Update on Echo Park shooting

Police have provided more information about a Sunday night shooting in Echo Park in which one man was believed to have been shot after trying to break up a fight near Sunset Boulevard and Laveta Terrace.  One nearby merchant told The Eastsider that the victim ran near his shop and said he has been grazed by a bullet. But officials later determined that the victim had not been shot but was injured when he fell as he was being chased by four suspects, one of whom was firing a gun, said Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division. Here are the details:

Regarding this incident, on May 22, 2011, at 9:30 pm, a 38-year-old male was walking by the liquor store in the area of 1516 Sunset Blvd. He interceded in an argument between a group of males, when one of the them began arguing with him. That subject then pulled a gun and he, along with three others, began chasing the victim on the sidewalk. Three to four shots were fired at the victim, who was not hit. He believed the four were gang members. They were last seen driving away east on Sunset Blvd. in a black 1990′s Lincoln Town Car.

Paramedics and fire personnel also responded, because the victim reported being hit by gunfire. As it turned out, he was injured during a fall while scrambling away from his assailant. Two shell casings were recovered by officers and booked as evidence. The investigation is being handled by our gang detectives.

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  1. if the vict believed the four were gang members, he had to know he was endangering himself by interceding. just sayin…

  2. Oh – well that’s different then. We should only be alarmed by open gunfire on our streets when it hits someone. Color me relieved.

  3. Ryan, The details are still pretty vague. You don’t know what was happening.

  4. I’m thinking that the interceder might have revised his opinion on whether or not they were gang members when they decided to start chasing him and shooting at him.

  5. Welcome to ExP…it has been a lot worse

  6. I’m relieved the victim sustained only minor injuries. Some will see getting involved as courageous and some will see it as foolish. I see it as both. But from having a gun pulled while I was trying to calm a dispute at a party looooong ago — not in Echo Park but in Malibu — I learned the valuable lesson early that danger doesn’t know zip codes and that stepping in wherever you encounter it is never as wise and safe as staying out and reporting the incident to authorities.

  7. SolanoCanyonPop

    Yeah, Coolwheto, it has. But the relatively calm waters of EP the past few years have been nice, right?

    Id like it to continue. LAPD, keep working it! Thanks

  8. Just because ExP has a reputation for being dangerous doesn’t make it right. This is a highly pedestrian area and a wonderfully cultural neighborhood. People like coming here, eating here, shopping here, and partying here. The neighborhood is changing, call it gentrification, call it culture clash, etc… but it’s changing. Shootings like Sunday night’s and killings like Mike David’s have to stop.

  9. Anyone with any common sense can see that the hood is hot as fuck right now. Not just in Echo Park, but all through the 323 stretching to Virgil. People who grew up here know that you stay out of things like breaking confrontations with strangers. The hardest business is minding your own. Echo park doesn’t owe anything to the hipsters and trust fund kids who are coming in a making it a trend. These gangs have been playing this game, and will continue to play as long as they can. If you want to live here so badly, and it means so much to you, learn that this is the reality. Echo Park today is much safer than before, and much safer than some parts of town not too far away. if you can’t handle living in a neighborhood with a gang, then you’re going to have to move out of the 323. Sorry to break it to you but there’s a powerful history here, and anyone who thinks that it will be forgotten this quickly is just unreasonable. Never forget what city we live in.

  10. Sounds like a drug deal gone bad to me ?

  11. We don’t live in ExP, we live in Echo Park.

  12. The fact that the intended victim was lucky to not to have been shot is nice. The fact that the shots did not hit anyone else is nice also.It will be nice for the shooter to serve only part of his sentence if caught. It is all so nice here in sunny CA.

  13. hey indacuts, this neighborhood, echo park (not ExP!), is in the 213 area code. and your tough talk sucks. nobody likes shooting on the streets.

  14. I have to agree with Indacuts the area is hot and it will get hotter. The only thing that changed around here is that the 100 year old houses finally got painted. Every year there’s murders,shootings,stabs and people getting shot. Even the news considers this area hot . Its also known for by standers getting killed by lost bullets. Get the point its echo park.

