Band van stolen off Silver Lake street in an encore performance by criminals

Photo from Family of the Year website

Members of the indie band Family of the Year had finished playing at the Troubador on Thursday night when they returned home to Silver Lake and parked their rental van on Allesandro Way near Loma Vista Place.  Some time overnight the van – and all their instruments as well as amplifiers- were stolen, reports keyboard player Christine Schroeter. It was the second time their van was stolen off the same street. Schroeter said the band is seeking the public’s help to recover at least some of their instruments before starting an overseas tour.

It all feels awful and totally unfair. It’s the second van in the last couple months that’s been stolen from us on this street, but this time this one wasn’t ours (u-haul’s) but was filled with everything we love … A lot of our instruments are very important to us and we know every little ding and imperfection on them. Any and all help and support is super appreciated.

Click here to view a post with a description and photos of the stolen equipment.


  1. Hate to say it, but that’s why you don’t leave equipment in the van, even if its a pain to unload late at night.

  2. wow, this is really f*’d up for this band….I hope they get those dirty bastards! Karma will get them for sure!

  3. This sucks. Best of luck retrieving your equipment (and van). Hopefully, this post will help.

    But “kelly” is correct – we live in an urban environment and there are bad people, you must take precautions. Don’t leave band equipment in a van. Don’t leave handbags or leather jackets – or even cds – exposed in your car. Even Eric Garcetti got stuff stolen from his parked car in Echo Park. You can bet he did not let it happen again. I certainly learned my lesson in the past.

    “Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.”

  4. Ive seen you guys play and youre fantastic.

    Try looking on E-Bay for someone selling your stolen gear and documenting what you might find and showing it to LAPD. I knew this girl from Silver Lake who had her guitar ripped off, found it on E-Bay and got it back for free

  5. Don’t make it so easy, if you’re not going to unload your van. Next time secure your van with a steering lock, and a brake lock. I bought both for $88.00 at Pep Boys. Good luck getting you stuff back.

  6. That really sucks for you guys, I’m sorry to heat this happened. @RR had a great idea!! I’d check ebay and also checked local pawn shops. There’s one on Sunset blvd right at the corner where the rec center is. I can imagine if the criminals were local, there is a good possibly you could find some of your stuff in there too. Hope you guys get your stuff back! Best of luck to you!!

  7. I am going to have to agree with Kelly here. It sucks, but leaving gear in your car for any amount of time isn’t a good idea.. esp in the EP/SL border. Cars are getting broken into for much less.

    Never the less.. hope you get your stuff back.

  8. having your gear stolen hurts the wallet and the soul. but that’s why you don’t leave all of your gear in a van, especially if it has happened in the past couple of months. good luck finding it.

  9. original comment

    since no one else has mentioned this–you guys really should have been more careful and not left your stuff in the van. also, it sucks.

  10. Leaving the gear in the van is never, ever OK no matter what town you’re playing. Painful lesson learned my friends but I’m sure you won’t do that again.

  11. That really really sucks! I live just off that same street and have had my car window broken three times and they didnt even take the cash or mp3 player that were sitting in plain view! It’s horrible that it is such an epidemic in that area at night, need a neighborhood watch or something this behavior is unacceptable from most likely the same people commiting these crimes.

  12. sucks; I’ve had gear stolen before and I was pissed. we fixed up our van after that so everything was loaded in the back and was basically in a big impenetrable box. it had a bed on top of it. hope you can find at least some of it. start stalking the pawn shops, ebay, craigslist, the used equipment stores, etc…

    i won’t lecture on leaving the equipment in the van as they just learned a very hard (but valuable lesson).

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