Burned body discovered in Cypress Park alley

Authorities this morning were investigating the discovery of a charred corpse found near an Cypress alley. The body was discovered after firefighters extinguished a trash fire at about 2:15 a.m. near Figueroa Street and Avenue 28, according to KTLA.  Officials were still trying to determine the sex of the victim and the cause of the crime.

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  1. this is going to be interesting. i hope they discover who the victim was and does not end up being a J. Doe.

  2. Many friends have mentioned your name and it seems to be you.. I still hope its not.. I dont wanna believe its you.. May you REST IN PEACE MAN 🙁

  3. Trust me they will find out who, did this and the guy and girl who did it, are better off in jail!! TRUST ME!!

  4. The coward man and coward woman who set this man up will be found.. In GOD WE TRUST!!!

  5. I don’t understand Me and Super upset, if you know its a guy and girl then you know who it is. Being that your so hurt & upset by this he was family or a friend and you would or should help find these people. Im not exactly sure how these things work but i haven’t heard any suspects being named at all so maybe the police name them maybe not. Maybe no one has told them and why wouldn’t you caring friends or family tell them if you know so much that it was a set up a guy and a girl? Clearly you have all the answers to this and chose to go to the computer not the cops. I don’t mean this in a rude way at all it just sounds strange plus the ‘better off in jail trust me” means what? That you plan to do the same that u claim they did and set these people up? Hurt them in someway? That kind of shady behavior is what started this in the first place and no one needs more of these kinds of things happening. Try doing something good for your friend and help the police find this man and woman who’s names are? your putting everything out there but the things that would help. I think your just starting more drama for nothing on what you think you know, or simply made up and causing rumors to fly the end result will be the wrong people or no one being found but hey i don’t know the guy you do if you know nothing then say nothing. Saying its a man and a woman doesn’t mean anything except you know how to get some shit started so god knows how many of the wrong people will be blamed or made a suspect with no proof or a reason since god only knows how many stories are being made up and fabricated through the city with that seed your planted yet gave no info. I just find this so sad and it really sucks for anyones life to end this way. Takes a real nut to burn someone so they shouldn’t be on the streets with potential to do this to someone else.

  6. R.I.P. Ralph….

  7. I still cant believe your gone. I thought the rumors about you werent true and prayed to god that the body found wasnt you. The next day i got a call at night and was told that it was you. I broke down in tears, my heart goes out to your family & even tho your not here with us i know your in a better place where no one could hurt you. Thank you for being a good friend to me & my entire family especially my son. You will be missed & forever be in our hearts. May your soul rest in peace ralph..i promise i’ll never forget you….

  8. Our hearts go out to Chad….R.I.P. Ralph you will be missed.

  9. My heart goes out to Chad! Still Cant believe it…even after so long! Still Never Forgotten! RiP Ralph!

  10. they got names joey and erica

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