  15. I used to live by baxter and echo park ave. The week I moved in there was a drive by. Over the year I lived there I lived within the vicinity of so much crime it just became passe. I was always just happy the gang members targeted each other and not us white kids, besides the occasional mugging. Sadly indakids is correct about it not being very smart to try to break up fights. Echo Park can seem like a very nice place, but it’s still a very mixed area, both culturally and criminal wise. The girl who lived across the street from me had grown up there with her grandparents and she was just happy their windows hadn’t been shot out in almost a decade. Welcome to Los Angeles people, if you want to live completely crime free blow all your money on a mcmansion in a gated community. Let me know if you’re happy.

  16. Like Lil Wayne said ^ They trying to make a new map without us. But the jewelers come down and spend too much money. No matter how you paint the town it will still be ours!!!!!

  17. I like the photographs of Echo Park in the 40’s and 50’s. Everyone dressed in suits and hats, ladies in the old style dresses with umbrellas to shade the sun. Just strolling by the lake. Was THE place of LA. Had class. Even the mobsters had respect.

  18. I’m all for the town still being yours or whatever, but if that means a bunch of thugs shooting up the neighborhood, then that needs to change. Regardless of color nobody wants tomlive amidst a shootings.

  19. Gentrifiers with money and intelligence will buy the thugs out of the neighborhood; no gun waving or muscle flexing can compete with the all mighty dollar.
    Look @ neighborhoods in New York once no go areas and now gentrified, cleaned up and family oriented.
    Fort Greene.
    West Bed Stuy.
    West Crown Heights.
    East, West & Central Harlem.

    Echo Park will be a nice and safe place to live eventually if investment and college educated demographics continue to move in. We’ll take the hills first, Sunset second and eventually the lake.

  20. Indacuts and Old School, I can’t wait to see your way of thinking go the way of the dinosaur.

  21. @ CC Back in the 40’s and 50’s there was this thing called segregation which kept blacks and other minorities out of your picture perfect memories. Perhaps you and others would like to return to those seemingly much simpler and stylish times, but not this latino right here.

    @Mr Silverlake The problem with your logic is that you fail to realize that many honest and hard working class families will be displaced in the wake of your utopian gentrification process. The children of said families will grow up in much tougher surroundings and be exposed to much worse things than poorly designed signage.

  22. @ben

    decades of research by urban planners and theorists shows that gentrification makes neighborhoods MORE stable. the premise that the working class inhabitants are deep-rooted and intransient is a false one.

  23. the whole “welcome to la, get used to it” is the most idiotic thing to say ever. Just because these “gangs” have been here before “trust fund” (another idiotic thing to say) kids were here, doesn’t grant them the permission to just shoot whenever they would like. Gangsters make me sick, they live in a world where all they see is a 4 mile stretch of their “territory” The morons need to wake up and realize there is an entire world around them, and that their “hood” means shit to nothing anywhere else. I’ve been seeing gangsters tagging, harassing, name calling in broad daylight now. Do you think the people moving to echo park now are saying “Hey, before I move in, make sure you charge me $400 dollars more a month, just to push out anyone else whom used to live in the area” no, the owners of the property whom are supposedly “so loyal” to their neighborhood are. No one is trying to push anyone out of anywhere, and the fact that people in these comments are separating us people into groups “trust fund” “white kids” “hipsters” moving in are just as apart as the problem as gangsters are. The land we all live in is NO ONES territory, its ours to share and upkeep. I thought in the year 2010 people would start opening their eyes, but its wishful thinking now. All these “shootings” over “arguments” are a joke, little kids with guns that hide in the shadows of night, its pathetic. I’d wish I could hope for jail time for these petty thugs, but I don’t, I just wish for someone to open their eyes to the reality that we are all people just trying to get by like everyone else

  24. “Gentrifiers with money and intelligence will buy the thugs out of the neighborhood; no gun waving or muscle flexing can compete with the all mighty dollar….

    Echo Park will be a nice and safe place to live eventually if investment and college educated demographics continue to move in. We’ll take the hills first, Sunset second and eventually the lake.” Mr. Silverlake

    Do you mean to imply that our neighborhood is base and ill-educated? Sorry – university grad here, home owner, mother, wife and working professional. As a long time resident of Echo Park, that’s a mad slap in the face, mister.

  25. @ vicky:

    if there were enough of “you” in the neighborhood, we’d have a Trader Joe’s by now!

    you are still the vast minority.

