Echo Park film fans blown away by Southern weather

Photo by Lisa Marr

The South might be renowned for its hospitality but its unpredictable weather can be less than welcoming. That’s what the members of the Echo Park Film Center learned earlier this week while on a tour of the Southern U.S. After leaving New Orleans,  the crew pulled the Echo Park Filmmobile –  equipped with everything needed for impromptu film showings – into Birmingham, Alabama, where they set up for an outdoor, sidewalk  screening. Things were going well until the weather took a sudden turn, said Lisa Marr in a post on the Filmmobile blog:

The mellow evening sunshine gives way to some swiftly moving dark clouds, then a few flashes of lightning followed by some ominous thunder and then… the most torrential downpour EVER. Everyone scatters, the screen blows over, a flash flood takes over the street, the merch table is drenched, the umbrella flies away in a gust of wind, we’re running around like wet hens.

Don’t worry. There is a happy ending. All the equipment was quickly loaded back into the filmmobile without  any harm and the crew retired to a local restaurant and pub to feast on “Birmingham Paella” before settling back into the filmmobile  for a good night’s sleep “with the sound of the rain on the roof.”

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  1. I find that Google Maps and a mobile weather radar web app (I use wunderground.com’s mobile version, but there are others) are incredibly useful when traveling through the South and Midwest in the Summer. The weather is unpredictable, but it’s pretty easy to see it coming if you’re looking in the right places.

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