A ticket giveaway you want to avoid

Echo Park’s busiest traffic cop  was captured in action this afternoon as he pulled over three vehicles at a time (one had just left when the above picture was taken) on Glendale Boulevard north of Berkeley.  It’s the same intersection where 80 motorists were ticketed during a three-week period earlier this year for violating the no-left-turn sign from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Who wants to guess where the most recent ticket-tally stands?

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  1. I’ve watched cops do this right next to the Silver Lake dog park in the morning as well. While at the dog park for an hour, I watched them keep lining up cars and writing tickets. One was pulling people over while the other was issuing tickets. Didn’t pick up why people were getting tickets, though I assume probably for the same reasoning as this.

  2. Yeah for the LAPD! Instead of suggesting that we FIX the issue, they just keep writing tickets. I’ve seen dozens of cars get pulled over here. Amazing

  3. Uh , people usually get tickets because they break a law .
    Don’t break a law , don’t get a ticket …easy.

    Some ding bat in a Prius on a cell phone texting , I know this because she was staring at her phone as she swerved in to my lane right passed me .
    I was not the only one to see her lame ass ! As we approached “ticket alley ” the cop saw her unattentive dangerous ass and flagged her over !

    C-ya !

  4. the LAPD does it almost every morning and afternoon on duane and silver lake blvd by the dog park- for the exact same reason. no left turn is permitted during rush hour, there are signs all over clearly stating this, and yet, inevitably, there is a constant stream of violators. the reason for the rule is presumably to make traffic flow more smoothly for the massive amount of cars on SLB and prevent frequent red lights by left turners. i don’t wish a traffic ticket on anyone, but, when people violate a clearly posted rule, thereby making all the cars on SLB stop and wait, i can’t feel all that sorry for them.

  5. Why not install a left turn arrow on the traffic light if so many people need to make this turn to access the 2 and 5 freeways? Clearly this is a well-traveled route and that intersection is very busy during rush hours. This is another example of poor urban planning that could be fixed with better traffic management and additional, clearly-marked signs. I’ve never been pulled over here, but I’ve seen plenty of people who have. It actually looks more dangerous as the cops stand out in the road and wave people over, further blocking the far right lane and creating an increased “rubber-necking” affect that further slows traffic flow. I shake my head and flag down the guys selling coconuts and mango for a little repast among the throngs of confused and distracted LA motorists.

  6. There is no left turn arrow there because the whole purpose of curbing the turning there , is to discourage people from using Berkeley as a short cut through the neighborhood .

    It has long been a local shortcut from Sunset to Benton to Berkeley to Glendale Boulevard to avoid Alvarado / Sunset intersection .
    I guess with the growing population of the city , it was no longer just a local short cut , and too many people were trudging through the residential area.

  7. Personally, as a mom, I’m happy that this will (hopefully) start discouraging people from using that “shortcut” through our neighborhood – people FLY through the streets and ZOOM past an elementary school! Total disregard for the kiddos…

  8. Cosign Brooke’s sentiments-

    The purpose of this no left turn is definitely to discourage all the dickheads cutting through the neighborhood. Ticket away, LAPD.

  9. I got caught on an illegal right turn one time (didn’t come to a complete stop) and after he wrote the ticket I thanked him because it reminded me of what a CHP i knew had told me:

    “I’d rather write a ticket than find someone had broken not just the law but their car and body…sometimes all it takes is one ticket [and having to deal with it] to make people remember or realize that laws do have to be obeyed and that there’s usually a good reason for the laws.
    If a simple pull over for a broken taillight catches someone who shouldn’t be driving (DUI) then that’s one less accident waiting to happen. If I pull over someone who has a equipment malfunction, maybe getting it fixed will become a priority and there won’t be a big equipment failure (losing all the lights0 causing an accident.
    If we have to remind people to keep their cars safe and their eyes on the road and stay clean and sober, then I’ll be happy to ticket people all day long.
    At the academy one of the instructers called it Preventative Maintenance for the Driver’s Mind. I agree.”

    This was in a rural area and the officer had already been called to too many accident scenes so he know what he was talking about. He was able to transfer into the helicopter division, retired by now.

