Elysian Park is ready for royalty

Newly married Prince William and his wife, Catherine, have no plans to stop at Elysian Park on their upcoming visit to Los Angeles. But if the royal couple decides to make a last-minute detour to the park, they will find a pair of rustic thrones carved out of tree trunks waiting for them near the Grace Simons Lodge. A frequent park visitor snapped the above photo after discovering the chairs – created several years ago – had recently been spray painted metallic gold and blue.

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  1. Great! Thanks for the new graffiti canvas.

  2. Alexis Montague

    Those are rad

  3. Only an angry sarcastic ignorant blog ranter that should move back to the westside would call those “rad”.

    Ya , looks “rad” when some moron defaces nature.

    Morons !

  4. I think they’re rad too. Better gold and silver tree stumps than covered with gang tags like they normally are. Stop being such a troll jojo.

  5. Alexis Montague

    Fun chairs make jojo ANGRY! Grrrr!

  6. defacing nature?… they were already carved into thrones, not exactly pristine nature. i agree with Alexis– they’re rad. and i would be willing to throw AWESOME in there too!

  7. Is that the Royal Dog guarding the throne?

  8. They’re interesting. Wouldn’t call them “rad”, though.

  9. Wouldja believe: Neato, Bitchin’ and Keen?

  10. I’d believe all 3! Jojo needs a valium….

  11. Wait, is that an off-leash dog, royal or not? Of COURSE it is!

  12. Royal Guards don’t need leashes…

  13. Poor Jojo….

  14. I recognize that dog. The dog is rad!

  15. Jojo’s a troll tool, f’ing RADICAL PEWS DUUUUDE

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