Echo Park’s Mohawk Bend prepares for its grand opening

A peek into the Ramona Room. Photo by Kat Nguyen

Mohawk Bend, a sprawling restaurant and bar located a former Sunset Boulevard movie house, will open June 28,  the largest and most ambitious of a string of new eating and drinking establishments to open in Echo Park in recent years. The restaurant will include two bar areas, a  sidewalk patio and the Ramona Room – named after the theater that once occupied the space – with a soaring ceiling, skylights and fireplace.  Owner Tony Yanow, who is also involved in a proposed brewery in Atwater Village, said in a press release:

“We’re so excited to open in Echo Park and be a part of the Eastside community,” said owner Tony Yanow, who lives in nearby Los Feliz. “With Mohawk Bend, we are really hoping to create a neighborhood restaurant and bar and one that shows our commitment to California with all of the California-based products we use, from our 100-percent California beer, wine and cocktail program to the local, organic ingredients in the kitchen.”

The restaurant has not been without its critics, including nearby neighbors concerned about noise and traffic. Then there is that sign out front.

How big is Mohawk Bend? The restaurant will be able to seat as many as 234 customers in dining areas and and pub, according to a restaurant spokeswoman. That’s big but still not as big as one of Echo Park’s oldest restaurants, Taix, which can seat 240 people in its dining room and lounge  and an additional 320 persons in banquet rooms, said owner Mike Taix


  1. The Eastsider really has a thing about criticizing this place, doesn’t he? It must get him mad hits!

  2. I know everyone is going to flip out at me for asking, but how about a link to the source that originally posted this.

    Not that this site doesn’t have good info. Just that the info gets corrected a lot.

  3. That outdoor beer festival looks kinda cool. What’s that about?

  4. It’s off a press release on Facebook I imagine, but here’s the longer version – http://www.quarrygirl.com/2011/06/01/mohawk-bend-to-open-june-28th-time-for-vegan-pizza-and-beer/

  5. My disappointment in the signage isn’t going to prevent me from being excited by and hopeful for Mohawk Bend. After all these years of the theater being derelict, I’m looking forward to checking the place out. Props to Tony Yanow for boldly going where none were willing to go before in resuscitating this dead space and breathing new life into the neighborhood.

  6. Watchin' the Boulevard


    I think there’s a lot of anticipation and apprehension within the community regards this place —

    There’s worry that the place might end up some sort of Bourgeoise Frat House invasion from Hollywood or the westside. The amount of money that’s been poured into the place starts to suggest that everything may be way expensive.

    The sheer amount of space that the place takes up and its prominence on the boulevard, combined with the length of time that the building lay vacant, makes for a very closely watched and highly anticipated development, something that the Eastsider is reporting on properly.

    It’s suddenly become an 800 pound gorilla on the Echo Park scene, so we’re all trying to read the tea leaves to manage our expectations.

    This is why the signage might be a red flag indicative of other poor choices.

    Everyone wants to like the place, but we’ll just have to wait and see…

  7. i can not wait!

  8. “Bourgeoise Frat House invasion from Hollywood or the westside.” – Good point! There’s a reason we all like the eastside… 🙂

  9. I hear ya, Watchin’! This is just another wave of the hipster invasion!

    And I’m glad the Eastsider posted his old links to Echo Park Life. They’ve been tryin to keep this place out of our neighborhood the whole time, fighin the good fight.

  10. if you don’t like it, don’t go – it’s as simple as that. but please feel free to continue leaving whiny comments here.
    ; )

    this non-hipster can’t wait to go! (but will probably wait a couple of weeks after opening to let the expected kinks work their way out.)

  11. Wow. What is with all the misplaced criticism toward The EastsiderLA?

    @hoochie: EastsiderLA has covered this project extensively and without bias. Any criticism or concerns has been in the comments section of previous coverage of this and not editorialized by the site.

