Sponsored Post: Unleash your creativity this summer through HypnoArt

Hypnotherapist Thea Pueschel invites you to her HypnoArt workshops and Atwater Village art showcases this summer. HypnoArt kicks off this Saturday, June 25  at 7 p.m.

HypnoArt workshops were created to help people get in touch with their creativity.  These workshops are based in Kinesthetic Visualism; they use a combination of hypnosis, action, connecting to the creative process, and suspending self judgment. We spend so much time judging ourselves that often we get caught up in that criticism … blocking our creativity.

Humankind is creative by nature.  It doesn’t matter if we create art in a traditional sense, if we redecorate our homes, create smart phone apps, invent, build a business, compose music, or embrace the culture of food. It all requires creativity.  Everyone is creative in some capacity. Why not embrace and explore our humanity in all of its innovative forms?

People of broad ranges of experience have participated in HypnoArt workshops.  Some have no art experience at all and some are working professionals in illustration and the fine arts. Participants have found it fun, enlightening and, most important, helpful in igniting that creative flame.  The work created within these workshops range from abstract to that of the human form. The focus of the workshop is to tap into our innate creativity while exploring the joy of creation as one did in their early childhood and tapping into the muse of your own design.

HypnoArt Workshop will be held on June 25 and August 20 at 7 p.m. (on-line registration required).Workshop participants have the option to display their work in the Art on the Boulevard Showcase, an Atwater Village art showcase and competition being held at Santosha Space on June 30, July 28 and August 25 during Summer Nights on the Boulevard. Art on the Boulevard is also accepting submission for the July 28 and August 25 artist competition prizes include Healing Arts Gift Certificates, Wine Tasting and More.