How Highland Park celebrates the Fourth of July

This  time-lapse video shows how the sky above Highland Park turns into a ring of fire on the Fourth of July. The photos were taken between 7 p.m. and midnight from near the intersection of Avenue  52 and Irvington Place, according to the person who posted the time-lapse images on YouTube under the alias ChurchOfBK (h/t L.A. Taco). “No one told the people of Highland Park that fireworks are illegal,” said ChurchOfBK.

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  1. It wasn’t just Highland Park. It was the whole city. Everywhere.

  2. If you can’t buy fireworks in your neighborhood, it’s illegal. Setting off fireworks anywhere in the City (and most of the County) of Los Angeles is illegal. Importing rockets and firecrackers from Mexico and setting them off in Los Angeles is illegal. “No one told the people of…” is the kind of statement uttered by idiots who rationalize that just because there’s no sign telling them not to do it, it must be okay. And Barbara is right – the same garden variety of idiost live in Echo Park; it just wasn’t caught on surveillance video.

  3. Throwing crates of tea off ships in Boston Harbor was illegal 230+ years ago, too.

    What EVER has become of us since??

  4. I think you miss the point. It was a sarcastic statement.

  5. Cristi needs to take a chill pill.

  6. What a beautiful site! Also, when @christi says idiots, who exactly is she talking about?

  7. curb yr rage cristi. chale!

  8. Alexis Montague

    Those who commit acts which are not expressly allowed through clearly stated and sanctioned signage. As well as certain youtube users. And others.

  9. I’m so glad they finally legalized throwing crates of tea into the Boston Harbor. I was like “What am I going to do with all this tea?” and then I was like “Oh yeah, Boston Harbor!”

  10. Alexis Montague

    Imagine what we’ll accomplish in another 230+ years!

  11. Coooooooool!!!!

    Saw the same show over the lower avenues all weekend too!

    Thanks for taping this.

  12. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the reason they are illegal. They cause fires and the surrounding areas of Highland Park are high fire hazard areas. Hello. Boston Tea Party. Seriously?

  13. Great video!
    Cristi, Alexis, I wish you luck in your fight to end Independence Day. May your efforts lead to a city free of celebration!

  14. Smoking in parkland or people littering with glass bottles also causes fires – good luck enforcing that too.

  15. Alexis Montague

    End Independence Day? Bees? I was responding to Natalie of Fashion Intel. That video was rad as stuff! Fireworks every day (night)!

  16. Wonderful video! L.A.’s fireworks are spectacular….

  17. That was a good show. But high land park had nothing on echo park.. Even with thirty cops and 15 patrol units trying to shut down ep ave we still put on a bigger show..

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