Working at home means there’s time to enjoy a lunch-time treat at Silver Lake’s Forage

Photo by Valentina Silva

By Valentina Silva

I complain a lot. But it’s mostly about one thing: my commute. If you already know me, then you know this to be a fact, and if you ever meet me, the subject will most definitely come up. I think I’m entitled, though, since I endure the dreaded Los Angeles east to west commute everyday.

Festering in traffic two-plus hours a day is harrowing enough, but doing the math makes it worse: 12 hours wasted on a weekly basis. That’s why I rarely venture any further than Lincoln Heights on the weekends and compulsively dream of a job Downtown.

This being my lot, I relish the rare opportunities I get to work from home. Avoiding the drive is a treat, but even sweeter is the chance to lunch in the eastern hemisphere of L.A … on a weekday! Just last week week, such an opportunity arose and I found myself at Forage in Silver Lake.

It was kind of thrilling to be so far east of Santa Monica at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Thursday. So thrilling, in fact that I got a little out of hand and ordered the ham and cheddar bread pudding. Though a little salty for my tastes, every rich and savory bite was joyous. The slab they piled on my plate was remarkably moist inside (is there egg in that thing?), with a crispy baked top crust and thinly sliced ham pieces with a nicely seared texture—no flimsy, soggy pork here.

To squeeze in a bit of nutrition, I chose kale salad and beet and citrus salad as my sides. However, seeing as the kale salad had a parmesan bread crumb topping (a perfect texture contrast for the kale) and the beets had more cheese, I barely fooled myself.

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  1. Is this supposed to be a review? Because 75% of it is about this person’s commute. The food isn’t even mentioned until the last half, after the jump. And it’s just an afterthought to this person talking about herself and her commute. Snoozefest!

  2. Their “website” is a blogspot, they misspelled Silver Lake. Enough said.

    I went to film school so crap like this gets made?

  3. What does your attendance at a film school have to do with the food being discussed? I do see a blog on their website but the basic site answered most of my questions about the place.
    Katy, was your comment designed to be a non sequitur?

  4. Katy either was the driest humor in the world or enjoys making random inane and inaccurate comments.

  5. Katy mistakenly posted a comment meant for another story on this blog about some peeps hoping to shoot a tv pilot about “Silverlake” (sic):


  6. Alexis Montague

    That looks delicious, Valentina. I know what I want for dinner now.

    And I think Katy accidentally posted here instead of on the story about the tragic Silverlake 90026 pilot production.

  7. Wow that looks terrible!

  8. Yum, Forage. Jealous of you for being able to go for a weekday lunch!

  9. Definitely not a review–more like a little food story meant to capture what it’s like to live on the eastside and work on the westside AND entice you to go eat some ham and cheese bread pudding. Can’t win ’em all, Vidiot.

  10. Review or no review, it made me want to eat there!

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