Press take a gander at Maria the goose’s new home

Maria (left), Dominc Ehrler (center) at L.A. Zoo. Photo by Christine Peters

A gaggle of reporters (last bird pun, I promise) turned out this afternoon to view the new home of Maria, the famed Echo Park Lake goose that was relocated to the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park in Feburary. Also on hand was Dominic Ehrler, Maria’s companion, who was recovering from a recent fall. Maria (who was named before zoo employees determined the she was he)  spent some time in  quarantine after first being moved to the zoo. Maria can now be visited at the Winnick Family Children’s area of the zoo.

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  1. What’s to become of all the other lake creatures?

  2. Yes… what about the turtles?

    And it sort of bums me out that they took Maria so prematurely. Although the work will be starting soon, she could have still been at the lake all this time…

  3. If you read Maria’s history on TheEastsider, you will see that she was flying out of her safety area when Dominic would leave, thus endangering her life. It’s great to see this photo of both of them together again. I know it’s really Mario, but to many of us, it will always be Maria! She/he’s perfect for the children’s area of the zoo!

  4. Thanks for the info., Sandy.

    Now that you mention it, I do remember reading that she (he!) was doing that but I guess I assumed that was something that had been happening for a while and that wasn’t why they moved her (him!). Thought the move was because of what was about to happen @ the lake. Thanks for clarifying.

  5. Maria has to be just the cutest goose ever – so photogenic!

  6. No more flying though they clipped her wings

  7. I think it is so sad that Maria (Mario) was not able to stay in the lake with all the other feathery friends. I also think it is sad that it can no longer be free,but has to be in a zoo. I know that this kind man can’t take her to his home,but I feel that it is in a jail now. At least Dominic can visit Maria,but it’s just not the same I think that a beautiful friendship was destroyed when they drained the lake. Poor Mario can no longer fly. 🙁

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