Suspects arrested in Naked Bike Ride assault

A  man and woman were arrested in connection with the assault on a  group of cyclists who were riding earlier this month through Echo Park during the Naked Bike Ride, police said. Carlos Rojas, 20,  and Amanda Arellano, 20, of Los Angeles were apprehended on Wednesday after police spotted their car  in the 1200 block of Sunset Boulevard and set up a stake out, according to Lt. Wes Buhrmester with the Rampart Division.  Rojas was arrested on a warrant in connection with the assault that left at least two cyclists with minor injuries. Arellano, who had a gun in her purse at the time of the arrest,  is believed to have been at the scene and is considered a person of interest in the case, according to police.

Two other males suspects are still being sought. Click on the link below to read Buhrmester’s full account of the arrests.

Two arrests have been made in relation to the assault on the bicyclists. Shortly after the investigation by our gang unit began, an arrest warrant alleging assault with a deadly weapon was obtained against Carlos Rojas, 20, Los Angeles. The warrant was issued based on vehicle and suspect information obtained at the scene, and from follow-up witnesses in the community. On June 22, 2011, at approximately 5:45 pm, detectives from a surveillance unit observed the car used during the crime, parked in the 1200 block of Sunset Blvd. They staked it out. Rojas and the female driver, Amanda Arellano, 20, Los Angeles, left in the car and they were detained.

Rojas was identified and arrested on the warrant. Arellano was believed to have been at the scene of the crime, and is a person of interest. At the time she was stopped, Arellano was carrying a loaded pistol in her purse. Rojas was booked for the warrant, which carries a $75,000 bail, while Arellano was booked for having a loaded firearm in a public place, with bail set at $35,000. Two other male suspects are being sought, as the investigation continues.

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  1. Put ’em up against the wall!

  2. I read about this assault earlier. Why anyone would want to punch a naked guy who is peacefully riding his bicycle is beyond me. I’m glad the naked guy was wearing a helmet though, or things could have been much worse.

  3. This assault on the bikers was horrible! While I consider myself completely “pro-bicycles” I wonder if anyone else has witnessed an aggressive bunch of rude bicyclists in the Silverlake area?

    I could not believe my eyes as I watched on set of bikers after another in a group run through the red light at Riverside Dr. and Fletcher (while waiting in the drive through line at Rick’s) When cars had to slam on their breaks to avoid hitting them, the cyclists flipped them off and continued on their way. It left me weary of large packs of cyclists now and I won’t be surprised when someone gets hit.

  4. @mark Jacobi…as both a driver and a cyclist (about half and half ) I have noticed that a jerk is a jerk be they on two wheels or four and in fact I tend to think it is the exact same jerks very often – it’s the same sort of selfish entitled psychological dynamic regardless of which vehicle they are on. I always try to be courteous of others when I ride my bike and drive my car and I can’t think of any time where I have been yelled at or flipped off for my driving/riding.

  5. You obviously didn’t get the memo. When the “Ridaaz” are coming through, all cars and pedestrians have no rights so You must just stop Your car and wait.
    I had an encounter driving up Glendale by EP lake. The “Ridaaz” were coming south taking up the 2 southbound lanes. I was going north and when I didn’t stop a bunch of douchebags proceeded to swerve into the north bound lanes so that they took all 4 lanes. I ride my bike and I love anarchy and all, but being a dick is just being a dick. What the naked rider got was undeserved, but the obnoxious ones give the bike movement a bad name.

  6. ….that may be the same group that is equally rude on the river bike path to other bike riders – riding three and four abrest forcing the riders coming the other way (like me!) to veer dangerously towards the fence by the river. So thoughtful! I guess maybe because I don’t wear the expensive bike gear that I’m not as worthy as they.

  7. According to the sheriff’s inmate locator page, Arellano was released yesterday at 6:39 am., and Rojas was released at 11:30am.

    Arraignment is scheduled for July 14, 2011 in Div. M30 at the Downtown criminal courthouse on Temple.

  8. You know everyone is saying poor bike riders!! What the hell is the point of being on your bike butt naked! Why don’t the cops get them jerk off’s off the road!! What’s funny is the cyclist riders are crying the wooo hooo blues, but know one see’s how much of a jerk off they are!!! They don’t get out of the way when we are driving! They put themselves right down the middle of the path! So you know what the cops need to worry about these “PERVS’ ON THEIR EFN BIKES PARADEING AROUND SUNSET/EP NAKED….. SICK ASSESSSSS!!!

