A sad end to the aptly named June bug

Photo by C.J. Salgado

C.J. Salgado of East Los Angeles snapped the above bug shot after venturing outside this morning:

With a bit of life’s irony on the first day of July, I found this June bug hanging by a thread, suspended just above my driveway, caught in a spider’s web. As the month of June ended, so did its life, true to its namesake.


  1. Great; now the Echo Park gangs are taking their anger out on June bugs. Or did gentrification cause this tragic event? Come on, Eastsider blog readers; where’s your outrage?

  2. Actually, that looks like a European chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis) which is a non-native invasive species. The spider was more likely a native species. Typical Eastsider comment, completely misdirecting the outrage, even when trying to be sarcastic.

    Interestingly, the European chafe larvae feed on the roots of moist non-native lawns, so in a way, they encourage native plantings. In other words, things aren’t always black and white, and blanket outrage is the lazy way out.

    Sorry about the distraction. Please return to your regularly scheduled gangbanger vs gentrifier flame wars.

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