SWAT team in Silver Lake standoff *

Photo by Meriah Doty

An approximately two-hour long standoff in Silver Lake ended peacefully early this evening after a man who had barricaded himself inside a house following a domestic disupte was taken into custody.  Many nearby residents could not get home after police blocked off the streets near the 800 block of Kodak Drive, where officers and a SWAT team had surrounded a house.  Police arrived on the scene to find a man holding a knife and claiming he had other weapons shortly after the incident was reported at about 4:45 p.m., said LAPD spokeswoman Karen Rayner.

The standoff ended about two hours later without incident, she said. The man is expected to be booked on felony domestic violence charges, which usually involve some type of injury, Rayner said.  Rayner, however, had no details about the nature of the injuries.

* This posted was last updated at 9:23 p.m.

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  1. Must’ve gotten hold of some bad gelato. Or maybe he was mad about running out of moustache-wax. We may never know.

  2. Worn out hipster digs make domestic violence HILARIOUS.

  3. Thanks for the info. I had a ridge-next-door seat to the helicopter circling for the duration of the event. I’m glad it ended without further incident.

  4. Perhaps it was one of those “moment of clarity” things.

    Hipster loser dude goes in to kitchen and opens refridgerator door. He’s all out of PBR in a can and Trader Joe’s Mediterranean hummus. He heads to the bathroom but on the way trips and falls over his favorite pair of vintage New Balance kicks that have been completely mauled by the dog his girlfriend brought with her from Chicago. (She’s an actress/comedienne/writer/student/Barrista) The when he reaches the medicine cabinet…. no more moustache wax.

    And that’s it. When he looks in that mirror all “Rocky pre- Clubber Lang” stlye and see a despicable, douchebag hipster loser looking back at him, the knife comes out and the domestic bliss ends.

    God, I hate hipster losers.

  5. Wait sec – are you saying that the hipster held HIMSELF hostage?

  6. Woah, now that’s some next level sh*t.

  7. “God, I hate hipster losers,” wrote DJBento Box, clicking the submit button with aggressive glee.

    But as he paused admired his hipster-bashing handywork, something seemed… off. Something wasn’t right.

    That’s when he noticed the ads next to his comment — pet care boutiques, therapists, house flippers… Wait a minute. Who exactly are the people reading this website? A website that mostly publishes real estate gossip about some of the hippest neighborhoods in the world? That’s when he realized that most of the other comments on “The Eastsider” seemed to be snide hipster commentary too.

    And if there’s one thing a snide hipster hates, it’s a godddamn snide hipster.

    DJ Bento Box looked in his mirror. The mirror was shaped like a bento box, with technics 1200 controls etched across the bottom. He bought it at a nice little boutique down the street where his friend-with-benefits makes espresso on the weekends.

    “I think…” whispered DJ Bento Box to his reflection. “I think I might be a… hipster,” The knife comes out. The hand reaches. It grabs a stray fringe of bangs and gives it a slice. Because it’s not easy keeping that hairstyle looking random.

    “Eh, whatev’s,” mumbled DJ Bento Box, turning back to his laptop, reloading the eastsiter, looking for some more pain to joke about.

  8. cool story bro

  9. wait I’m confused. Did there used to be a picture of this dude?

  10. DJ Chicken Rice Bowl

    y’all trying too hard, not even funny.

  11. ryan. bro. bromide. broseph goebbels. brosephine baker.

    you found a job yet?

  12. “Not even funny,” sniffed DJ Chicken Rice Bowl, adjusting her fedora. “Meta-hipster commentary was already old in 2009.”

    With that job done, she went back to her search for the perfect lamp to go in the picture window of her ridge-top bungalow.

  13. wow, everyone’s really jealous of hipsters. sad 🙁

  14. He just wanted to take his dog into the Silverlake Meadow. You didn’t have to call in the SWAT team.

  15. My understanding is that the gentleman targeted here was a member of conspiracy that reached all the way to the highest levels of government. He had been relentlessly pursued by a loose-cannon police officer who did things his own way, but got results. He even continued to pursue after the chief called him to his office and took him “off the force”. Later, that cop was back on the beat with his new partner – a dog!

    Hopefully that gives you all some background about what happend here.

  16. my understanding is that a guy beat on his wife and the frightened kids called the cops, who couldn’t get to the injured woman for hours.

    oh wait, that’s not funny.

