Elysian Park wildlife

Silver Lake blogger Diane Edwardson was driving through Elysian Park Friday* morning when she spotted a coyote taking in the sights near the Avenue of the Palms (pictured below) on Stadium Way near Academy Road:

The coyote casually came down from the brushy area behind the bathrooms, passed a homeless guy pushing a cart on the grass and made eye contact with me (I was sitting in my car shooting photos). The coyote stopped between a couple of palm trees, checked the traffic several times in both directions before crossing the Ave of the Palms safely.

While stopped, I noticed at least one other car had pulled in behind me to watch the coyote too. I usually don’t see such healthy looking coyotes in Elysian Park – he was more along the lines of the big coyotes we see in my neighborhood.

Perhaps it’s time for a coyote beauty contest.

* Correction: A previous version of the post said coyote was seen on Saturday. That’s not right.  It was seen on Friday.

Photos by Diane Edwardson

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  1. All of the Elysian Park coyotes I’ve seen are really healthy looking. Bear in mind, every weekend for two to three nights they are very very well fed with all the trash the picnic crowd leaves behind.

    A couple of years ago I was walking my dog on the big loop and saw what I initially thought was a german shepherd coming down the hill and crossing the trail. It was a huge, very furry, very healthy coyote. He glanced at us and meandered down his own path.

  2. Yeah, my first thought was “he is healthy looking”. Guess your right about the picnic trash. I hope so. That way I won’t resent the mess so much. : )

  3. This coyote is “mad-doggin'” the camera, as if to say, “What you lookin’ at, ese?” (He’s been hanging around too many Dodgers pre-game parties.)

  4. The coyote has come a long way since Mark Twain wrote of it as a “long, slim, sick and sorry-looking skeleton . . . a living, breathing allegory of Want.”

    Well, at least in our neck of the woods it has.

  5. Just saw a coyote on Laguna Ave, at about 11:20 p.m. I was walking my chihuahua.. I got a bit scared..

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