    @Mark: Not sure what you are referring to about linking to the “source” but the article states that the quote from the owner was released in “a statement” which I would assume means that a lot of various media would have access to it and utilize the quotes.

    Just had to jump up and defend because I love this site and the service it provides to the community with it’s extensive coverage of things that we would be in the dark about otherwise. Peace.

  12. don’t get it twisted rizzo. i’m just sayin! the eastsider has been posting about this a lot!

    but that’s cool he’s on the case. restaurants always bring trouble to the hood. just look a barragans and fix. can we deal with any more possible violence around here?

  13. Folks getting up in arms over the signage on this place is some serious “first-world problems” shit. It’s “important” to keep places like this out of the neighborhood, says people who have no clue.

  14. The backlash aimed at this place is surprising. As a long-time resident and total non-hipster, I am also looking forward to going here. Mostly because I love 60 beers on tap!
    I dont understand all the criticism. Would people rather it stayed a homeless encamptment? Im so happy to see it cleaned up.
    It probably wont be cheap, but its LA. What new restaurants have you been to that are?
    Its a hard business I give props to anyone trying to make it happen. It might not be designed the way you like or priced the way you prefer or the “right” kind of restaurant, but then dont go. Ot move somewhere with cheap, well-designed restaurants (Portland comes to mind)….

  15. @Jimbob

    You’re either FOR the bourgeoisie or you’re AGAINST them!

  16. @ hoochie: It’s cool. Not getting anything all twisty! It was just that when I first saw this story and wrote my comment there were only the first two comments posted so far and they were both negative toward the site and it’s coverage. Bummed me out. Carry on!

  17. People who think large establishments with alcohol are automatically the territory of some kind of frat house crowd rather than people who would like a place to get a drink OR the sort of places that will suddenly result in an extremely localized apocalypse are pretty funny to me. Does the sight of a pint glass of ale from Northern Cali bring out the Chicken Little in folks? And guys, if you wanted to do something as yawnsome and cliched as fight a hipster invasion in Echo Park, you probably should have done so when Gram Parsons started getting his photo snapped at Burrito King.

  18. Tony’s Darts Away up in Burbank is pretty blue collar/regular folks. I don’t think Tony has hipsters on the mind, to be honest.

  19. Tony’s Darts Away’s sign/logo does NOT suck.

  20. I’m very excited to see the interior of this place and sample at least a few of the many beers that will be on tap. I’m also hoping I can catch a few games (baseball, basketball, football) while enjoying my new neighborhood eatery. There’s no real dedicated “sports bar” in the area, save the Public House in Los Feliz, which seems to be doing a great business (they’re expanding), so perhaps ownership will offer us something along these lines as well. All the fear and resentment of a new business revamping a firetrap into another local place to grab a quality bite and a brew seems strange to me. Increased foot traffic and commerce in that area can only make it safer and attract additional businesses. Hipsters taking over Echo Park? Please. Everyone is just looking for affordable housing and a decent quality of life. Our neighborhood offers this, so naturally people who can will move here. Businesses and services respond to or anticipate this and setup shop. Economics 101.

  21. I remember going to this place when i was a kid, and it was a movie theater back in the 90’s which was named “Studio 1″, I wish there was some archive pictures of ” Studio 1″ . But i am Stoked about revisiting this place even though it’s not a movie theater anymore. Best of luck to the new owners. 🙂

  22. Give up the ‘sign whine’ folks. If you think of the sign as a ’70s riff, it’s easier to swallow. THE SIGN IS FINE. Next! 🙂

