El Sereno open space up for grabs

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El Sereno residents in recent years have scored some major victories in preserving open space for parkland. In 2009, the city agreed to purchase 15 acres atop Elephant Hill for open space, and El Sereno residents today celebrate the grand opening of Ascot Hills Park, which sprawls over more than 100 acres of grassy slopes and canyons. Now, another large piece of  El Sereno open space – a nearly 11-acre, vacant hilltop north of Huntington Drive near Barrett Road – went up for sale this week. The price: $5.7 million. The land  owner is promoting the property with “360 degree views” as a prime site for homes – not parkland, with room for 24 single-family homes, 28 condos and a day care center. Says the listing:

Opportunity to create a higher-end community attracting professionals from nearby– USC Medical, Downtown LA, CalState LA, Cal Tech. Walk to Huntington Drive.

Does this hill have a name besides “development opportunity”?

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  1. The older name of the development involved the main access point of Wadena – so Wadena Hill sounds better than Barrett Hill.

    I doubt if “they” can build anything on the property now although the re-zoning in the 1990s got the whole thing as a PUD (Planned Urban Development). In the 1990s the owner got it going but then the Bust in 1993-95 stop it then it started up again but couldn’t get it going before 2008.

    I and others have had a great condition of 11+acres of open space – 5mi from downtown LA and 5mi from Old Town Pasadena.

    Only 6-7 of the houses may have a 360 view and it is lovely but the others will have a 90 view of the El Sereno valleys and Hills/Ridges – view of east side of Elephant Hill for most units.

    In the 1990s with Alatoore’s staff, I fought it and will fight it again.

    Frankly I doubt if it will go again and your sampling of the potential buyers would probably NOT want to walk or even drive down to VanHorne and Huntington Dr. We do have a Farmers/Street MArket at Maycrest/Huntington but that is on the other side of the hill.

    I have enjoyed the people, neighbors, and our El Sereno village-life for 30+ years. On a good day I can see Catalina and Pacific Palisades…

    LA32 NC

  2. Why do you want to fight it? You want to maintain another space of wasteland in this area where idiots dump their trash and gangbangers hang out at night?

    We have enough open space already – so much in fact the city is unable to keep up with the work needed to make these spaces suitable for recreation. Ascot Hills is only about 20% developed and is already getting overgrown with weeds – look how many years it took them toget that far.

  3. Really, do your logical thinking “who cares” WE CARE, higher concentration of people in one are create gangs, i rather have your so called gang members that never go up there to begin with in that area than drug deals of these so called condos, homes, senior citizen areas that LATER get turned into section 8 housing what is wrong with people. NO MORE BUILDING APARTMENTS in EL SERENO or HOMES On HILLS we need spaces, I dont care if it takes another 10 years to build at least we dont have more traffic, section 8 housing etc. SHAME on our leadership in EL Sereno to allow the CONDOS to be built on Huntingthon DRIVE NORTH. NO MORE DEVELOPMENT

  4. Building homes on hills can attract people with more disposable income that can help contribute wealth into the community by spending on local services and raising property values
    . El Sereno needs that if we want to gentrify the neighborhood further.

    The NC should work to encourage ethical developers to build property that does not negatively impact the environment in the way you describe. This NIMBY attitude is not helpful

  5. Any open space/hill in El Sereno needs to be preserved as an open space forever. It’s not that we have this NIMBY attitude, as some people mistakenly make reference to. But its more of a historical attitude that is being brought up for those who don’t know. Many who don’t know the history of the community say that the hills are not special. But if these same people knew that while most of LA and the surrounding cities were being paved over and developed; El Sereno held on to its independent and rural characteristics despite the intense pressure developers and land speculators put on the community. It wasn’t until the 1950s that most of the development finally took place. But even today, El Sereno is one of the last communities in LA that has so many natural open spaces for its residents to enjoy. That’s the way it needs to stay. To give it to developers means the hills will be leveled and paved with expensive, gated homes or condos, which will be occupied by people who don’t care about the El Sereno Community. El Sereno doesn’t need any of this overblown gentrification. If you want to live in a gentrified community, there are plenty of those already in LA. Go find one and stay there. El Sereno is full of nice hard-working people from many different countries and cultures who know how to live and get along without gentrification. We need to preserve our open spaces to keep that characteristic feeling that makes El Sereno special and which the majority of its residents love. OPEN SPACES FOREVER

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