  26. AMEN to @boring. I completely agree with you.

    @indacuts, and all the others that think like you…..you all need to wake up because you are part of the problem.

    “Echo park doesn’t owe anything to the hipsters and trust fund kids who are coming in a making it a trend. These gangs have been playing this game, and will continue to play as long as they can. If you want to live here so badly, and it means so much to you, learn that this is the reality. ”

    Do you people honestly think that its just “hipsters”, “white kids” or the gentrifiers that have a problem with this?!?! NO. It is NOT okay for gang members to be targetting innocent people that mind their own business and are not involved in any trouble, for their stay bullets to hit toddlers playing in front of their homes, for them to tag people’s homes (including people who have been in the neighborhood for a long, long time) hassle hard working business owners who are just trying to be able to eat.

    This is NOT ok. If you want to embrace the guns and the gangs, cool. Why don’t YOU go do that. But the rest of us that live in Echo Park and mind our business, (be it whoever/whatever race you are and how long you’ve been here) we ALL want a safe place to live.

    The more people like @indacuts act like its those whining hipsters, the more you add to the problem.

    It’s really sad. It’s like this problem is never going to stop unless neighbors start fighting each other, and start working together. We all want the same thing, don’t waste your energy attacking the wrong enemies. We need to fight together to make our streets safe.

  27. There will always be violence in big cities, just as there is in small towns. But as a longtime resident, who’s been here longer than the young generation of bangers, I can tell you the gangsters are clearing out — slowly and gradually. It isn’t going to happen over night, but despite spikes in violence, tagging wars, etc., the long-term trend is that Echo Park is getting more diverse and safer and cleaner. Partly it’s through the all mighty dollar, but it’s all because people have genuine love for the neighborhood and will pick up the phone if they see their neighbor’s wall getting tagged or somebody illegally dumping trash or whatever.

    @boring — I’m with you on the whole “Trust Fund” slur. It’s just a lazy way of dismissing the new kids on the block as privileged and shiftless, when most work for a living just like the rest of us. And being white in Echo Park doesn’t make anyone a hipster, just like being brown doesn’t make anyone a gangster.

    @Vicky I don’t think Mr. Silverlake was referring to you. Whether you grew up in EP or not, the fact that you are a professional living in the neighborhood makes you part of the gentrification.

  28. @ryan

    What classism! you can’t drive or bike the few miles to Los Feliz to the Trader Joe’s? Come on!

    We’re all one big interconnected hood, if you look at the geography of the area. I don’t like seeing this class non-sense going on about. There’s going to be crime whether the household income is a median of $30,000 or at $150, 000. It doesn’t make it right, but learn to live with each other like grown ups – hipsters, gangsters, trustfunders, artists and everyone else in between. We as a whole make Echo Park. It’s changing the way people think not about “money or intelligence” as some would have us believe.

  29. Why are gangsters included in with everyone else? There are not part of the “whole” that makes up Echo Park, they are the ones trying to tear it apart. Just because you’re a gangster or whatever doesn’t give you the right or an excuse to shoot at someone if they’re trying to break up one of your fights.

  30. @ vicky

    spare me the bleeding heart lecture.

    yes, i drive to Silver Lake TJ’s, South Pasadena TJ’s, Eagle Rock TJ’s… and you know what? none of those neighborhoods have gang problems like we do in Echo Park. You know why? because a MAJORITY of the people who live in those neighborhoods are EDUCATED. it’s no secret that it has always been part of Trader Joe’s business model. look it up. if that’s classism… so be it. but don’t blame me, blame Joe.

  31. I would like to thank the community members who complained about Echo Curio, and the police and city officials who shut it down, for turning the block of Sunset Blvd, on both sides of the street, where this incident took place into a deserted, inactive, dark block at night. Now with people brandishing guns. Awesome.

    When Echo Curio was open, every night of the week there were friendly groups of people coming and going from the space, patronizing the food establishments on the block, talking about the neighborhood, sharing information and music, and generally making it a safe, active block at night.

    Now that block is a stretch of stores that are closed at night, or completely empty storefronts from AA Market to Lot 1.

    WHY, with so much police presence in the neighborhood, have there been two gun incidents, one resulting in a fatality, within a single month on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Echo Park? Why is it possible that a Giants fan could be beaten almost to death, with no police intervention on OPENING F*CKING DAY at Dodger Stadium?