  23. Thank goodness someone is bringing something good to this crumbling street. I’m not a beer drinker or a vegan, but I do think that this stretch of Sunset and that building have long deserved some love and attention from local business owners. I love Elf but other than that what does that block offer after the smattering of misplaced shops close? – NOTHING, that’s what!
    Even if I never go in there – and I will go in there, it will be nice to have something that isn’t falling apart on that block. I for one, hope that it elevates that whole stretch and brings more conscientious business owners to the block.
    A strong business will deter crime and reinvigorate an area that is long overdue.
    I live on Mohawk just 2 blocks away. I am not for gentrification but I am for getting rid of vacant neglected buildings and useless businesses and making Echo Park a destination for those of us that live walking distance and those that come from other areas.
    This area will get better or get worse but it won’t stay as it is, or like it was. I am happy that this is a sign that things are getting better. Maybe I am for gentrification, if that’s what that means.
    As usual, there are a lot of East Side haters who hide behind their screens and call foul for anyone trying to do anything. To all of you I say, there is a reason why you aren’t doing anything worth doing.
    For those of us that are trying to make our neighborhood a better, safer and more beautiful place to be we say Welcome Mohawk Bend.
    Peace out.

  24. Mohawk Bend is wanted by the neighborhood of Echo Park for font crimes against humanity.

  25. @ryan

    Dude. Are you cool?
    Is everything okay?
    How’s it going with you awesome logo hatred?
    Are you cool, dude?

  26. I like the sign and the logo. There, I said it!

  27. Hey @arturo.

    For sports bars, check out Home out in the Silver Lake zone and El Compadere in Echo Park. They’re not super sporty, but that’s where we watched the last two world cups.

    It sounds like this new place is going to be about the food and beer, which is cool. It’ll be good to have a place to chill and talk. Not sure what people here have against that but whatevs. If you all stay home, I have a nicer place to hang. Awesome!

  28. cool how eastsider updated this post with info about Taix, which is more than TWICE as big as this new place! down with the bourgeoisie!

  29. bien dicho, arturo.

  30. Sorry! I was talking to Lambskins about the sports bars!

    But I agree, arturo. That was very well said. Thanks!

  31. @ local

    please tell me you are not responsible for that monstrosity.

  32. uh, no dude.
    but you seem to have some issues you want to talk about.

  33. ok, you’re officially a weirdo.

  34. Jeremy Ironhead

    Studio 1 was a cheap place to check out movies, but it was terrible. If the sticky floors and roaches didn’t get you, the springs through the seat cushions would. Definately looking foward to some quality food and tasty craft beers. I’d rather stay local instead of traveling out to BJs or some other huge restaurant chain in Glendale or Burbank.

  35. They said it holds 234 people. Where are they going to PARK???

  36. I’m definately excited about the old “Ramona” aka Studio 1 theater being renovated, it has stood in shambles for too long, I spent many a Saturday’s there, and was saddened when it closed, shoot, I was Woodstock the movie there! any kind of betterment for the community, i’m for!! can’t wait for it’s opening!! come on people, let’s give our neighborhoods some support!!!

  37. ryan. bro. broseph stalin. i’m just worried about you.
    it doesn’t seem like you have a lot going on in your life right now?

  38. There goes loco local again —

    Getting all weird stalker/crushing on ryan.

    It’s weird, dude.

    The sign is silly/cheap looking. That’s all. Not a crime to point that out. Not a “hater” to point that out. Just talking about what looks good in signs and what doesn’t. That’s all.

  39. Excited for the restaurant. Obviously they’re putting in a lot of work so good for them. And I know it’s been said but the design of the sign is just not good. Art certainly has a subjective element but there is still good and bad and the logo/font/everything looks my 93 year old Kansan grandma made it in photoshop and she doesn’t even know how to use email. The sign’s size is not the problem. The design doesn’t fit with the art deco building (pretty big sin) but it just doesnt look good in and of itself (cardinal sin).

  40. @local:
    aaaaaandd, you’re now officially a troll.

    @loco local; @short sighted:
    true dat.

  41. omg ryan. have you SEEN the crap at silver lake junction???? wtf!!!!!


  42. omg @ryan, have you SEEN the stuff at silver lake junction?? wtf!!!!


  43. Seriously, cabrona. What is up with those designs? Bamboo? Parasols??
    I’m with you, ryan. All these hipsters have to go.

  44. And they said it holds 234 people! Where are they going to PARK?????

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