Echo Park-Silver Lake gunfire leaves no trace of a shooting

Residents living along the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake heard the sound of gunfire on Tuesday afternoon near Sunset Boulevard and Waterloo Street but police could find no evidence of a shooting.  Police received “multiple calls”  about  gunshots being fired at about 2:30 p.m., said Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki with the LAPD Northeast Division. One Eastsider reader who was in her car nearby said she heard about six shots. “I know the difference between them and fireworks, having been in EP for four years,” she said.

Polehonki said that “responding units checked the surrounding area and found no evidence.”  While there were no signs of a shooting this time, Polehonki advises residents to always call 911 if they hear the sound of gunfire. “Please don`t assume that someone else will call. Gunshots can echo and their exact location difficult to pinpoint. If we can locate a crime scene quickly, additional resources such as paramedics can be summoned to help victims. A quick response also helps in scene preservation and in the recovery of evidence.”

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  1. The longer the graffiti sits on nearly every sidewalk in that stretch of “Silcho Lark,” the more spray paint cans will convert to guns.

  2. @Atwater Village Newbie I agree about the graffiti on the sidewalk. I call all the time to report and it seems like they always paint over the walls but leave the sidewalks.

    About the gunfire…I am on Coronado Terrace and heard it but just assumed it was fireworks given the upcoming date. I don’t know if I’m glad or not that I couldn’t tell the difference!

  3. the punks probably picked up all the shell casings b4 LAPD could show up.

  4. I actually saw the guy shooting the gun on Elsinore. I heard 4 shots and stupidly stuck my head out the window to see where they were coming from when I saw a guy running being chased by another guy followed by a girl with a bike.
    He shot again and I could feel the force from the bullet as it must of hit the pavement just in front of my house. I hit the floor and heard the guy run by and the other guy yell before peeking out to see the guy on the corner trying to decide which way to go. He was holding his bike and had a jacket over the gun.
    It was really scary to be that close. There was a guy who was walking to his car and jumped in and sped away from the gunfire. But otherwise just a minute later people were strolling by and all was back to “normal”.
    I called the police and check the street for casings….

  5. I just went out and found one of the casings…but since there wasn’t any victims I am sure the police wouldn’t be interested…

  6. Well not all guns leave casings.

    Now since nonamethistime saw the shooter, so I’m not debating this happened. However there is no way to tell the difference between firecrackers and firearms by hearing them. Guns and firecrackers sound wildly different depending on the type. Plus living in EP for four years doesn’t make you an expert on anything, other than satirical mustaches and retro 80’s clothes.

  7. @nonamethistime. The shell casing might have fingerprints. LAPD would probably be interested, as long as you didn’t contaminate it with your own fingerprints. If a match is found the police, would try to track down this person to interview them. You should call the LAPD, and ask them if they want to see it. There have been way too many shootings in EP lately, and the shell casing may help get one of the shooters off of the street. Hopefully you used a plastic bag to pick it up.

  8. well stupidly I didn’t use a plastic bag…I did try to barely touch it but as long as there is no victim the police is not interested in the casing, which I understand …to a degree.

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