Suspect in Dodger Stadium beating taken into custody *

A man who police believe to be one of the two suspects who brutally beat a Giants fan following the Dodger season opener is in custody this morning after an LAPD SWAT Team descended on an apartment building in East Hollywood.  L.A. Now reports that officers acted on a tip after a parole agent said he believed one of his parolees matched the description of the suspects involved in the beating of Bryan Stowe in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.  Police continue to search for the other suspect who has evaded capture nearly two months after the attack prompted a massive manhunt.  Martiza Camacho, in an interview with L.A. Now, describes what happened after SWAT officers ordered the occupants of Apt. 25 to get out:

One by one, the occupants emerged, Camacho said. The man taken into custody had a bald head and tattoos on his neck and arms, she said, a description that appeared to match the vague sketches released by police of one of the two suspects. She added that he did not appear to resist being taken into custody.

Police and city officials have scheduled a 4 p.m. press conference to provide more details.

* Update: The suspect has been identified as 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez, who was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.  L.A. Now reports Ramirez has been convicted of attempted robbery, robbery and firing a weapon in public.

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  1. Good.

    How ironic that the ‘three strikes’ law didn’t apply to this alleged beater of a baseball fan.

    Let’s hope he’s finally ‘out’ for good.

  2. good. throw the book at him. and go find the other one.

  3. i agree with solano_mom, throw the book at him!!

    thanks to lieutenant wes b, chief bernard & all the other hard working police!

  4. The Powers that Be will definitely make an example out of this thug. The LAPD spent way too much money and man power on the case to not throw the book at him. Hopefully, the other coward and the woman driver will be apprehended soon and get everything that’s coming to them, too. Now if the LAPD wouldn’t mind extended their reach beyond Dodger Stadium to the surrounding neighborhood to protect us from the violent crimes that take place every week…

  5. So let me get this straight. Just because a parole agent thinks the suspect looks like the suspect on the sketch there was an arrest. Thank god I dont look like them or else my home would have gotten raited. So the parole agent wasnt present during the beat down. Didnt witness the so called suspect beating the Giants fan but he still gets arrested. Wish I could be a lawyer I would dissmissed the charges for falsification of a witness. Sounds like the lapd just wants to close the case. It doesnt matter if its an innocent getting charged. This is why it never stops while the innocent get put away the guilty stay free.

  6. He was a parolee, meaning he was convicted of a serious crime. Parolees do not share the same civil rights as regular citizens. He was also trying to alter his tattoos to avoid identification. Hopefully he will rat out his accomplices and they will all go to jail where they belong.

  7. Before the arrest the dude was ID’ed by several different witnesses who were shown his photo in a grouping, if I understand it right.

  8. So the lapd never mention that the suspect on the sketch has visible tattoos. Now there saying the suspect has visible tattoos like under his elbow. Like I said any lawyer would dissmissed the charges for wrong discription. LAPD doesnt have witnesses just a tip from a parole agent . In a preliminary hearing that would lead to a dissmissed. Just because an officer claims the tats are fresh doesnt prove its a fact. In a court of law you must prove their fresh tattoos. Its not what you can say but what you can proved.

  9. @Old School.
    You should be an attorney, you would make a good one.

  10. Innocent until proven guilty, and there’s hardly enough evidence to convict him.

  11. There are chyld molesters working in public schools now days. Public Schools dont even cared about their prior convictions.

  12. @ shadow park : Old School will have to learn to spell and use correct grammar before undertaking law school to be another ACLU lawyer. So don’t be dazzled by his bullshit.

  13. Old School, as typical in these type of cases, the police department most certainly has other evidence. They don’t have to present all that evidence to the public at the time of the arrest just to appease people who would defend this scum. You sound like a fool saying they arrested this guy just because of the parole agent tip. Don’t worry, this Ramirez loser will get his day in court.

  14. @shadowpark thanx hahaha finally someone smart understands and could read.

  15. @drsr you need reading lessons my spelling is correct point out my mistakes.

  16. @angeleno actually its typical for the lapd to frame people with evidence. Correction I sound smart discovering lie’s. Like always when this suspect gets set free your loving lapd wont show this. Thet wont mention the case no more specially on the news.

  17. School, you’ve discovered logic’s.

  18. OldSchool, I’d be glad to point out some of the mistakes in spelling and grammar that you have committed. For example, in your first post (dated May 23, 2011 at 1:41 P.M.), you need to correct the following errors:
    Sentence 2: Replace “on the sketch” with “in the sketch”
    Sentence 3: Replace “dont” with “don’t” and replace “raited” with “raided”
    Sentence 4: Replace “beat down” with “beatdown” (you used the word as a noun, so in that context, “beatdown” should be one word)
    Sentence 5: Change “Didnt” with “Didn’t” and “so called” with “so-called”
    Sentence 6: Change “dissmissed” to “dismiss”
    Sentence 7: Change “lapd” to “LAPD” (capitalize acronyms)
    In the interest of time, I’ll stop there, though I should point out that your last sentence was a run-on sentence.

