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Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

Save the Date: A fairy tale gets Trumped

By Christopher Yee Most everyone knows the classic tale of Rumpelstiltskin:  An ordinary girl is forced to spin straw into gold, a dwarf shows up to make it happen, and the girl must guess the dwarf’s name or forfeit her first-born child.  However, what if that ... Read More »

Can a Milwaukee beauty salon cut it in Silver Lake?

Howie Goldklang and Carly Flynn, who operate a boutique beauty salon in Milwaukee called The Establishment, have opened a second outlet in Silver Lake on Rowena Avenue near West Silver Lake Drive.  The husband-and-wife team converted the former office of a punk rock music label into ... Read More »

How Highland Park celebrates the Fourth of July

This  time-lapse video shows how the sky above Highland Park turns into a ring of fire on the Fourth of July. The photos were taken between 7 p.m. and midnight from near the intersection of Avenue  52 and Irvington Place, according to the person who posted ... Read More »

Lost: Silver Lake dog on the Fourth of July

A woman in Silver Lake spotted a dog with a collar wandering across Hyperion Street on the Fourth of July. She could not catch the dog wanted to pass along information that might help its owner recover the animal: We saw a small black (or very ... Read More »

News & Notes from East L.A., Echo Park & Northeast L.A.

Rite-Aid entrance, Glassell Park | Photo by Luis Blackaller/Flickr Violent crime down 30% so far this year in LAPD Northeast Division. Patch Why was Echo Park Lake fireworks-free this year? Patch & Echo Park Now Echo Park gets another pot shop. Echo Park Cool 20% of ... Read More »