The outdoors will be the place to be at Silver Lake’s new juice & tea spot

Photo by Dean Decent

The small  Sunset Boulevard storefront painted a chocolate brown opens today as Silverlake Juice & Tea. Behind that small facade on Sunset near Occidental Boulevard is a spacious patio where owner Baba Ji, who also owns the nearby Cowboys & Turbans restaurant, will operate a kombucha bar, according to Eater L.A.  The juice bar opens for business at 5 p.m. with $1 servings of  young coconut. “It will be full of hipsters in no time, ” said Dean Decent, who snapped the above photo this morning.

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  1. full of hipsters in no time

    I believe this store is meant to be experienced ironically. The name on the sign is “Silverlake” Juice & Tea. Not sure why the quotation marks unless, like Cowboys & Turbans, this place is meant to be a joke.

  2. What I noticed as well that’s funny, is that the font/lettering is the same as the “Salvation” sign that hangs above the stage at the Silverlake Lounge.


  3. “It will be full of hipsters in no time” …. sounds snarky

  4. “$1 servings of young coconut…” sounds snarky too. Or it should be.

    I for one have been looking forward to this outdoor space, but now do not look forward to ticketing all the young, meter-averse patrons who will no doubt park blocking my driveway so they can then jaywalk across Sunset to ironically enjoy themselves.

    Lastly, thanks to Eastsider LA for forewarning me with the kombucha link. Given the unintentionally fermented salad greens my wife experienced upon our last visit to C&T, we’ll be steering clear of that intentionally fermented beverage thankyouverymuch.

  5. i love Cowboys and Turbans. but kombucha tastes the way that formaldehyde smells. my mom used to brew it homemade before it became popular…bad memories. ick!

  6. Cowboys and Turbans was horrible the one time I ate it, and kombucha drinks taste gross. Steering clear.

  7. this place use to be a drug den with homeless people sleeping and doing drugs i spend more then year of my time to clean up and give something great to silver lake community
    i guess i can’t make everyone happy

  8. Really, your trying to do something for silverlake. Well then why dont you start with allowing the people in the neighborhood to sleep. You people dont seem to understand that voices and noise echo in between the buildings. I am so tired of not being able to sleep because of your business. And this morning after having a very hard work at week, and losing much sleep do to your business, I was looking forward to sleeping in. But no, you have hammering all morning since right before 7 am. I have never had my sleep pattern so broken in my life. I am not a fan of you or your 3 businesses there. Cowboys and turbans, That joke of a health food store, or this juice bar hang out.

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