Echo Park murder investigation leaves family and police frustrated

Friends and family gathered this Sunday to honor the memory of Echo Park shooting victim Michael David.  The memorial service, which was called Echo Love, was intended to celebrate David’s life but there was also an undercurrent of frustration, according to a story in Echo Park Patch,  that police have not made more progress in catching his killers.  It has been more than two months since the 30-year-old David, who worked at the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s,  was fatally shot on May 7 while being chased down Sunset Boulevard by his attackers. A few days after the killing, police arrested one suspect, 23-year-old Jeffrey Cardona, who has been charged with murder. But homicide detectives are not certain he was the shooter and have yet to arrest other suspects. At Sunday’s ceremony in Griffith Park, David’s mother, Jeanne David, expressed her concerns to Patch:

For Jeanne David, the motive behind her son’s untimely demise is eclipsed by her disappointment in the ongoing efforts to catch her son’s killers. “The investigation is nowhere,” she said. “The other, larger tragedy of all this is the cops have other things to do. I feared this would happen, and it did.”

Homicide detective Chris Linscomb with the Rampart Division said the case against  Cardona is working its way through the legal system in advance of a preliminary hearing. But he concedes that there is no new information about the other suspects.  “I hate to say it but there is not much to update,” Linscomb told The Eastsider this morning. “We have not gotten any new tips or clues.”

Linscomb said they have struggled to get positive identification of the other suspects involved in the shooting.  He said he is not aware of any plan to offer a reward in the case.

Meanwhile, Jeanne David in an email said she will continue to raise awareness of the shooting.  She said organizers of the Los Feliz Street Fair have donated a booth where she plans to displaying articles and other information about the shooting.

Persons with information about the shooting should call Rampart Homcide detectives Arteaga at 213-484-3639 or Linscomb  at 213-484-3642.   Those who want to remain anonymous  should call  at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477).

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  1. I was at the gathering this past Sunday and met and talked with Jeanne, Michael “Mickey” David’s mom and am too disappointed with how this investigation is being put on the back burner by the LAPD.

    The LAPD as far as I’m concerned likes to investigate crimes that get a lot of media attention and this case has gotten very little except for the what I’ve read here on the Eastsider and the Tuesday after the crime was committed on KCAL channel 9 prime time news.

    What is needed here now is for the LAPD to take another look at the crime with some fresh eyes or maybe even cut a deal with the person already in jail so as to catch the real perpetrator of this crime.

  2. Mr. Singer,

    I would respectfully dispute your contention that media coverage drives investigations. As substantiation, I would cite this Eastsider thread, a crime which I did not see on any TV or newspaper sites:


    Often, the investigation drives the media coverage. The August 2009 stabbing of Paulina Ibarra in East Hollywood was one example. Speaking in a general tone regarding murder investigations, unfortunately for the victim and next of kin and friends, there are often dormant periods in these investigations. Numerous leads are followed and either result in little useful information, previously disclosed facts, or nothing at all. Steps are retraced. It is regularly reviewed not only by the main investigator, but by others, to see if other tactics may be used.

    In any event, the investigation has to be done right. On murder trials, the defense will certainly sift through each item of evidence, each statement, each alleged fact, and rightfully so. Expediting it for favorable media coverage helps no one. The perpetrator who fired the gun is outstanding, that is true. But only for now.

    (213) 484-3400

  3. Thank you, Wes, for your always thoughtful and rational comments. You give hope to all Angelenos

  4. Well put lieutenant.

  5. This has all caught my eye this morning. LT. Wes you’ve manage to attracted a religious zealot and a person who knows nothing about this case…I’ll let the LAPD’s public records speak volumes for itself, and further more lets hope that you officer spend more of your working hours investigating cases than you do writing rebuttals on websites.



  6. Mr. Singer,

    Very well, we’ll submit our arguments on the respective records. I thought about my time spent on websites, and I spend about 30 minutes a day, not always typing rebuttals, but all things combined. Much of it I do from the quiet of my living room (when I’m off-duty, of course). The officers do spend a substantially greater time investigating cases.

    I think you may have a mistaken concept of how the Department operates. If you’d like to meet any of the fine officers at Rampart, feel free to drop me an e-mail or phone call and I’ll show you around the station. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    (213) 484-3400

  7. Officer Wes,

    Thanks for the offer, I’ll give you a call and take you up on a guided tour of Rampart Station, admittedly I’ve never seen the inside workings of a police station, nothing more would make me happier than to be pleasantly surprise and if at all possible to see how the police solve crimes such as the murder/killing of Michael “Mickey” David…the reason for my disgust and writings here in the first place.