  17. rude new yorker

    Oh, it’s funny allright.

  18. “Fedoras? Moustache wax? That is so 2010.” smirked Hoochie as she checked out her reflection in her IKEA Smorg mirror, “God, I hope the next comment doesn’t reference ‘boho chic’…”

    But Hoochie was no ordinary hipster, no, she was an existentialist hipster and at this very moment was engaged in a deep discussion with herself about a dilemna that faced every hipster: “Where does today take me,” she mused, “LAMill or Intelligentsia?”

  19. Alexis Montague

    Oh my god! You’re all so funny!

  20. “Do you think I’m a hipster?” shouted DJ Hipster Box into the pit.

    “Please, just let me go,” said the tired, frightened voice. “I won’t tell anyone I swear.”

    “I SAID do you THINK I am a HIPSTER!” screamed DJ Hipster Box.

    “No! No no no. You’re, not! You’re, uh, you’re authentic!”

    “Authentic like a trucker cap?! Or Authentic like a single malt scotch!”

    “I dunno, mister. I guess, you’re like scotch? I dunno. What ever you want. I just want to go home.”

    “HOME! There is no HOME,” he spat. “There is only house.”

    DJ Hipster Box turned to his computer, and after a quick scan of the comments on the Eastsider, opened up his house flipping website. Looks like Boyle Heights was heating up. Might need to order more granite counter tops.

    “Which color do you think would sell better –taupe or sand?”

    From the pit, only heavy sobs. So hard to find good help these days.

  21. Haha! Local for the win!

  22. “Looks like Boyle Heights was heating up. Might need to order more granite counter tops.”
    Hahahhaa, oh so true. Sad, but true.

  23. It is surprising to me that a story about domestic violence gets so many snarky comments. I hope the lady he attacked is ok.

  24. Agrees with The Kitchen Coach.

    This man (hipster or not) has hurt someone.

  25. I don’t understand how comments on a blog have any connection to whether or not the lady is OK.

    Let us be funny! Stop trying to squelch our First Amendment right to say stupid things on the Internet. If you care so much, bring her flowers.

  26. You’re right, A Monstrost. No one has any connection to anybody, and the joy you take in a neighbor’s suffering is as meaningless as your empty life. That is what this blog is all about after all — making bitter anonymous comments with no purpose but a few seconds of emptiness! Hey, amirite? Ha ha! LOL!

  27. That’s right, A Motorist – the First Amendment does give you the right to be an insensitive bastard online and gives me the right to call you one right back.

  28. Dear nihil and b@stard – no reason to get all personal. I guess I am not allowed to express myself without being called names.

    Who is the insensitive bastard with an empty life now? Attacking commenters online. That is what you are doing. I never attacked you.

    I will go take a walk because my feelings are truly hurt. I thought this was America.

  29. You got called an insensitive bastard for thinking that domestic violence is funny? Awww, poor monstrost. Maybe someone will bring you flowers.

    Stupid comments on the internet can hurt sometimes. But hey. That’s America.

  30. @A Motorist

    Yes, darling this is America and I have every right to express my thoughts as well.

  31. But I ask, again…why do you feel the need to abuse me so? Especially on a thread about violence, that you would choose to attack so viciously and without regard speaks volumes more than anything that anyone said above.

    Do you see now that you have brought yourself to a level lower than even that of which you accuse me?

    You have become the monster that you feared.

  32. We are all the monsters that we feared, A Monsteros.

    A website that decries gentrification, while making its money of gentrifiers. The hipsters commenting on a hipster blog about how much they hate hipsters. And you, defending the rights of giggling sadists, but simpering when your own sadism is pointed out.

    You, who said “I don’t understand how comments on a blog have any connection to whether or not the lady is OK.” But when comments are directed at you, they are vicious, violent abuse.

    You are a monster among monsters, A Motorost.

  33. Sorry…when you used the word ‘gentrification’ you lost me. What were you saying?

  34. I said you were a sadistic hypocrite with the attention span of a gnat.

    God Bless America.

  35. OK, so it was just unhinged name-calling and worn-out vitriol against gentrification? Didn’t miss much.

  36. Jeez Louise, I gotta stop reading the comments on this blog. They’re truly depressing as hell.

    And commenting too, ha!

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