  19. @ James Dude you dont like my grammer bro. I forgot to tell you, my name is Ted lol. I hope I’m not being to sarcastic for crying out loud. Hahaha lol you must be a public defender with no hope. I beg your pardon. Lol.

  20. OldSchool, don’t they let you guys out onto the patio to smoke a cigarette and take your meds at 5 P.M.?

  21. @James: Touché!
    Also, you missed post #3, first sentence, replace chyld with child. But I get it, in the interest of time, etc. All is forgiven.

    In the interest of laughter: Thanks YOU.

  22. Old School, your assertion that Ramirez was arrested just because his parole officer thought he looked like the suspect has already proven wrong. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-dodgers-20110523,0,2773021.story

    Thank goodness, some people who witnessed this horrible act of violence were willing to cooperate with the police and identify this guy and also thank goodness we live in a country, unlike the poor people to the South of us, where the rule of law still means something most of the time and the criminals do not have complete carte blanche.

  23. Also Old School you don’t add an apostrophe to make plural. You want to lay “lies” not “lie’s”. An apostrophe shows possession or is used in a contraction. I would have never pointed this out but you asked.

  24. grammar nerd with typos

    That should read “say” not “lay”.

  25. @ James sorry I dont smoke and I dont take meds. Since you know the time and everything you must have hill billie relatives that take meds. lol.

  26. @ grammar nerd or should I say, ” Revenge of the Nerds”. Who asked for your opinion? Learn how to read. I ask, that other nerd James for his opinion not you. You thong!

  27. @oldschool you don’t know sh!t if mfker had a rap sheet he isn’t a saint if you have a record you have no rights dumb ass if that was your family member who got beat you wouldn’t be defending that idiot not that I like pigs but one less lacra besides all you missing the point talking about spelling and grammar bullsht

  28. @angeleno educate yourself. The US owes Japan 13 trillion dollars. They also owe 30 billion dollars to the country down south lol. The country down south don’t owe the US nothing so whos poor. Back to the subject lapd said they have witnesses but have’nt showed them. So you been proven wrong you must be a gullible person. My point is theres no witnesses and if they were they wont go to court and point fingers educate yourself.

  29. @Ibamonster You dont know sh***t weirdo and even with a criminal record you got rights. Its called constitutional rights ignorant. If that was my family member this would’nt happened. The victim had 2 more adults with him that stay back the suspect only had 1 more friend. For the record no one really knows what happened until we hear both storys.

  30. @hoschool why you work with detectives you know there’s no witnesses you idiot who are you the prez go watch more csi and court tv Moron

  31. @Ibamonster You are an ignorant lol learn how to read the Japan issue was addressing someone else. I live in Angelino Heights who cares lol. Dont used words u dont understand “ignorant”. Google “Constitutional Rights” ignorant. Dont say anything if your gonna act childish. Go read a book and lecture yourself so you could respond better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol.

  32. Old School, I never made any comment about Mexico’s wealth, but rather described their huge crime problem and poor justice system, which unfortunately is a sad indisputable fact. Really, we owe Japan $13T – what is your source for that? The entire US debt is $14.29T – much of which is owed to people in the US. You are way off buddy. Also, saying educate oneself from someone who can’t string together three words together without a glaring error is a little comical. Most 5th graders can communicate more coherently.

  33. I wonder how Dodger games will look on a 12 inch screen in a prison cell from now on…

  34. love a blatant display of arrogance coupled with ignorance. national debt is 14.45 trillion total. China accounts for $1.1 Trillion and Japan accounts for $885 Billion. Keep the misinformation coming “Old Fool.”

  35. Just want to chime in to say that Old School is a dumbass.

  36. @Bobby Hill Dylan If your not gonna say anything smart move along groopie

  37. On the plus side, Old School, I love your tin foil hat.

  38. I completely agree with OLDSCHOOL… Now if this person is actually the guilty one then let him pay the price. But what if it wasn’t him? What then? How many people that walk the streets or go to the dodger games have tattoos or are bald? Unfortunately for him because he is on parole he has no rights and has to comply. What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? For the sake of the victims family I really do hope they catch the guilty.

  39. @Peace and Love finally someone that could read and understand. I have a point right only cause a parolee looks like the guy on the sketch he’s guilty. There’s about 1 million guys that look like the guy on the sketch. Where’s the video tapes that would proof an actual ID.

  40. hahahaha old school aka varrio osiriboys 13 aka yxster just got schooled what an oxymoron ! i wouldnt be surprised if he made up that name peaceandlove screen to make himself feel better hahaha

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