Silver Lake guerilla artists need to clean up after themselves

Jonathan Vandiveer/Corralitas Red Car Property blog

So says Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson of  the artists who have turned the concrete footings of a former street car bridge into pedestals for sculptures and temporary art work.  Artists have damaged the footings – located on a hillside behind the Arco gas station at Fletcher and Riverside drives – and previous works have been dismantled and dumped behind the gas station, Edwards said in a post on her Corralitas Red Car Property blog.  The most recent project consisting of large red flowers attached to long poles have in many cases toppled to the ground.

The concrete piers may not be much to look at but they are part of a city historic cultural monument and serve as a reminder of the wooden Pacific Electric Red Car bridge or viaduct that  swept above the intersection. Edwards in her blog post said the artist need to take responsibility of their work:

I usually support guerrilla art.  HOWEVER, if you are going to display art anywhere, take responsibility for it.  Clean up the graffiti and be sensitive to the neighbors.  Maintain your art.  Limit the time the art stays up so neighbors don’t get fed up with it. I usually hear people bitching about guerrilla art, once it’s up for more than one month.

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  1. I liked the old TV sets with messages on the screens, they use to sit up on the pillars,, But that was 7-8 years ago. …. Everything else so far has been subpar!

  2. Hell , while we are on the subject of cleaning up after themselves , can that apply to stupid band fliers/ posters on telephone poles ; ie dante vs zombies all in absurd pink all up and down the neighborhood and old out of date garage sale signs touting ” vintage clothes ” “good stuff” etc …

    I’m tempted to take all that crap and stack it by the Echoplex door and to the addresses listed on the yard sale signs !

    EVERYONE should pick up after themselves !
    Pitch in peeps !

  3. I completely agree with Diane Edwardson. If “artists” are going to express themselves in this manner, they should take responsibility for the maintenance of it. If it begins to go into disrepair without them taking care of its appearance, it just becomes more garbage that clutters the city and an even more tangible form of destructive “graffiti” because our taxes end up paying for clean up. I don’t appreciate that, personally.

  4. @Nomad

    I agree about the TV sets with messages. All the other stuff has been crap, especially the giant wooden thing. No idea what it was supposed to be. Who 0wns the property? the city? if so, then someone should call them to clean it up & keep it maintained.

  5. Chad,

    Last thing we need is “the city involved.”

  6. dante vs. zombies didn’t even start yet, for the record.

  7. Some developer owns the property – and let’s the city clean it for him.

    I agree. If you’re going to put it up then take care of it! Definitely a good idea to keep a time limit on it (non-compulsory of course) But if it’s going to be a free exhibit space for guerrilla art then it should be shared…

  8. Yet you’ll do and say nothing about the visual pollution of billboards.

    Do you enjoy that rotation of Burger King billboard imagery shoved in your face?

  9. Luiza Mavropoulos

    The Echo/ EchoPlex has conditions it must abide by in order to keep its liquior license one of them is cleaning up after themselves. Should be an archive with the neighborhood council when Mr. Franks first came to the committee. My papers are filed away in boxes or I threw em away there was a packet of conditions. Has the Echo forgotton it’s promise to the community?

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