  9. Riding nekked first of all is creepy and gross. I have great sympathy for the bike seats…
    Now, as a pedestrian and as a passenger in a car I have witnessed several sometimes rude, sassy or plain mean bike riders. Never in my life have I been yelled at by someone in a car to get a move on while walking across a street. I’ve had several bike riders bum rush me off the sidewalk and give me nasty looks- What are you 12 to be on the sidewalk? These are places not necessary for them to utilize! This is bloody 2pm on sunset blvd and Alvarado!
    There is a level of entitlement growing and there is hostility towards bike riders and folks that drive cars that is reaching a level where it’s going to get even uglier. I really like the influx of folks that are going through different and cleaner means of transportation and applaud them. I can understand how drivers do not accommodate to bicyclists out of carelessness or their own feeling of drivers entitlement- But having protests where you block entire streets, kicking off peoples mirrors and pounding cars screaming “BACK CAR!! BACK!!” (this was not the nekkid ride) like we are inside a monster instead of regular people. Tell me why you are pissed! When I asked a young protester why they were making a raucous she couldn’t even answer me with a proper retort- “Oh you know, it’s like for the oil. We don’t wanna use the oil no more” -Eloquent. So now I know for some this is just fun bossing big machines and people around…
    I guess there needs to be a big ol pow wow and hash out what each other needs, preferably some sort of dialogue that doesn’t involve me seeing anyone’s hairy sweaty nether regions.
    But to attack someone, as nutty or as naked as they are- has to involve a monster.

  10. Why the hell are people riding there bikes naked in this first place they deserved what they got!

  11. As a cyclist who’s been assaulted several times over the years simply for riding in the street (and always fully clothed, your welcome), it’s an important service justinz is providing in reminding us that there are people like him out there.

  12. @justinz. I agree

  13. Fist of all LAPD should be in trouble and at fault for letting something like this to happen they should have been aware that this was not called for? these cyclist should also have been arested and cited for lude acts, indecent exposure, and Register as Pedifilers this was sick and uncalled for my lil ones had to see grown adultsParading Naked I don’t even allow my daughter walk around the streets holding hands or kissing her boyfriend out of RESPECT for others! these cyclist are not inocent and I want to know from LAPD what actions where taken on ther part they should have been charge them selfs, these bike riders dont have respect for the road as well as others!

  14. Alexis Montague


    , th omit – . T . T s r pedophiles. T. M ‘ p n. T , were their ? T in themselves. T ‘

  15. Congrats on the arrests LAPD!!!

  16. Good afternoon all,

    Once again, spirited discussion. However, I can’t help but think many of the posts are trolling. Can anyone seriously justify a homophobic assault as the remedy to an issue such as public nudity? If one is trying to do so, beware the “slippery slope.” All of us fit into a real or perceived category of some type. Allowing and rationalizing violence against “one of them” makes it difficult to oppose when it happens to you or me, because we are ______ (fill in the blank).

    As for the ride, after consultation with the City Attorney, from whom we draw legal opinions, it was determined to be a constitutionally protected event. Penal Code Section 314 defines indecent exposure. The issue at hand is that the crime is a specific intent crime, that is, intent has to be shown. It has to be willful, which it was, but also lewd, which is questionable. The City Attorney’s threshold is being able to convince 12 jurors that riding a bicycle nude is considered lewd conduct. Drawing attention to one’s private parts in a lewd manner, which is usually what indecent exposure entails, is a crime. Riding a bicycle with no clothes? While there are clearly many opinions as to its propriety, usefulness or merit, it is not seen as a criminal act per the code. As I wrote in an earlier post, indecent exposure law was pointed out to the ride organizer prior to the event, and no incidents of that type were reported. The Department’s primary concern was traffic flow.

    (213) 484-3400

  17. Actually, this was not likely indecent exposure, which is banned by state law. The state does not ban public nudity. But nearly every municipality has a law banning public nudity. I haven’t checked whether Los Angeles has such a municipal ordinance, although I believe it does. If so, that law could be applied. Geez, nudity is even regulated behind closed doors in strip clubs and the like. Yes, there might be arguments as to whether the nudity constituted free speech or not.

