Designers duel over Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction

Nearly 60 entries were submitted in a design competition to transform a patch of Sunset Junction asphalt  next to the Silver Lake Jiffy Lube into a $100,000 public plaza and monument. On Thursday night, the public is invited to review and vote on the proposals of five finalists competing to win the Envisioning Silver Lake Design Competition and a $2,500 prize.  The finalists, listed below, will make a presentation before a vote is taken:

  • Meter (Henry Buckingham, Marco Vinicio Monter)
  • All That is Solid (Danielle Wagner, Alex Chew, Max Kuo, Heather McGinn)
  • B Plus U (Herwig Baumgartner, Scott Uriu)
  • bau10 LLC – Sustainable Design
  • Patrick Tighe Architecture

What do the designs for the plaza and “permanent installation” – think  monument sign or sculpture –  look like?  The Eastsider is trying to get a hold of images of what has been proposed for the site at  Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards.  The judges in the competition, sponsored by Council District 13 and the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, were looking for “relevance to to Silver Lake culture, history, and Sunset Junction.”

The plaza will  anchor the western end of  $1.5 million in public improvements that includes new street trees, patterned crosswalks and bike racks along a three-block stretch of Sunset Boulevard. (click here for a block-by-block proposal).

The presentation and vote on Thurday, June 2 will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Micheltorena Street School auditorium.


  1. Though I am appreciative of the improvements, spending 1.5 million for three blocks… what are they doing? paving it with gold?

    How much does paint for the crosswalks, bike racks and trees cost?

  2. Talk to the unions.

  3. silver lake mom

    Better yet talk to Eric Garcetti. He is running for mayor and will use this in his campaign literature as well as all these new “parks” he is building. He dosen’t care about all our taxpayer money he just wants to be Mayor. He is the worst kind of politician. He claims to be for the people and he is all about his own power

  4. In addition to bike racks, painted streets and the new plaza the overall plan calls for safety improvements like increasing sidewalks at the crosswalks, improved bus stops and changing bus routes. The project covers about 5 blocks.
    I have been passing out flyers for Thursdays presentation/ vote and have talked about the project with many community members. So like the idea, others not so much. No matter what your thoughts are regarding the use of funds, this is going to happen (in fact it has been in the works for about 2 years now). So why not come to the meeting and vote on the plaza you would like to see built.

  5. The new parks are wonderful additions to the community. The majority of the community wants them—last check, nearly 3 to 1. The vocal minority of whiners and complainers who constantly attack Garcetti because they don’t believe in shared space have yet to propose anything that the community can get behind. No wonder they’ve accomplished nothing and can only resort to intimidation, obstruction, and false accusations. That must both take a toll on and fuel their egos simultaneously—tough wanting to be a player in the community and constantly losing.

  6. They’ve accomplished nothing because they are corrupt and this 1.5 million project will resemble NOTHING of a park.

    Dream on Freud Sat Nam.

  7. I’ll tell you what, RJ. I will personally pay you $500,000 if you can rip out all the pavement, dispose of it, build a monument/park, create bike lanes in accordance with all traffic plans and regulations, plant and install maintenance for trees on the surrounding three block, and re-work all the cross-walks. And not with some cheap can of paint that wears off in a week, but with sustainable reconstruction and durable new materials, which complies with all ADA laws. Oh, and you have to make every single constituency in the area happy.

    $500,000 out of pocket, personally, me to you.

    You can do it, right? I mean, how hard could it be?

  8. Mark,

    You seem to get my point exactly.

    $500,000 is a fair amount of money to get this done.

    NOT three times that at the amount of 1.5 million.

  9. Frankly, to put in 19 saplings, some paint at the crosswalks, some metal posts called bike racks, and what amounts to an expanded curb, plus some kind of sculpture should not cost anything close to $500,000, much less $1.5 million!

    I think this is a great project. I think this is a criminal amount of money being handed over for it.

    Just as an addendum, that sculpture location will not be a PARK. Its too small to be even a so-called pocket park. Its a sculpture or signage of sort. And while I’m all in favor of art and artists, $100,000 is more than I make in two years! It ain’t going to take them two years of labor for the design and construction of the sculpture! It ain’t even going to take them six months!

  10. Hello All,
    I have seen the 5 projects that will be presented this evening and believe me none are simple monuments! Some are way cool, other not so cool and some may be considered over the top, but none is just a monument. Nor is any of them a park.
    I hope all of you are able to make it to the presentation this evening.

  11. Ara,

    I was referring to silver lake mom’s comment about “parks”, which I believe she thinks of separately from this project. And yes, I’ll continue to dream about improving the community. Thanks.

    And everyone come out and see and vote.

  12. Eastsider !!! please take some photos of the proposed entries!

    I cant make it out tonight but would still love to see what the finalists are bringing to the table.

  13. How about putting a Police Station there? Seems like we might need it…

  14. No Garcetti For Mayor

    Garcetti is the worst kind of politician because he pretends to back community issues, and then he flip flops and takes back his support before you even know what happened. Look what he did with the 5 story modern apartment building that will be the new entry into Echo Park on Sunset? He said he was against it and then steam rollered it right on through. Goodbye community garden. We don’t even get any art?

  15. For a liberal open minded community I am always surprised by the contingency of extremely negative snarky complaints to any proposal for change. This is unfortunate. Life moves forward. You can chose to be involved or not but whining in a blog post comment list isn’t productive. Instead try getting involved, provide constructive feedback, propose alternatives. Frankly just having the design ideas competition is a productive process. It starts a community dialogue about the next steps. I’m looking forward to it.

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