    Yes, I can remember seeing LAPD handing out tickets at the Figueroa onramp to the 110 south, half a dozen in as many minutes—and the idiots waiting to get on the ramp continued to do it wrong. Some will learn, some won’t but the ones who do will be safer (or maybe just more cautious) drivers and we’ll all benefit.

    Of course, I do have a LOT more respect for CHP than for LAPD…

  10. As a taxpayer just like everyone else I should have the right to travel and make turns on any street I want. These no left turn streets are ridiculous and a pure excuse for a monetary shakedown. Better urban planning is in order instead of persecuting motorists. Talking of persecution I thought it was disgusting of our local PD to be hiding behind bushes with a radar gun outside of the Silverlake Lounge on Memorial Day. Could the local hard working citizens have one day out of the few we have off in a year to go about our business with out “our” public servants shaking us down for extra taxes?

  11. Totally agree with littlewing – dont break the law, dont get a ticket.

  12. I got a ticket here once and I wasn’t shortcutting. I lived behind the AM/PM but I just completely goofed. It was unintentional, but yeah i broke the law so it’s fine. I deserved the ticket for spacing out, but this whole “tax payer” arguement always cracks me up. People were pulling out the “i’m a tax payer” arguement for the silverlake meadow/dogs BS. What does this even mean? Taxes suck! but this doesn’t mean we have rights to any and everything we want because we pay taxes. Rules and laws are kept to keep idiots in line and the world is full of idiots so I fear the thought of a lawless world of idiots doing whatever they want.

    On the same note, that intersection could use a green left hand turn arrow. The problem is, the only way to go that way on glendale from where I used to live legally was to drive on Allesandro up from Berkley to Montana where there is a light to actually make a left which is the completely opposite direction or go straight on Berkley across Glendale and pull some horrible K-turn or U-turn somewhere, or turn right on Liberty or something going again. . . . in the opposite direction. Even if you do it legally and make a left at a light like on Montana, it’s always so backed up that there is no where to pull into the lane to make a left so you end up blocking the intersection. There may be people taking a “shortcut” but there are also a crap ton of houses up there that are just leaving their homes to go to work and have to get on the 2 Freeway.

  13. “As a taxpayer just like everyone else I should have the right to travel and make turns on any street I want.”

    I missed that amendment to the constitution. Thankfully entitled douchery is still protected by the 1st amendment.

  14. I suggest opening up a Left Turn Arrow Design Competition and allotting $1.5 million of Mr. Silverlake’s tax dollars for implementation of the winning entry.

  15. If we’re redoing that intersection, would also be useful to have arrows painted on the pavement or indicated on a sign for the 2 lanes – do both have the option to go straight? or do those of us who need to go straight have to wait behind the left turners? or should be stay in the right lane with right turners behind us honking because we aren’t turning on the red? If there were a sign, maybe the right turners would get it and stop honking.

  16. I’m fine if people from Silver Lake get the tickets.

  17. The real problem is that the statutory standards for posting the No-Left-Turn-during-certain-hours sign is insufficient. The hours are written so small on the signs that you can’t even read it until you are in the intersection, and then you can’t be looking up at a sign, you must be looking straight, left and right to watch the other traffic.

    Also, with Los Angeles refusing to adopt commercial signage restrictions (Glendale has them, and see the difference), there are so many signs grabbing your eyes that any driver becomes desensitized to them and so is only that much less likely to see a low profile traffic sign. These left-turn signs are VERY low profile, far too low profile to be noticed.

    I’m sure the signs meet the legal standard, but they nonetheless are very insufficient. Rest assured, if people actually did see the signs and were able to read them, there would be hardly any people making the turn illegally. But what we have are tons of people doing it — because they are just not aware of the restriction. That many people are not doing it because they are flaunting the law; they are doing it because the signage is insufficient.

    Rather than merely meeting the minimum standard of the law for the signage, the city should use sing that people actually be notice.

    The standard of the signs is not LAPD’s doing. They don’t deal with the signs. They can only try to stop accidents by enforcing the rules. But they can urge the city to put in more noticeable signs. But I suppose then the city would consider how much money ti will lose from the much lesser tickets that could be written.

    I notice with all the complaining around echo Park about these left turn tickets, the local councilman Garcetti has done nothing to address the poor signage problem. That issue is up Garcetti’s alley, not LAPD’s.