  8. Officer Wes,
    I find it odd and disturbing that you troll these comment sections for any disparaging remarks about LAPD and then go after the people that leave them. Even more frightening is that you supposedly do it in your spare time. So after a long day of work or before you head in to the office, you pop this site up and troll it? You are so committed to shutting down peoples problems with the LAPD that you go after them when you arent even working?! Your glad handed comments are bully-pulpit antics not police work. That is disturbing behavior and I’m sure your LAPD shrink would agree. Let go when you aren’t at work, its best for everyone and your job performance. Everyone needs some time away.

  9. enough is enough

    dude, give the guy a break. he is not a murder detective, he is the lead officer. I believe that a hefty portion of his job is as a liaison between the community and the police department. a lot of PR goes along with that job. to call him a troll is beyond ridiculous, to call him a bully is asinine. when is the last time you heard a bully say: “I would respectfully dispute your contention that media coverage drives investigations”? i think that maybe you should talk to your shrink about your pathetic need to acquire street cred by anonymously flaming a cop on a blog (a helpful, thoughtful one at that).

  10. Mr. Enough, I am pretty sure that your supposition that Lt. Buhrmester is doing this on his own time is wrong. If he was doing this on his own time, he’d be posting under some anonymous moniker like “Enough” or “A Guy” and saying way more troll-like stuff such as “Your glad handed comments are bully-pulpit antics”.

    It’s worth noting that he said nothing re: people being critical of Marines and Police working in collusion, as well he shouldn’t. He’s been responding directly to criticism about the handling of specific cases in order to keep people informed and aware of the status of the investigation. You don’t have to like the way they do things, but you can’t call him a troll for using really diplomatic language and providing contact info, inviting people to the police station (and that’s not a bullying tactic–that’s a PR tactic). If you’d like to just spout off about how you hate cops w/out the hassle of a constructive two-way conversation, maybe you should try commenting on some youtube videos or start a @pigsaretheworst twitter account or something.

  11. @Enough–Also, I’m not sure you know what a troll is (because if you did, you’d know that you are one)

  12. @ Robert Singer and Enough – I’m just guessing that you are new around these parts. To help give you some background, there are many, many members of this community (both the virtual and actual) who are grateful for the attention Lt. Buhrmester gives to our neighborhood and even more grateful for his thoughtful and well-stated commentary which often counters the incendiary remarks of others with reason and helping to both give the police a positive voice in the community and help the community understand the limitations of the law.
    Criticizing one officer for his effort to reach out directly to the community for what you perceive to be the failures of the LAPD as a whole is counter-productive.
    Not to mention, they have a person who is charged with the murder in question.
    Thank you again, Lieutenant, for your presence on this board. I think I speak for many when I say that we are grateful that you take the time to answer both our questions AND complaints with constructive commentary.

  13. silverlake resident


    “Thank you again, Lieutenant, for your presence on this board. I think I speak for many when I say that we are grateful that you take the time to answer both our questions AND complaints with constructive commentary”

  14. Ditto.

    “Thank you again, Lieutenant, for your presence on this board. I think I speak for many when I say that we are grateful that you take the time to answer both our questions AND complaints with constructive commentary.”

  15. will it ever end.. stop yelling at the cop he is actually a nice guy who gave my son some closer by having his grandma call. i only check to see if my son is mention in mickys memorial and well dont look like it too me.. o well i know he is with us in spirit.. see there anyway for micky’s older son who turns 12 Aug 5th to find out where is dad is laid to rest…PLEASE.. AS for finding out what happen, we will never know only the people involved.. micky should have been at home..that simple.. he had a daughter he took care of and a son who hoped he would have known his dad. If i would have took michael to the memorial and seen that he was not apart of it i would have been hurt so would he.. i hope i am wrong about this and michael was apart of his memories

  16. In reviewing my response to Mr. Singer, it could have been interpreted as officious or defensive, and if he or anyone was affronted, I apologize and stand educated. In any case, keep the critiques coming, as I don’t mind dissenting opinions at all.

    I hope everyone has a good weekend, and rest assured, the detectives continue to work the case.

    (213) 484-3400

  17. It’s helpful to remember that many more people read the blog comments than just those who actually post. For many of us, Wes is the ‘face’ of the LAPD, and he does a great job. Like anyone who is good at what they do, I’m sure he’s not just a 9-5 guy. He does what he can to smooth out the rough edges, give us a better perspective on things, and answer the critical comments when they appear. His job can’t be an easy one, and I think his thoughtful comments on this blog show that he cares.

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