A pesto bagel? I don’t think so

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Earlier this month Echo Park Patch paid a visit to Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, the family-owned bakery that has operated on Beverly Boulevard in Historic Filipinotown since 1965. Richard Friedman, whose father, Seymour, opened the original store in the West Adams district, talked about how his company has experimented with new flavors and recipes over the years. Some bagels have proved more popular than others, according to Patch:

Everyone remembers the low carb diet craze that put the kibosh on Krispy Kream’s foray into world domination.  Brookly[n] Bagel’s answer, a gluten free bagel.  That lasted all of one year at best.

The sun-dried tomato version was phased out last year.  Pesto, garden vegetable and Asiago cheese met the same fate.  Sometimes a bagel is just a bagel.

The Southern California staples–jalapeno/cheese, cinnamon/raisin–remain popular sellers.

Now if they would only phase out that green, St. Patrick’s Day bagel.


  1. Dammit, now I want a bagel soooo badly!!

  2. Gelson’s in Silver Lake is now carrying Brooklyn Bagels. Go and tell them how excited you are!

  3. This is one of probably three places in Los Angeles that knows how to make a great bagel.

  4. Jeez.

    Again, the Hipster mentality baffles me. It’s a bagel. Boiled bread with a hole in it. Any dolt can convince themselves otherwise but the reality is…. what are they doing any different that anywhere else that makes Bagels? Because they’re a “mom and pop” operation? Because they’re making them “with love”? Because they’re not some giant corporate chain that delivers soulless bagels to the huddling masses?

    Give me a break.

    It’s a Bagel, Hipster sheep. Just a Bagel.

  5. Again, the Angry-at-Everything mentality really baffles me. It’s a human interest story about a local business that’s been here for decades. They make really good authentic New York style bagels. End of story. Chill out DJ.

  6. Ha HA – Right Again my brother “DJ” “generic Japanese reference”
    You’re so right on – a bagel is just boiled bread with a hole in it – (i looked it up) these hipsters what do they know right?! “Oh I like this because it’s good and I respect the people making it” what’s that about? “Oh I like to support local business and not give my money to faceless corporations” total sheep – I wish there were more haters like us “DJ” these hipsters dont understand you like I do my friend – I was also picked last for kickball I feel your pain

  7. Anyone who loves bagels knows there is a big difference among them…..take, for example, Goldstein’s, Noah’s and the best, BBB! I didn’t realize it til now, but Brooklyn Bagel Bakery started biz on Beverly Blvd in 1965, the year I moved to LA. I’ve been buying bagels there ever since. Not only are they the best, but it’s always more fun to buy directly from the bakery, and their prices are fantastic, not to mention 50% off every day 3-5pm. You can’t beat that, or my fav, the Jalapeno Cheese!!

    I’ll also slip something in here for those of you who appreciate Burrata cheese. Go to Gioia Cheese in S El Monte and get it fresh for $6 a tub!! That’s where all the best restaurants in town get it. (They also have fresh mozzarella, ricotta, and variations)

  8. It’s not just a bagel. Bagels are difficult to make, and Brooklyn Bagels has a great recipe that your neighbors really like. So grow up, show a little respect and stop assuming everything wrong in your hood is because of “hipsters.” You sound like an arrogant fool.

  9. Since the Brooklyn Bagel Bakery is the topic of discussion, I’d like to mention a small issue that has bothered me regarding that store. I have gone there in the mornings on my way to work on and off for several years, and I usually leave the worker – the same woman for at least seven years – a tip. When I told her I thought they should have a tip jar as a lot of businesses do, she said the owners didn’t allow them to do so. I still leave 50 cents or so on the glass counter for them each time I visit, but it bothers me a bit that the workers aren’t able to benefit from a tip jar, as are the (probably better-paid to begin with) employees of places like Starbucks. I realize it’s a small issue, but I get the feeling those counter workers aren’t earning too much, and if a tip jar could bolster their hourly wage by even a dollar, well, that would be a good thing.

  10. Brooklyn Bagel has really good bagels for LA. The crap they sell at Vons/Ralphs/etc is the “bread with a hole in it” that DJ Bento Box is referring to. I don’t see what a good bagel has to do with “hipsters.” …?
    My hands-down fav is the Salt/Poppyseed, which seems to sell out fairly quick. Their lox cream cheese is also bomb. Basically I’m glad I live really close to this place.

  11. I love this place ! The melted cheese bagel is so good, also love the rye bagel & that salty bagel too.
    The veggie cream cheese is YUUUUMMMY !
    All the ladies working there are very nice too.
    Thanks for the shout out to a neighborhood gem !

  12. Anyone who thinks a bagel is just “boiled bread with a hole in” it has obviously never had a good bagel. I suggest DJ Bento Box get to Brooklyn Bagel immediately to remedy the situation. It should also be noted that a lot of “bagel” shops don’t actually boil their bagels, and therein lies the problem.

  13. I don’t even like bagels, but will agree there is a huge difference among them. If I am going to eat them, I prefer the really chewy ones like Noah’s. Still though there are those hard style one, which are very popular. Not to mention the very generic grocery store/costco ones, which are what make me say that I don’t like bagels.

  14. We can vouch for these bagels. Here’s a tip: their Everything bagel is amazing. But when “everything” falls off, sprinkle it on your cream cheese and all is well. In fact, it’s even better that way.

  15. Not only are the bagels delicious, but they employees are super nice. Last time I was there they let me go back into the kitchen and gave a little explanation of the baking process, which was all news to me. They even let me take pictures, which is pretty rare due to health department hassles.

    And if by “hipster” DBB mean “people who give a shit” then sign me up!

  16. OK…..Wanna know about REAL Brooklyn bagels? Take a look at this! BBB in LA may not do it exactly this way, but they are fabulous!

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