LAPD got the wrong man in Dodger Stadium beating case

The man who was arrested in May in connection with the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow after the season opener was not responsible for the crime, according to a report today on L.A. Now.  Police have now arrested two other suspects in the case, said the Times, citing a confidential source.  Police department officials have said they were confident that parole Giovanni Ramirez was involved in the Stow beating but had not been able to provide strong enough evidence to support the filing of charges. Ramirez, 31,  will return to prison for 10 months after authorities determined that he had violated provisions of his parole.


  1. I KNEW LAPD was dirty on this pursuit of the Dodgers beating suspect. As I said to many people, it just did not ring true at all, smacked seriously of a frame up and the unfortunately all too common pack of lies spread by the police.

    Charlie Beck has a LOT to explain about his comments and accusations and assertions — and I think it was just slander! Unfortunately, he will be left off the hook. He should be fired for the things he said and how he handled this. He also should be held heavily liable for slander — although I believe he gets legal protection against that, but he shouldn’t.

    NO police officer, and most especially the chief, should say such things as they did until such time as they really do have proof. They should NEVER be so certain when they lack proof — and they should never think they have proof when they don’t, they should know the difference! They should leave it at saying that they suspect a person but are still investigating — but that’s not at all what they said in this case or too many others.

    They just busted two other people for it — so had to admit the guy they were so POSITIVE about actually had nothing to do with it, was telling the truth all along. Of course, now that guy is out HEAVILY for lawyer fees he had to pay to protect himself — and he hired one of the top — which ends up meaning one of the most expensive — lawyers out there, Anthony Brooklier. He’s probably out maybe $20,000 for the lawyer so far, maybe more — and he can’t recover that.

    It clear Bratton ain’t police chief any more.

    Now we have to wonder if the latest people arrested are also being falsely accused. I remember this very scenario during the Hillside Strangler case, where the LAPD so definitively and insistently arrested one suspect after another, saying each was certainly the perpetrator, but then had to free them later and say no, they were mistaken, he had nothing to do with it — but after those people were defamed and destroyed. And too many other cases where they have been so sure and positive in their statements, wouldn’t listen to anyone, and later had to admit they were wrong. Its just a bad mindset.

  2. slow down there friend. His parole officer put the finger on him, not the chief of police. I feel your frustration. Hang on tight and let the arc of justice do it’s thing.

  3. Sorry, believe they were doing best they could — you have to admit Mr. Exonerated is a ringer for the artist’s sketch.

    You seem to have a longtime ax to grind with PD.

  4. No, it is NOT the parole officer’s fault. He merely said the police might want to consider Ramirez because Ramirez resembled the sketch and had a tattoo on his neck. Beck is the one who went out holding press conferences INSISTING that Ramiriz was the one, claiming headlines for it! That is a VERY different thing. Beck was WAY out of line. It is BECK who did wrong, not the parole officer. Beck didn’t have the evidence but acted like a complete amateur and slanderer and false accuser — even after the prosecutors rejected the case as lacking any real evidence, which Beck should have known before even deciding to present the case to them.

    They were doing the “best” they could do? Well, if that is the best they can do, they should be fired. That is completely reprehensible and below any reasonable standard. “Mr. Exonerated” is no more a ringer for that sketch than half the population of Los Angeles! And simply resembling a sketch does not justify even calling him a suspect, much less Beck’s repeated assertions that they were quite certain he was the right guy, he was the one.

    No, no ax to grind. You jump to wrong conclusions too. I just know the difference between good police work and bad. You would be speaking a lot differently if that sketch looked like you and they did to you what they did to Ramirez. I certainly would not want that happening to me. Ramirez is very fortunate to have gotten Brooklier as his attorney — or he probably would have been railroaded into a plea bargain for many, many years in prison — compliments of Beck.

  5. Well Ramirez is doing his parole violation and probably getting sent to las Vegas for that attempt murder charge. Beck need to apologize publicly. Even though witnesses pointed Ramirez out, beck should of not held a press conference until it was 100 Percent the suspect.

  6. The Vegas thing was just another bit of the crap the LAPD put out. Vegas has never asked for any contact at all with Ramirez, doesn’t seem to be particularly interested. LAPD is the one who said Vegas wanted him, not Vegas! Vegas hasn’t said a word about Ramiriz. I have to think LAPD decided he looked like a sketch out of Vegas, and there’s nothing more to it than that!

  7. That next parole meeting is going to be awkward.

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