    Still, I don’t see any good reason to have a public nudity law.

  18. So much discussion about the acts of bike riders and nothing about females in the community carrying concealed weapons in purses. Who’s the real danger here?

  19. No-one deserves a beating. Being singled out of a crowd and beaten in the midst of a peaceful protest is a horrible thing, whether the beating is done by the police or thugs who disagree with the tone of the protest. And, if there are specific parties involved in the protest who have behaved badly, vigilante justice by an armed motorist is also completely immoral. Thats’ not Americans are supposed to believe.

    I wholeheartedly applaud the LAPD for bringing the arrest and especially for taking a LOADED GUN off the streets. It is ARMED thugs like these that are the real threat to this community, not naked cyclists. Naked cyclists haven’t killed anyone this year, but local residents with guns are putting more people in the hospital and the morgue than anything else right now.

  20. Thank you, Lt. Buhrmester, for (a) being a voice of tolerance and reason in our community and (b) for taking this crime seriously.

  21. Good on ya Lapd for clearing this quick , you cant just go beating folks ya don’t like or you can but you will have to stand tall before the mast, I personally had my car hit by a terrible cyclist I was furious I confronted about 10 kids I could have let them have it ,I opted let there parents pay for the damaged on my car lesson of the day folks don’t let your emotions take you into a bleak situation you will regret it like these guys .

  22. I guess it’s lucky that no one was shot

  23. Agreed. All the gripes about obnoxious or naked cyclists detracts from the issue here. It’s good that the thugs involved got busted for their actions. Everyone would be wise to know the legal line between self defense and assault.

  24. Thanks Lt. For reeling the conversation back in. I happened to be on sunset when the riders drove by and we drivers were laughing a lot and at how silly it was. I was sorry to hear about what happened because when I saw them it was very light hearted (although in my opinion not very flattering). It made for a good Facebook post.

  25. The naked bikers can thank the Lord they didn’t get pepper-sprayed! Not giving any fathers or mothers of young children any ideas. Really….

  26. Sometimes, a naked douchebag deserves a good punch in the face. Maybe this was such an instance. Not saying all bike riders are deserving, but there is a strong, supposedly hipster strain of bike rider (and this is a national affliction…) that reeks of unfounded elitist douchebaggery.

  27. Wow….there’s some serious UPTIGHT people posting here…..why are some of you so scared of a naked bike rider? who gives a shit….You have got to be a total pussy to get out of your CAR and hit a person on a BIKE!

  28. Klesb, as a father of a young child, I’d be a lot more concerned about the psychological effects of my kid seeing me pepper-spray an unsuspected cyclist than her catching a glimpse of a naked human body.

    The nude ride was silly, but REALLY, are you THAT offended? Violence is better than nakedness? Perhaps you should be living in a small midwestern town where such outrageous affronts to your morality won’t exist.

  29. i had a similar experience to slm, wherein a clump of thirty or forty riders on fairfax at sunset were riding at around 11p.m. at night. my light changed to go south down fairfax, & w/o warning the group of bicyclist surged left/west in front of my car onto sunset.
    given the crepuscular streetlight of l.a. at night, they were about as visible as a gaggle of gnats. i had to stomp on my brakes to avoid plowing through the lot of them. when i tried to tell the ‘leader’ that they were all but invisible w/o lights or sufficient reflectors, i was awarded a glower as if i had be cursing them out.

    how useful for these riders to be asserting their ‘right to the streets’ by committing dangerous infractions & challenging the attentiveness of ordinary drivers by swanning along according to their own rules.

    apparently they don’t understand that rules of the road are there to create a predictability in the complex flow of traffic that establishes safety.

    i would say this also to the tourist/transplant drivers who think it’s ‘cool’ not to yield, signal, slow for a yellow/red, etc.

    so if i had not reacted in time & hit twenty bicyclists, would that prove their point?

  30. Dear Lt.,
    Is it okay that these bike riders were jacking parked cars mirrors only seconds before? I go in to Pepe’s for a table and come out to seeing buttholes pumping up the hill and my mirror jacked. In Echo Park if you act like this chances are you are going to get punched and called a f**g**. The term f*g** was addressed on South Park, I believe. At this point it is just vernacular. I wouldn’t classify this a hate crime.