    Every time I walk down that block at night (pretty much every day of the week), I am newly outraged that police had the time and the muscle to close down Echo Curio, repeatedly, during MUSICAL PERFORMANCES for god’s sake. But were apparently MIA during both this incident and the one resulting in Michael David’s death.

    I am also newly pissed off at local residents who complained about Echo Curio. Are you happy now, people? Feel safer with the sounds of gunfire and sirens coming through your window instead of laughing and guitar riffs? That was so ridiculous–you could never even hear the music outside the Curio.

    Nice work. Nice priorities.

  32. Shootings and gang members go hand in hand in the hood. If you think for one second echo park/ silverlake is not the hood then your just blind or in denial. Either way ” welcome to the hood people”. Some days and some weekends better than others but all in all a great place to live!

  33. m fukn happy echo curio is shut down all the stupid fukz hangn out yelln nonsence. im born n raise n these hood for 32yrs n all these people moving into echo park need to remember you have a visitors pass into these neighborhood juz cuz of sum trendy shops n coffee shops r here doesnt mean the bullshit n these hood is gonna go away.if u cant survive n these neighborhood dont bother movn in here, do ur research…..welcum 2 LA ( yea i said n wat )

  34. @ wtf
    “That was so ridiculous–you could never even hear the music outside the Curio.”

    You’ve got to be kidding. I lived a block away on Allison @ Laveta Terrace and we could hear everything. Music starting up @ 11:30pm or later on a week night. Waking up the neighbor’s twin babies, now they’re crying. Loud, jumbled noise rock. Rattling the windows sometimes on my 50s house. Then after, the drunk kids parked outside my bedroom window. Walking up the street, yelling at each other as they go their separate ways in the dark @ 2am. Having whole drunk conversations at the top of their lungs while I’m trying to sleep. For the many residents on my block w/no private driveway, their street parking was taken up by Echo Curio crowds. Residents had to leave their cars blocks from their own houses during the night. Echo Curio was not zoned or soundproofed for the functions it performed. I’ve been gone from that area for two years and find it shocking it took them this long to shut it down. Hell yes I complained. Sorry the streets aren’t safe but don’t blame the rent paying residents trying to get some sleep – especially those with small children! I lived directly above two different nightclubs on the East Coast and they made it a priority to respect the neighbors. Not so the Curio.

  35. Some people would rather have shootings than hipsters because it’s supposedly ore authentic to the neighborhood, or something. Before the area was the “hood” it was something else, and given the seeming idiocy and excuse making of those born and raised in the area, hopefully it becomes something new. It’s sad that some defend gang violence as representative of authentic neighborhood life.

  36. @ryan

    Not a bleeding heart lecture, just facts. Downtown is booming and where is the Trader Joe’s there? The Silver Lake Trader Joe’s established long before the 2000’s reared in.

    No gang problems in Silver Lake, no shootings, no stabbings….do YOUR research. Please see the Homicide Report for the LAPD for the latter part of this past decade to present. Also, please research your gang wars in Silver Lake 1980’s – 2000’s.

    Silver Lake has cleaned up its act since the early 2000’s as I am sure Echo Park will eventually. It’s a long and bumpy road. However, Silver Lake is not gang violence free.

    The more we get together as a community, the more these problems will minimize – but be mindful that they will never fully go away.

    A good lot of my neighbors are decent people regardless of their educational background or their financial means. It’s rather lazy to say that you are a better quality individual if you have a college degree and work for a multi-million dollar company. Medium to high income brackets don’t make you a better person. I give a damn about my community and my neighbors, and yes perhaps I am a part of the gentrification of this neighborhood, but so are those who make less than I do and go to community meetings and care about what happens to their children and grandchildren.

  37. “Some people would rather have shootings than hipsters because it’s supposedly ore authentic to the neighborhood, or something. Before the area was the “hood” it was something else, and given the seeming idiocy and excuse making of those born and raised in the area, hopefully it becomes something new. It’s sad that some defend gang violence as representative of authentic neighborhood life.”

    Right. Exactly. I don’t care how long you’ve lived here, and what your socioeconomic level is – can we not all agree that we don’t want bullets flying through our neighborhood? Why is that even a question?

