Sponsored Post: Enjoy your summer vacation knowing your pets are in good hands

Eastsider sponsor Sara Isett, owner of Acme Pet Care,  puts her animal clients at ease while their owners are away.

I started Acme Pet Care ten years ago. My many years of experience and animal-loving nature puts my clients at ease, whether they are away for the day or out of town on an extended stay – they know that my staff and I care for and cherish their pet just as they do. If their dog is on a special diet of raw turkey and vegetables, the cat only drinks Evian water from a coffee mug in the living room or their turtle needs to be fed strawberries by hand, my staff and I are there to do it. If all their pet needs is some kibble, a spit-covered tennis ball, and a nice human to share a bed with, we’ll do that too.

We offer a variety of pet-care services. When we look after your cat, she gets to stay where she most wants to be: her own home. When we take your dog hiking, he gets to be where most dogs want to be: running through the dirt and rolling in the grass—with other dogs and a good human buddy.

My staff and I are dedicated to providing top-notch pet care. Pets get the love and fun they deserve and their people don’t worry about a thing.

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