  31. Also why is it ok for these bike riders to break every traffic law and property damage and vandalism with the police protecting them? It’s not fair.
    They caused a traffic jam for no reason and vandalism for no reason. I bet each and every one of them gets up in the morning and takes their car to work, anyway.
    This was just attention seeking and it sucked.

  32. Kelly,

    In a related post on The Eastsider LA, I encouraged those whose vehicles had been vandalized to make a report, either in person at a station or by telephone (“Naked Bike Ride rolls into trouble in Echo Park”). As for this being a hate crime, the District Attorney’s office disagrees with you, and has filed a hate crime enhancement.

    Jeanne, outstanding use of the word “crepuscular.” I never heard or read it, very well played! I looked it up, and it applies to the description of the scenario very aptly.

    (213) 484-3400

  33. Some of these comments are crapuscular.

  34. Public Nudity is Illegal

    It is surprising that the LAPD does not even know the law that they are bing paid to upheld. Being naked in public is illegal. And, if the nudity is intentionally offensive then it may be considered lewd conduct and the sexual offender is subject to arrest. There were several examples of men intentionally exposing their genitalia in a provocative manner to unsuspecting individuals. The LAPD should have been closely monitoring this event and making arrests as necessary.

  35. I find it ironic that this was a blatant hate crime….and I see so much hate in all of the comments left here: “they deserve it!” “i hate bike riders,” etc.
    We live in Los Angeles, not a small town neighborhood. We see crazy things happen every single day. Why people choose to let something to stupid/non-violent/non-hateful bother them so much is beyond me.
    People riding their bikes naked, quietly along Sunset blvd should not be an issue. What should be the issue is that someone that lives in OUR community chose to react in violence, and homophobic violence at that. Is anyone bothered that this still happens in Echo Park/Silverlake?
    @Kelly I think if you use the word “f*g” in a derogatory, hateful way, it should definitely be classified as a hate crime. It’s a disgusting word.
    I wish that people could see through to the real issues.
    Does anyone still believe in a little respect?
    P.S. Maybe you disagree with the fact that people chose to ride nude in public, but you still need to respect them as people.
    P.P.S. Lt. Wes Buhrmester is awesome.

  36. Well stated, @Wow.
    I have to believe the internet brings out the very worst in people, because I would be sad to live in a historically vibrant community whose current residents can seem to barely disguise their contempt for one another (the comments threads as a whole, not just this subject.)

  37. I think all of you who find this no big deal must not be women. At no fucking time is it okay for a man to wave his dick and balls to the whole world. Where it went from there is sad, but shit. To act like this is NOT wrong or illegal is unreal. Im no kind of prude at all, but no kid should be forced to see middle aged asshole, literally, on the street cause some douche thinks its a proper act of protest.

    He shouldnt have gotten beat, but one wonders what the hell he expected when he decided to venture out in a manner completely NOT accepted by society. or, law.

    I think it is clear, Lt Buhrmester, that charges should have been brought up for these law breakers as well.

  38. this whole thread just bums me out. I have kids (and was raised in a latino Catholic family). i could care less about naked people on bikes. i wasn’t really wanting to see it and it was real easy to avoid. problem solved. this violence thing is awful. would much rather my daughter see a naked mans junk, than for her to watch someone get beaten down.

    what would the response be if someone started beating down taggers or gangsters or litterers or petty thieves or people drinking on the street because what they do is wrong? the whole Catholic angle is really irritating me. it’s an excuse for your judgments, and makes Catholics look bad. you’re not allowed to judge, God is. you’re all a bunch of hypocrites trying to hide behind religion and BS moral values.

  39. @Tara – Your language is more offensive to me than naked people.

  40. “what would the response be if someone started beating down taggers or gangsters or litterers or petty thieves or people drinking on the street because what they do is wrong?”

    That would be FANTASTIC! Except of course the gangbangers would have weapons.

  41. @ Tara ,
    You need a time out, Obviously you were not present to witness the debacle or you would have seen nude men and women of all ages and ethnicity, your language reflects your simpering low intellect, perhaps discussions on the topic of the constancy of play dough would be better suited to you.
    As a member of the driving community I caught a glimpse of this cacophonous parade and was amused it broke up the hell of driving in a bitter town, I commend the brave souls who came up with such a brazen act .

  42. agrees with SIGH 100%

    @Tara – your mama should wash your mouth out with soap, little lady.

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