  18. Glendale is backed up due to heavy traffic and on-ramps to the 2/5 freeways. Avoiding left turns during 4 to 7p allows traffic to flow through cross streets. It just means you have to plan your route accordingly if you travel at that hour.

    Glendale technically may be under the jurisdiction of Caltrans – at least within 50 – 100 feet of the freeway ramps they are. An evaluation of the on- and off-ramps for the 2/5 freeways was completed by Caltrans and others, but their proposal to change things up a bit was shot down by local residents during a public meeting almost a year ago. Not sure if those plans are going to move forward in any capacity.

    As far as crying over noticeable signage, we all make mistakes now and again, but I’d wager the majority of violators knew it was there and disregarded it. I turn left daily onto Duane from Glendale and there is an unlimited amount of idiots that cross the double yellow to make u-turns from the left turn lane on Glendale to get onto the 2 (even though the prominent -or not- No U-turn signage is present). So not only are they illegally making a u-turn across a double yellow line, but they’re making one on a RED left arrow. Feel free to redirect the cops from Glendale and Berkeley to that intersection.

  19. People who make left-handed turns during rush hour have turds where their hearts should be.

  20. As a long-time Berkeley Ave resident, I say hooray for the LAPD. Ticket on! Before the left-turn restriction was implemented, cars would be backed all the way up Berkeley, turning our neighborhood into a freeway on-ramp — and bringing, all too often, the bad driving behavior of people in a hurry to get wherever they’re going. Our neighborhood is not a short-cut — the streets weren’t designed for that volume of traffic. It’s so simple to avoid a ticket — just don’t turn left from Berkeley between 4 and 7 p.m.

  21. Im glad Im not the only one sick of people using the whole ‘as a taxpayer Im entitled to be a horses ass” one liner….

  22. It’s a risk and most of the left hand turners know it. It’s not like there are hundreds of new “short cut finders” on a daily basis.

    I take the risk from Duane to Silverlake Blvd every morning. I get dirty looks all the time. The obvious goal of these signs is to minimize thoroughfair traffic for commuters. Which is good. I don’t want people driving through my neighborhood when there are established routes to commute. So why do I break the law? I live halfway up Duane and I work west on Beverly. I can either start my morning driving up a 44 degree hill going in the wrong direction or go down the hill but turn in the wrong direction. There is literally no logical route for me to take. So I gamble and break the letter of the law but certainly not the spirit of the law. Then again who knows whether an officer will agree with my assessment if I get pulled over.

    There needs to be a sign system so that those that can prove their local addresses can be able to make a left at those particular intersections. Much like our AM/PM friend’s sitch. Otherwise the rules exist for obvious and valid reasons and I pray to god that Mr Silverlake is totally trolling us but something tells me that he is, in fact, a huge douche.

  23. Henry, if you can’t read the THREE signs that are posted at this intersection, then you probably shouldn’t be driving. There’s 3 signs! A clearly visible one on the right where a stop sign would be, one in the middle of the intersection, and one on top of the light at the far side. What do you want, a billboard? It’s a motorist’s responsibility to look for signs and pay attention. And, if you cant see the hours posted on the sign until you’re mostly in the intersection, you can safely assume that the hours posted are probably during rush hours, LIKE EVERY OTHER NO LEFT TURN RESTRICTION IN THE CITY. Take some responsibility for yourself, otherwise, you sound like a really dumb cry baby. That goes for all of you!

  24. Years ago I had a similar ticket, in Glassell Park and ave 40 (also where verdugo and the post office is at) . If you make a right on ave 40( I forget the numbers) and you try to make a left onto the rite aid parking lot its illegal. I got a ticket there, as cops where posted in the lot waiting for motorists. what sucks is just i was born and grew up in Glassell Park and for as long as I can remember, making lefts there was perfectly legal, and then one day it changed. cop wouldn’t buy my story and still got my ticket, even though those signs were pretty new. that berkely glendale signange though has been there now for more than ten years. I used to take that shortcut.

  25. I wonder if this is the guy who ticketed one of friends the afternoon she had to put her cat down and she was sobbing uncontrollably in the car…jerk.

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