Let the tagging begin!

Photo by Lisa Baca-Sigala

Any outdoor wall in Echo Park serves as a potential canvas for taggers. So imagine the bonanza and exposure the approximately six-foot-high, mile-long fence installed around Echo Park Lake this week provides taggers and street artists.  The Bellevue Avenue side of the fence had already been tagged and cleaned up by Friday afternoon but it was tagged again this morning, as the above photo by Lisa Baca-Sigala  shows. “The fence has been ‘baptized,'” Baca-Sigala said. The chain link fence covered in a green mesh will encircle the park during an approximately two-year-long  project to clean up the lake.  City officials have prepared to deal with the expected tagging.  EchoParkLake.org, the city website dedicated to the lake clean up, says: “The contractor will make every effort to maintain a graffiti-free fence by making regular inspections and removing or painting over any graffiti as quickly as possible.” Good luck.

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  1. I understand why the Park needs to be fenced off. But I do not “get” why City needs to keep the mesh on the wire fence. It would be nice for the community to still get to see the Lake and the wildlife that still occupies it, even if they cannot access it. I think the mesh is a little cruel.

  2. The City should allow graffiti artists or the local school kids to paint something beautiful we can look at for the next 2 years.

  3. maybe they could paint a picture of the lake. 🙁

  4. Jeez.

    Talk about a waste of resources. What’s the point? Look at the above posts: both offer fantastic solutions to this (non)problem. And community – generated.

    They should ask the people in the community what WE want.

    I for one would prefer to see the lake and the progress on our neighborhood resource.

  5. Really????????

  6. Dear contractor, please remove the green mesh! Echo park doesn’t need more surface area for these idiot taggers or so-called “street artist”! Dear tagger, go get some gubament sponsored therapy. I’m sure that’ll be cheaper to the tax payer in the long run…

  7. I am of the opinion that the green mesh wall was
    erected to mask the impending wildlife holocaust.

  8. “The fence has been ‘baptized,’” said Lisa Baca-Sigala. Really, really? Aren’t you clever. No, not really.

  9. It’s pretty easy to see through the mesh and a lot of the properties around the lake look over it, so I really don’t get it.

  10. My post mysteriously disappeared. I used no foul language and I merely quoted the quotable party in the piece. Curious.

  11. Aren’t we still waiting for a contractor to be selected?

  12. geez, i hate to sound like miss know-it-all but the green mesh is always put around construction sites… where’ve you guys been? it’s meant to keep the dirt from blowing out all over the place. i believe it’s a law! as far as it being a grafitti magnet, that sucks… hey folks, the meeting about the park is next wednesday… come by!

  13. Many thanks, Eastsider! I was a little confused about why it was up then down!

  14. Pissing on your mother’s feet.

  15. Dean – thanks for the comment about the mesh. The dust issue at least makes a bit more sense to me, because it sure doesn’t screen the view much. And yes, I plan to be at the meeting – not to bitch and moan, but because I like to stay informed.

  16. I live around the corner and I leave for work fairly early in the morning. I have seen this fence with at least 3 or 4 new tags since it’s been put up. By the time I get home from work, the tags are usually gone. The city is usually quick enough to get rid of the tags before most people see them, but each time it gets cleaned, new ones go up.

    I don’t get it. I am in full agreement @christi and @jargar…..why do we have to look at this ugly mesh for 2 years. And then on top of that, it’s going to keep getting tagged, and the city and continue to waste more money and resources just cleaning it up again every day?! This seems really ridiculous.

    @Mr Rollers and @Dean or anyone else, can you post the info for the lake meeting tomorrow? I would also like to stay informed. Thanks!

  17. From echoparklake.org:


    Council President Eric Garcetti’s office will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project. The City’s Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project team will be on-hand to answer questions. We hope to see you there!

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 6:00 PM
    St. Paul’s Cathedral
    840 Echo Park Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

  18. I thought I read that the contractor was responsible for removing the tags. Yet I just read in the above postings that a contractor has not been selected. Someone did a really poor attempt at spraying the white tags with green spray paint along Glendale Bl. This was not done by CCAC. Guess we will find answers to questions if we attend the Wednesday meeting.

  19. They took away the lake for two years which was one of the few sites for this community to congregate, give people another reason to enjoy the area and let it be an outdoor gallery, evey local artist would be glad to contribute some public art to the fence and there’s plenty of talent in the surrounding blocks to showcase. Let it change monthly or let it develop over the next two years……it would be easy to get people interested, people want to paint and want their work to be seen simple as that. Much better than just looking at a construction site….it’s going to get painted one way or another and that’s a fact, Itll save costs of replacing that mesh every day

  20. mr. rollers
    Dean – thanks for the comment about the mesh. The dust issue at least makes a bit more sense to me, because it sure doesn’t screen the view much. And yes, I plan to be at the meeting

    not to bitch and moan, but because I like to stay informed.

    Heres another informative link for you. I to like to stay informed and those who have nothing else to say but we are whiners well, I guess if you did your research and if you have kids I hope not…you would be whineing with your concerns as well.

    PPP’s Private Public Partnerships…very bad with advertising in public parks…


  21. Tagging will NEVER go away..a sad truth ! the faster you cover it up, the faster it will return…..Taggers want THEIR message and their turf to stay tagged!! I have now moved from my Echo Park because of the gang activity and tagging….Im not a hipster who gentrified the area..i love the diversity..etc..but sad.. my quality of life took a real nose dive!!

  22. Hopefully, some is doing a time lapse of all that’s happening! Construction, tagging etc… Just a thought!

  23. The LAPD should run a graffiti sting on the fence. That will keep it cleaner and they can get footage of taggers dropping their name and then tie them to that name wherever else it appears.

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