    Another shooting last night. This is getting very scary. I’ve got young kids, and am not sure what I do when they get to be teenagers a few years down the road, not sure I can risk something happening to them when they get old enough to want to go out at night. And I like living in echo park.

  38. @ vicky

    i have no idea what you’re on about.

    the only claims i made are that 1) a minority of residents of echo park are educated, therefore 2) until that is no longer the case we will not get that trader joe’s everybody is clamoring for, and 3) gang violence in echo park will continue to be a major problem, unlike silverlake, south pasadena and eagle rock.

    you disagree with this?

  39. @ Vicky. You are part of the solution, college grad, and literate, working professional. The ill educated and their gang offspring are the ones bringing down the neighborhood, are the perpetrators of crime. If the working poor are displaced from EP so be it, life’s unfair, it’s happened in other cities like New York & London where the poor and the gangs combined are pushed further and further out of popular locales.
    What’s the point in working hard in life if the liberals are going to suppress the notion of living amongst like minded people and striving to create a safe gun free neighborhood?

  40. Im a LAPD Volunteer but I have to agree with INDACUTS! You speak the truth!

  41. @ Everyone!!! I am born and raised in Echo Park. I have lived here my whole life 23 yrs . The gangs are not going to go away unfortunately. I am never going to leave Echo Park and this mentality alot of you have is just plain ignorant! Im not trying to offend any of you, but this has got to stop! To me you all sound like Gangmembers! I am a free lance writer. I have written in the Garment and Citizen newspaper as well as the Los Angeles Times. Im going to school for Administration of Justice and Im a LAPD Volunteer. So Im not a gang member or friends with gang members. I can understand why you would want the crime rate to go down. Everyone does! But please sit back and think about things for a minute. PLEASE!!! Dont forget I have lived in Echo Park my whole life and I know how it used to be. I live up on Echo Park avenue. Since this ” GENTRIFICATION ” occured alot of good and BAD things have happened. Crime rate as far as burglary, robbery, GTA or thefts have decreased alot they really have. But ” HOMICIDES ” or ” ATTEMPTED HOMICIDES ” have increased !!!!! And kids are dieing people !!! Okay what does that tell you? Alot of you just have to take your head up out your A$$ and think for a minute, get together, go to the Community meetings and DEMAND that you all want there to be more police officers patroling the ” WHOLE GREATER ECHO PARK AREA ” All of it.! Not just baxter. not just Fargo, not just up Echo Park avenue. But the whole area where there are the rival gangs like Crazys gang, Diamond St Gang and OBS/LCM these gangs are the ones commiting these acts of violence! If any of you go to North East police station you will find out that there are very little police officers patroling the Echo Park area because North East PD also is in charge of patroling part of Silverlake and Highland Park as well. There is not enough units! The only way for things to change is if people come together for the better of the community. This ” Caucasian Invasion ” ( Thats how I like to call it ) has helped the community in a way. But also it will do nothing about the gang problem. Art gallerys, Cafes, Vintage shops, Art Gallerys, Cafes, Vintage shops, Art Gallerys, Cafes, Vintage Shops are all great but after a while they are EXTREMELY boring and tireing! Theyre are all great things but theyre not going to change things as far as gangs go. The only way for things to get better is if there is an dramatic increase in patrol units in ALL of Echo Park. As well as more events or projects where all people can come together and try to get along. I know your all smart people and educated so prove it! EVERYONE PLEASE TAKE YOUR HEAD UP OUT YOUR ASS! Thank you! 😉 !!!!!

  42. ^^^^^….annnnnd the local schools are apparently not doing much to increase education levels.


  43. @ Ryan the same goes to you. However you want to look at it, whether you agree with me or not. At the end of the day, I am a free lance writer, homeland security graduate, administration of justice student , LAPD volunteer and future police officer. One day a politician, so think what you want 🙂 I allready know that alot of people are going to disagree with me, but that isnt going to stop me. I know that if you dont like what Im saying, it is simply because I hit a nerve did’nt I ? What Im saying is the truth and there is alot of people who agree with me. So please keep on writeing comments like the one above, because that comment made you look so educated and intelligent! ;D Right?

