Why Angeleno Heights is the place to be on trash day

On a recent Wednesday,  two visitors traveled to Angeleno Heights and spent several hours in total awe as they wandered  the streets lined with Victorian mansions and Craftsman-style homes. But the visitors  and their cameras were not focused on the historic houses. Instead, they came to watch a trash truck.  In this case, it was a green, late-model, city-owned Volvo Amrep ASL sanitation truck.  The pair followed truck No. 332 for four hours as it collected the contents of blue recycling bins.  The result of the trip was the approximately five-minute video above uploaded to YouTube by a Yorba Linda resident known as 3amrepmike3, a YouTube alias. Why would anyone create a video tribute to an Angeleno Heights trash truck?  Well, apparently like fans of trains and planes, trash and sanitation trucks also have their groupies who share photos and videos online.

“There are hundreds of people from all age groups who enjoy watching garbage trucks around the world,” said 3amrepmike3. “I am just one of many in Southern California alone.”

3amrepmike3  provided more details about  the fascination with trash trucks and explains how the trash day visit to Angeleno Heights came about after making contact with a like-minded friend known as trashmaster684:

There are hundreds of people from all age groups who enjoy watching garbage trucks around the world. I am just one of many in Southern California alone. Its just a simple interest that developes as a kid and you never really grow out of it. I do live in Yorba Linda but I travel pretty far to find different trucks from many different companies.

My friend who I met through YouTube Lives in Los Angeles (trashmaster684) and we have planned to take the subway to find some of the oldest trucks that the city of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation operates. Our intended destination was the China Town area, however upon arrival, we found that the trucks were all finnished collecting that area, and we saw that the Angelino Heights area was still to be collected. So we went on over and happened to find one of a few remaining Volvos in the fleet which was really exciting to us since we had very little hopes of seeing one.

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  1. Come watch the trucks in Topanga. They just mix the trash and the recycled cans that you take the time to separate and dump them together. Amazing!

  2. We’ve had similar garbage trucks in our city for several years now. At first I had no idea how we would have enough room in one of the bins to put all our trash. But we’re doing more recycling now, which greatly reduces the amount of garbage being thrown out. The downside is that small towns don’t have automated recycling, and it means extra trips out to recycle everything into it’s own bin.

  3. Didn’t know people took videos of Trash Trucks. I remember thinking they were cool and watching them as a kid (10 yrs old) but I grew out of the fascination. 🙂

    Im gonna have to see if 3amrepmike3 has any videos from Yorba Linda since he is from my home town and post them

  4. There are also people with a fondness for street cleaners. I worked with someone who would run out in the street to wave a chase the street cleaner. I think it would have been his highest office in life to operate one.

  5. My son LOVES garbage trucks. Sometimes he and my husband drive around the trash truck garage and stalk the garbage trucks on trash day! 🙂

  6. Hey, this is Bdeta88 from YouTube and I just wanted to applaud this piece and give a shout out to the brothas amrepmike and trashmaster.

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