Echo Park taggers and artists compete for attention

The outdoor chalk drawings created during Saturday’s Echo Park Art Walk were not the only eye-catching displays along Echo Park Avenue.  Many readers noted the large amounts of Echo Park gang tagging  that appeared over night on several blocks of Echo Park Avenue and other streets.  A reader named Nick snapped the above photo on Echo Park Avenue near  Armitage Street on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. A*holes compete with artists. Artists win.

  2. rosehills 90032

    the rats where out last night i see . if i was living in echo park all that graffiti would be gone that morning .

  3. ha ha… a futile attempt by those EXP idiots to show they can still try and make the neighborhood a shit hole, only to be shown the door by the 21st century and it’s current residents. ha ha ha ha

  4. the EP Art Walk showed all colors of the neighborhood, I see. All walks represented.

  5. i do not understand the echo park gang. why do they consistenly bother local businesses & homeowners by scrawling ugly tags all over their walls? honestly, they just make the neighborhood ugly and harass local people trying to make a living. why? is life that boring, that’s how they need to get their kicks? i hope they all get arrested.

  6. Anyone know how many members there are in the Echo park gang? maybe a sweep can be initiated to clean them out.

  7. They’ve also been hitting up Silver Lake; I recognize those tags.

    Some artists put up wheatpasted posters and other beautiful prints on the corner of Sunset and Santa Monica on a wall that’s often covered with ads. They were really nice and creative — but of course, two days later, some gangbangers had X’d out the posters and tagged up the wall with their “artwork.”

    I don’t get it.

  8. exp,it should be ilw-“insecure lil’ wannabees”…

  9. What’s the difference between taggers and Echo Park resident Shepard Fairey? They both plaster their “art” on walls they do not own.

  10. Shepard doesn’t wheatpaste on my garage. If he did, I’d loathe him as much as I loathe Rhino.

  11. @Libertad
    Because Shepard Fairey makes millions of dollars selling Obey t-shirts at Hot Topic and steals anything that other artists haven’t nailed to the floor. And I occasionally piss on his Obey stickers that have been plastered in various bathrooms across the city.

  12. Most of these gangbangers, or their families, have lived here a lot longer than those who are posting (me included). They’re trying to hold onto their neighborhood as an onslaught of white, middle class folks move in. This behavior goes back thousands of years, only thing we can do is tolerate it until it eventually disappears.

  13. @frances??????
    So, according to you, EXP started the petroglyphs??????
    Most of these gangbangers, or their families, have lived here a lot longer than those who are posting (me included). They’re trying to hold onto their neighborhood as an onslaught of white, middle class folks move in. This behavior goes back thousands of years, only thing we can do is tolerate it until it eventually disappears.

  14. You’re missing the point. It’s about what they believe belongs to them: the neighborhood. It’s all they have. The historical reference comes from tribes, clans and the like fighting over land rights. Is it silly? In the scheme of things, of course it is. However, it’s reality as evidenced by the various attacks from across Glendale Blvd. The fact is some people take pride in where they grow up and with the addition of drugs, booze and weapons added to the mix………..

  15. Alexis Montague

    Sorry Frances, you shouldn’t bury your head in the sand and ignore violence, vandalism and drugs until they magically disappear. The problem isn’t territorial or protective, it’s socioeconomic. If these little boys were less interested in what street their parents lived on than what college they were going to, they wouldn’t bother with their pointless, and sometimes tragic, neighborhood scrums. It wouldn’t matter who lived in their neighborhood.

    Yet again, who has lived where longer is completely irrelevant. I’ve been here a very long time (apologies for the qualifier), love where I grew up, but I’m not spray painting people’s property. There’s just no excuse for this and these kids should be dealt with swiftly.

  16. “What’s the difference between taggers and Echo Park resident Shepard Fairey? ”

    On the surface, so to speak, not very much.
    Contextually however, there is a major difference between the motivations of gang graffiti (EXPs), run of the mill taggers and Shepard, as well as other street artists’, work.

    Here it is the simplest terms. ( FYI Yes I’m aware there’s a lot of grey area in between, but this isn’t the place for some half-arsed dissertation):
    Gang graffiti isn’t driven by aesthetics, or ego, it’s about marking territory.
    While you can make the same argument about tagging and street art, gang graffiti serves really only one purpose, to let other gangs know this is their area (mostly for nefarious activity) and to keep out.
    Both tagging and street art share the same motive, ego (seeing your name/art in public space), however latter is driven more by creativity and personal expression while the general purpose of tagging is ubiquity. In essence quality vs quantity.

    I’m not saying you have to like any of the above, and personally I tend to be pretty meh on most of it, but there is a difference. If law enforcement and the public took the time to understand this, instead of lumping them all together, then they’d might be able to address “the problem” with better efficiency.

  17. Street artist Space Invader left a nice art installation on Sunset at the Dodger stadium entrance. Its on the brick building on the right, accross the street from the motel on Sunset. Its in black & white on top of the building. Not sure how he got up there to lay the tiles, but I like it. Not sure if anyone else has seen it, but its a lot better than an ugly tag, by taggers or gang members. Hopefully someone will get a pic to share.

  18. Blooming In Echo Park

    You’re right Libertad…WS ExP on every other building for a mile going up and down a neighborhood street is a very encouraging statement. It’s pretty much on par with a picture of a dog with the words “Adopt” above him. Guess it’s my fault for misinterpreting it.

  19. I lived in echo park since 1987 these punks exp–ired are idiots claiming something that does not belong to them hoods belong to city government state us everybody personally I don’t care who moves in what ever race as long as you can live in peace and walk down the street no worrying about getting harassed by idiots I’m sure these are younger punk kids cause just like those idiots from cys gang people should not keep quiet u see u hear something report it

  20. Alexis Montague

    I appreciate Ibamonster’s Proustian style.

  21. Thanks Eastsider for starting/continuing this fight between graf and art. Good work! If you live in EP you already know this story, if you don’t you can comment your superior point of view about an issue that doesn’t effect you. Page views are the game, comments bring more traffic, more traffic means more ad money. Sell this story and my hood out for your bottom line. Love you.

    Here’s a better headline….
    Echopark.patch.com and Theeastsiderla.com Compete For Attention

  22. Alexis Montague

    I don’t understand the logic behind “Local’s” post. Care to clarify?

  23. My family and I came to live in Echo Park since 1968’s sadly, Echo Park has been going thru many stages, the bad one of course is always the shooting, tagging, vandalism. I can’t say art because it isn’t. There is no way I am going to appreciate when I leave home and I see the garage door tagged or the walls, this action cost money to us and the taxpayers (the one’s who work) and are not hanging by the welfare and food stamps.
    Different will be; if they take the time to clean at least there front door and help residents in need, old people who need a hand, then we could say they are proud of be a resident. Tagging the walls doesn’t make them the owner of the barrio as they call it. They should think in their future, their children, how will be their last days?. I don’t think artist are competing for attention, they are not the same, if you don’t like it, sorry but this is my opinion.

  24. @ LIBERTAD … I agree with you but are equally annoying and should be removed.

  25. Do what Riverside is doing now. $1,000 for evidence towards the capture of a tagger. It’s starting to work

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