  44. 1) @ Ryan I lost you somewhere….Can you please fill me in as to what having a college education has to do with getting a Trader Joes in a neighborhood?

    2) I completely agree with @Vicky. There is STILL a gang problem in Silverlake. Have you ever driven down by the 101? Have you not see the GIANT tags that are posted up all around there? Have you not read about the shootings that occured within the past year? Along with the drivebys that have occured on Silverlake Blvd right by a nightclub, AND the recent shooting that happened on that same corner?

    3) @Mr Silverlake Do you honestly think that because someone doesn’t have a college degree that makes them ill educated? I know a very large number of people (myself included) who are great contributors to society (as what you are making the point for) who do not hold a “piece of paper” from a post high school institution. Second of all, you say “If the working poor are displaced ” . Key word in your statement “WORKING poor”. This is not a class war. Mr Silverlake the econmy is suffering right now, MOST PEOPLE are having a rough time. People who were once extremely successful and highly educated losing their homes. The WORKING poor, are WORKING. They are going to work, to make their situation better. Not slinging their drugs on a street corner.

    Not for anything, but there are alot of comments made here that are extremely arrogant sounding on this blog. Read your facts, stats etc, before you go pointing fingers left and right.

    Maybe if we just all focus our energy on how to GET RID of the violence, and the guns, than who was here longer, and when we’re getting a Trader Joe’s……..maybe then our streets would be alittle safer.

  45. Echo Park is not worth arguing this much over. If you don’t like it the way it is, move to a nicer neighborhood. Should the gangs go away? Yes, they should, in my opinion, gangs everywhere should cease to exist, but that’s not the way the gang members see it. I don’t understand how someone could think it’s a good idea to be a gang member, but clearly some have a different viewpoint. Therefore, are the gangs going to g0 away? No. Does the LAPD have the resources to remove them completely? No. Until Echo Park is completely gentrified and the gang members who live in the neighborhood are completely gone, it won’t be the perfect paradise we’d like it to be. Bottom line is that this is the 45th comment on this post, and almost all of the ones preceding it are from people who fully agree with one another viciously arguing over……..well, essentially nothing. Your paradise won’t be very paradisey until you start working together to make it that way. #optimism

  46. @ stand up

    sure, here’s only the most recent feature to explore this well-known aspect of TJ’s business model:


    @ AgentBwidow

    you are NOT a _free lance_ writer. you are a _ freelance_ writer.

    knowing this could help you book gigs in your freelance writing career. sorry for the snarky comment before 🙂

  47. ixnay_to_the-binary

    I’ve lived here 23 years. There have always been shootings, etc. They seem to be worse now. What I’d like to know is how is it that gang members and the people here that like to romanticize with some kind of gritty entitlement? What makes the acculturated sociopathology of shooting weapons in populated areas at unarmed people in the vicinity of numerous bystanders anything other than idiotic and deplorable? What makes these people the representatives of an allegedly threatened demographic? The hard working people that were/are my neighbors in this neighborhood tried like HELL to keep their kids out of the gangs, and considered the gangs to be a terrible terrible thing. The kids that I watched grow that joined the military, went into athletics in school or found other ways to skirt the pressure to join the gang are alive and doing pretty well whereas the kids I watched that went into the gangs are dead or look sallow, decades older than their years, hollow and dead inside. This dichotomy of “invading whites” threatening the “authenticity” of the hood as represented by gangsters is a shuck. I am annoyed by the thoughtless hipsters and their shallow flash-in-the-pan giddy bon-vivante-ism, and annoyed by the mad doggers, idiotic shooters and taggers that will deface great mural art (and any other vertical surface). I’ve been irritated by the house flipper who tried to make my hood some kind of poncy prestige community, and I’ve been irritated by the junkies who used to scream at each other all hours of the night/morning (stretched too long between fixes I guess). To read the gentrifyers above with their “triumph of the dollar” smugness makes me sick. And reading the “we was here first and so don’t say nothing bad about gansters shootin’ sh*t” comments is just as sickening. Everybody’s fighting for theirs to be the righteous cause when they’re all stuffed full of BS. Decent people, regardless of the bogus designations of culture and skin-tone have lived together here for a long time, with shifting ratios. But there will always be the creeps and crooks finding scapegoats to mask their own despicable baloney. “That’s what up”

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