere prayers.

  23. Mickey was a good and decent person and a friend. He did not tag, he was not involved with a gang. He was a fun loving peaceful human being who loved his family and friends and made everyone in his presence feel alive and amazing. So, if you didn’t know him, please do not make assumptions about him. The people who did this need to be off the streets and never see the light of day again because they are not even human if they can do such a heartless act. Who shoots someone in the back while they are running away? It is coward stupidness that makes no sense. Get them detective, please. And get them put away forever.

  24. first of all i would like to share my deepest symapthy to the family of the victim, however, i would like to take a moment to recognize the amount of ignorance being posted. As tragic as any death is, Jeffrey Cardona is still just a SUSPECT in custody. He has not been PROSECUTED,before people start celebrating a sentencing prematurely let me remind everyone that the court of law states “innocent until proven guilty”

  25. I am so happy to hear they found one and hopefully the other 2 soon. Regardless if he shot the gun himself he is apart of why micky is no longer here and should get full punishment for what happened.. I doubt the cops arrested the wrong guy, just not the shooter yet..Knowing they arrested someone with in a week, gives me hope justice will be done.. thank you

  26. He’s from ftw

  27. Good job on people coming forward.. That’s what help capture this coward

  28. There has been an ominous explosion of ExP gang tagging in Echo Park
    over the last week (Montana & EP Ave is covered), which may be coincidence -or directly tied to the Mickey David murder and arrest of Jeffrey Cardona.

    Does anyone know if Cardona is an ExP member or have
    information (or a perspective) on the huge spike of tagging in the neighborhood?

    If any ExP members / affiliates read this blog – what can you tell us?

  29. i have the suspicion that the tags were put up for the benefit of the art walk (they appeared the night before).

  30. @McHooper:
    I visited Delilah Bakery today and I noticed the inordinate amount of walls and garages that EXP have tagged on EPA, such an intimidating action to regular folks living in EP.
    Property taxes should be zero for any homes inflicted by the markings of these scum.

  31. micky was not a tagger, some may same he was a graffiti artist.. In saying that micky respected the street code and never world do his art on someones turf.. Nobody will ever rally know except the people involved so why dont we all stop and let him rest in peace..please

  32. it upsets me that i dont ever write correctly… ugh.. Let this just rest

  33. tagging is intimidating for REGULAR FOLKS? what exactly is that supposed to mean? you doubt the cops arrested the wrong person? becuz its sooo unheard of?

  34. Cops make mistakes alot.. i wont doubt that… And to answer your question, NO… too may camera’s on corner blocks too.. too many people saw or know what is going on… and are u family or friend of person arrested person? I truly believe that the arrested person was involved with the murder period!!!!! He may not be the shooter but to me he is just to blame… I do feel for the guy only because he is 23, he is still young . Micky was not young like that, he was 30, was a man not a boy or a kid!!!!!!! He was a father of 2. He was not a tagger neither, and taggers are not always gangsters… and tagging intimidation?? I dont think so ..

  35. like i said before IM JUST POINTING OUT SOME IGNORANCE IN WHAT IS BEING SAID. have i defended the suspect by saying hes innocent? no i have not, becuz im not his lawyer.why does somebody have to be a relative or family member to point out stupid comments? plenty of people have been found guilty for being at the wrong place at the wrong ime. all im saying is this is not a court room you are not apart of the jury and it is nobodys job here to be condemning anyone. i am not trying to take away from the victim, my heart goes out to his friends and family. this is a tragedy.

  36. Heather, i think you are taking my statements way too personal, they were not even directed to you to start off with.

  37. I hope that the family can begin the healing process soon now that one of the suspects is in custody with so many witnesses to the event I find it imposable that the police have the wrong suspect I was across the street that night and heard the gun shot this sort of terror on our streets need to end now!

  38. yes i was taking personal.. He was my heart and my son’s father and now i can never call him or reach for him if or when needed since some young ass punks wanted to shoot him for behind.. what happen to fits if there is a problem? Yes i did take it personal.. read what everyone is saying!!!

  39. heather,you’re welcome,i didnt forget little michael,me and micky always talked about him,he loved him more than you will ever know and i’m so happy that they got to hang out,mick was ecstatic when he went back home,he hit me up and told me about it..and another thing,dont let noone get you down,believe me,i take it personal when people assume they know anything about mick like who he was or what he was into but i just let it go,you cant help ignorance or stupidity.just keep your head up for you & michael and everything will work itself out.as long as you,me and the ones who knew mick best understood who he was,what he stood for,and how special he was then just block out all the negativity,were all dealing with enough,we dont need to stress over bullshit opinions and random assumptions.take care

  40. i have read the comments so i understand your anger and frustration, theres alot of ignorant ASSUMING going on. but like you said only those involved really know why it went down the way it did. i am sorry for your loss

  41. All of you saying this has something to do with echo park you are a f*cking idiot stop speculating and stirring sh*t up if you really don’t know sh*t. A spike in tagging isn’t done to commemorate a death (@mchooper aka dumb fu*k). They go writing to get up and usually do it all in one night they don’t do it one at a time idiot. They probably used the same can until it finished. In no way related with this tragic death.

  42. @jesus is here your a coward. For posting up things like that no one is talking about a tagging crew! They’re talking about someone who got murdered here not where was he from no one cares where he’s from you see ppl . . . .people like “jesus is here” start trouble! Spreading rumors posting false facts! My condolences go out for the family and friends of the victim!!

    For the ppl that have no better sh*t to do but talk sh*t about ppl.
    Get a damn life seriously!!

  43. @ lyse >
    There is no good reason for this to happen and for you to presume that you know better is purely the Asssumption of a lesser mind, Ceases your worthless discourse that only seeks to open wounds now is a time for healing for the friends and family not of idiotic banter .

  44. He is not affiliated with the Echo Park gang.

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